42 of the Funniest Tweets from Wednesday, June 26, 2024

That’s like… their whole thing
42 of the Funniest Tweets from Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Robert Zemeckis has long been an innovator of visual effects in movies, and the Oscar winner’s newest film is no different — a Forrest Gump reunion with Tom Hanks and Robin Wright. While things come and go in the director’s adaptation of the 2014 graphic novel Here, the camera won’t move an inch. The “risky venture” is filmed from a “single perspective (that) never changes” and features de-aged versions of Hanks and Wright as they meet and grow old together in a suburban living room. Hopefully Zemeckis has had enough time to hone his craft with digitally-generated faces since his creepy, albeit groundbreaking, use of it in The Polar Express.

Meanwhile, Colin Jost is headed to the South Pacific this summer — but not for vacation. The Saturday Night Live star will be stationed in Tahiti as part of NBC’s surfing commentary team during the Olympic Games. An avid surfer himself, Jost issued a statement saying he’s “honored to get to watch the best surfers in the world compete on one of the heaviest waves imaginable.” He continued by joking that his “Writers Guild Health Insurance is excited to see what the coral reef does to (his) back.”

Jost won’t be the only one surfing the SNL to 2024 Olympics pipeline either. He will join former cast member Leslie Jones, who will serve as the “chief super fan correspondent,” and Kenan Thompson, who will co-host a highlights program with Kevin Hart on Peacock.

Over on the timeline, everyone is serving up some classic comedy, and we’re happily riding that wave. Today’s funniest tweets include those about store-bought demons, Tim Cook bringing up some demons from your past and a mother fighting her inner demons.

bra @ultravlcz 1d be: IM FUCKING CRYING TMZ EXCLUSIVE JENNIFER LOPEZ Flies Commercial... JENNY FROM THE CABIN!!! 432 7,251 131K 4.3M
Sesame History @Sesa... 21h ... literallyaflame Follow ... my partner doesn't use pet names nearly as much as i do, which is very funny because i will crack my gay little knuckles and say some shit like good morning my sun and moon, my loveliest boy, my baby my sweetheart my darling dearest and he will reply hello adrian isaiahomega Follow ... ti 44 11.3K 120K 1.4M
kiwi @kiwehhhhh. 13h ... One time I went to a Christmas light show at the botanical gardens and they had a reindeer and it looked old as fuck so I asked how long reindeer live and the guy said about 15 years and I asked how olds this one and he grimly replied 15. directional transsexual @n..... 1d had to teach my 23yo coworker that reindeer are in fact real animals and not fantasy creatures Child Left Behind ALT 7 75 2,220 44K
erica @ericanextdooor.1 1d ... people are out here with 5 year plans, i wake up everyday and see what the vibes are 101 22.3K 106K 2.2M
Andy Kelly @ultrabrilliant.20h AP The Associated Press 20h Getting rid of poison ivy is a serious matter. What you should and shouldn't do apnews.com/article/ garden... 36 6,752 68.2K 1.7M
Czech Hunter @hauntedbottom- 16h ... I miss when the Ezra Miller stuff was going on and somebody would tweet did you hear about that girl he kidnapped and they'd get a reply like Ezra uses they/them pronouns. but yes I pray they are apprehended immediately I fear for my family 8 510 11.5K 288K
Anti-Fascist Turtle @TheAntif... 19h ... Pulling out this banger again Erica, the white trash socialist TM @herosnvrdie69 Thinking about the obvious undercover cop at a protest who I called out and asked him to show me his antifa card and he said he accidentally lost it and was being serious. 1:59 am 11 Sep. 20 Twitter for iPhone gaybe @g_abe0.1d sometimes i like to tell people i'm a card carrying member of antifa just to see what their reaction will be. 6 2,175 22.9K 301K
shan horan @shanhora... 16h .... had an intrusive thought 68 2,046 23.7K 576K
no context memes @weird... - 20h ... absolutely insane casting. he looks like someone just ITCHING to ask me a riddle @clampcity_.3d Show this thread ВЛ GORDEN NEW В YORK PAUL DANO ACTOR, THE BATMAN 31 1,624 42.1K del 638K
chase @_chase 1d ... it sucks that the only way to become someone's best friend in adulthood is by defeating their childhood best friend in a trial by combat 105 7,006 88.9K 1.8M
Angharad @AngieBea... .1d ... Lady in the park: Your baby is dressed beautifully what's the occasion Me: she's about to go into the next size so I'm making t sure she's worn things at least once 45 435 18.6K 211K
BlackBart @Crimmeck· 1d Yall at work? I use to think Cole from Martin was Musiq Soulchild growing up. 439 3,403 12.5K del 650K
matt @computer_gay.2h I- 11:51 98 X 58 Bro In Law > Question for ya, Matt I saw this joke on the internet that said Being gay is so expensive but I don't get it. You guys have two male incomes without any kids 38 182 4,562 127K
lexi @lexalacie 17h HELP WHAT DO I DO Jun 25 2024 hii just bought the vintage clown doll 19:50 Hiii I will try to get it mailed by the end of the week you are gorgeous btw Also the doll is haunted I'm not fsho by what but it doesn't seem like a bad entity so just be aware <3 ٨٨ 124 1,257 28.9K 504K
glansberg @bigpizzaguy 1d Jokes on my bookie, I'm actually dead. в Bookie > Tough break last night W the Vols and Oilers.. can you send that 350 over today? Hey man, this is Billy's roommate. Не actually died. Don't have a lot of details but he's definitely dead. Delivered glansberg @bigpizzaguy · 1d If the Oilers don't win I'm going to text my bookie that I died 19 268 11.2K 1.5M
katie kadue @kukukadoo. 18h ... movies used to have a character named theological cokehead played by david spade John LeTour WILLEM DAFOE Ann SUSAN SARANDON Marianne DANA DELANY Robert DAVID CLENNON Teresa MARY BETH HURT Tis VICTOR GARBER Randi JANE ADAMS Eddie PAUL JABARA Guidone ROBERT CICCHINI Jealous SAM ROCKWELL RENE RIVERA Manuel DAVID SPADE Theological Cokehead Hasid STEVEN POSEN Carlos KEN LADD Thomas BRIAN JUDGE Young Cuban VINNY CAPONE 12 157 1.9K 52K
sixfootcandy @sixfootcandy 1d Me: *Trying to let go of the past and live in the present.* iPhone: Here are 20 slideshows of people who ruined your life. 14 285 3K 57K
LorazeKim TM @_KimberleyAnna 15h ... If you can't summon your own demons store bought is fine الوطنية Ford .39 $ each demons 23 1.3K 32K 176
max @lunarmaxie 9 9h the entrance to the troye sivan concert Power Assisted Restroom Doors Located on First Floor 6 184 4.2K del 71K
Genius Of Lunch @ConorHaloReach 19h These are the only four options available to me at any given time. Study sorcery Ask about the knight in black armor Ask about the nature of the world Leave 8 966 7.8K 104K
@0boymeetsw0rld 1d ... I knew this at 1 years old KR. @thekaylarenee_. 3d the older you get, the more you appreciate just chilling at home doing nothing. 5 2.4K 20K 466K
DonutHawk @StruggleDisplay 1d Interviewer: I see there is a 5 year gap on your resume? Me: Yeah...that was when I was fighting my demons. Interviewer: Oh, I see. I'm sorry. Hopefully that battle is going well... Me: Not really. I still have them...t they' re just older now. Starting middle school, actually. 2 69 1.1K del 17K
kathy @f4eth . 16h one of my tabs has been paused on this frame of spongebob for a few weeks now and i just like to check on it every now and then. its kind of getting in the way of me watching spongebob though cuz i dont want to unpause it 25 845 12K 153K
anthony @soulcontrolled. 21h she should be at the club Pop Base @PopBase.22h 105-year-old woman receives her master's degree from Stanford University. 1 148 3.7K 69K
erin chack @ErinChack.20h ... no i don't want to jump on a call i want to jump off a building 16 3,951 26K 780K
nxd @nxd1979. 5h My dad is doing allyship for Pride < Dad Yesterday 7:41PM bridgerton threesome 2 guys 9 84 2,620 102K
Pat @pattbb8.1d ... Me driving home from the theater, pretending I am in the film I just watched 65 2,641 25.3K 625K
sulky @sulky80715248-14h the plug hates me can i plz get drugs can you stop 14 918 11.5K del 214K
Lady Renee @dezzy_beee 1d Tell me why I had to find out via HGTV house hunters that my OBGYN is searching for a house in Florida bc SHES MOVING??? 49 1,233 48.8K 995K
wengel @wengelll.16h Cool Delete this board and all its Pins? Your board dream home and all 58 Pins will be gone for good. Cancel Delete forever MORS PERFECT UNION More Perfect Union @M... 1d The typical salary needed to become a homeowner in the United States is now $106,500-an 80% increase from the $59,000 needed in 2020,... 1 82 1,809 43.3K
Brock @brockomole 22h ... Snoopy woodstock.. we gotta save this dog gone earth. Woodstock ?? Snoopy no time for dat woodstock.. 22 4,496 40.7K 797K
jeremy @then0wnow-17h ... but not too fruity! ka @k2ken0.2d you've got to be a little fruity nowadays to pull bad bitches 14 35.6K 1,791 909K
GAE.TA.NO @shygaetano.1 1d ... There's no amount of money a person could pay me to click on this and watch it with audio rod @voltajork_.2d why do gays' whole concept of rapping is just to act like nicki minaj on 360 by Charli XCX ROOT CUPON 46 1,128 29.2K 692K
Caslo @itscaslo 13h ... this is the most insidious pic of her ever she looks like a Gotham city villain with a plan SOUTH ENTRANCE HALL Azealia Banks News @Az... . 19h The category is: Azealia Banks' iconic court room looks ... 16 728 8,167 288K
lil$icily @aherosarc 1d ... the worst bf i ever had didn't talk to me a whole dinner once bc a hibachi chef threw a piece of shrimp in my mouth 123 827 29.4K del 745K
OKAY okay @ihaverhisen.1 1d i left my number for the cute server because i dont even care what happens to me anymore. i dont even care if i i have to avoid this ihop forever 15 154 3,162 68.4K
Shats @iheartshats.18h I'm making 4x what I used to make 3 years ago, and I'm still broke. Lord, send the flood. 56 4,340 24.2K 731K
fish marriage @corviiid 1d ... my boss just saw me looking stressed and sympathetically went dyou wanna go find an empty meeting room to monologue to yourself for a minute exactly what kind of reputation do i i have in my workplace i ask you 13 4,409 64.9K 653K
celica! @genderatio 15h ... had to announce to my polycule that im getting a job soon. its going to keep me out of the house for around 9 hours a day. there was a lot of crying. i iknow they didnt understand what a job was or why i was doing it.... but im doing this for us. 12 1,491 22.3K 454K
dj izz @nakafux - .23h my sim dropped out of college to be W her thief bf and now they homeless. 67 316 4,817 del 84.9K
KACHI @Kachidey4you.10h ... So who asked for this? Nnayi @steezy10_.10h Don't give advice to someone who didn't ask for it. 113 2,789 10.9K 326K
Kelli @babyfirefly79.22h ... pralines_and_dick my air conditioner me 42 4,954 25.9K 1M


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