31 of the Funniest Tweets from Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Oh boy…
31 of the Funniest Tweets from Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Puss had his time in the limelight, now it’s time for the ass to get some love. In an interview with Collider, Eddie Murphy revealed that in addition to a fifth Shrek film, Donkey is set to get a spin-off of his own. Production has yet to start on the project, but Murphy has the insane box office success of Puss in Boots: The Last Wish and the latest Kung Fu Panda to thank for making the solo film a possibility. 

Meanwhile, two actors on The Bear think you’re making an ass out of yourself with one specific brand of plot speculation. Ahead of the show’s third season premiere, Emmy winners Jeremy Allen White and Ayo Edebiri took time at a press conference to put the idea of a romantic subplot between Carmy and Sydney on ice — despite what the promotional material might suggest. There was a very adamant “no,” with White doubling down that “there is no talk in the rooms about any romantic implication." 

Sorry SydCarmy shippers, you’re going to have to continue to play make-believe with those two.

Over on the timeline, the tweeters are chirping away to hysterical results. Today’s funniest tweets include those about a dumb landlord, a good case for child leashes and a child who was definitely left behind.

kait @mcntanasky•1 1d ... *nsync last week: becca @vomacbeccaa. 1d one my coworkers got arrested 42 6,002 57.2K del 1.7M
shreya @shreyabasu003.16h ... Do you think Obama is going to put anything from Brat on his playlist 134 2,045 50.3K del 1M
lauren @gilmxres 20h Wisecracking Blonde 6/14/24 Being smart has never stopped me from being an idiot. 228 10.8K 82.4K 2.4M
Jason, ex Inferis @benedictsred 19h ... Pleading insanity in small claims court 24 2,452 24.4K del 602K
Zweil @somethings_awry- 17h As someone with ADHD, I should be legally barred from buying bagged spinach 171 1,061 9,692 del 291K
Shae @hisfaveemuse. 1d I have a paternal uncle who lives in Europe.Mans cut everyone off years ago,but he stays posting on Facebook. When relatives comment on his posts he responds with a 402 3,972 41.7K 1.9M
ender @jlosender - 14h ... 3x clearance is crazy - - - Do DIET as ALPIONALE - - - JENNIFER learance Lippy Clear to ml W Clearance THIS 012 17 6255 IS Was $26.90 Now $7.79 ME NOW JENNIF ноеня - 166 1,085 20.7K 1M
Sam Yeezy @samstaydipped 19h ... Reginald. #RipOluwatoyin @Sheer_Opulence | wonder if i could handle a open relationship 1:43 PM 9/10/20 Twitter for iPhone il View Tweet activity 1 Quote Tweet 5 Likes Mr.Glock Jr. @JuicemanJay... - 9/10/20 ... Replying to @Sheer_Opulence Imagine me fucking yo girl 2 1 85 2,557 53.7K 1.2M
Nieltown @nieltown 19h ... Do they make savory vapes? Like andouille? Or mesquite? 44 187 2,431 del 77.6K
Bentley @takemdown214.13h Cause whatt FUCK I MISS MY MAN BRO Damn bitch you been saying that all day Edited Im starting to miss yo man too oh you wanna get fucked up LMAOOO 143 1,544 42K 641K
Sketch @foofstash.1 1d ... feralratbitesu Follow ... this grave keeper edible aint shit feralratbitesu ... ti who gors there, 15 5,078 60.4K 961K
directional transsexual @nort... 17h ... had to teach my 23yo coworker that reindeer are in fact real animals and not fantasy creatures Child Left Behind ALT 180 3,290 82.6K del 1.3M
Tre @trestewart_.11h niles @NILES100.1 11h yall ever meet ppl and just wanna tell them aye your parents did a terrible job 75 7,855 60.8K 1.6M
mrs papaw @mrsballs69.7h em - Kinda obsessed with Mr. Lagoon on TikTok because he's fighting for his life in the comments where everyone is calling this an expensive puddle 267 962 25.4K 680K
Adam Rankin @rankintwe... 1d ... POV: you're never going to find your file SHIP 79 769 26.2K 536K
the bees knees (Alexander) @... .1d ... You should try: If you don't like: Dr. Pepper AGAIN! TAIAA 212 7,955 80.6K 2.8M
TERFS aren't women @Saeko_... 14h ... My power went out, my landlord called an electrician to fix it. When the electrician got here, the landlord didn't recognize his car and had it towed. 97 2,136 81.1K del 1.1M
Fine Ass Girl @makesmes1ck 17h ... sorb @sorbit0L. 1d they couldn't make taxi driver in 2024 2 4 del 232 Fine Ass Girl @makesmes1ck-1 1m why 1 4 sorb @sorbit0l girl the ubers 27 2,548 59.1K 802K
mi @egirlpeidona 21h ... people say we're alike they say we got the same hair 37 1,931 31.9K 568K
ana @soundofsiIver. 17h ... When I lose 2-4 followers on Instagram every time I post who took a risk Like, Oh, let's make fun and put herself of the girl out there creatively. 4 1,421 21.3K 444K
@qiyaunnaa 15h ngl at target, you just gotta accept your total and go with it 318 12.2K 68.9K 1.3M
pebbles @penbbles 17h i kinda get why child leashes exist theres nobody who wants to kill themselves more than a baby who's just learned how to walk dee и @fairyartmo... . 3 3d The litmus test for whether I will accept your advice regardless of whether you are a parent or not depends on how you feel about these. x.com/theereal_one/s... 294 6,462 95K 1.5M
punished rose @providenceluvr. dd ... sitting like this for five hours after having a bath Хео -3 @xe0_xeo.1d Edouard Kasparides - The Penitent Mary Magdalene in the Cave (1890) 4 2,095 28.4K 508K
cam @largemotorcycle 16h ... Guy on facebook was selling a printer for $20 so i went to buy it and he had like 30 of the same printers brand new still in the box so i was like Where'd you get all these printers and he goes I bought them 6 14 910 18.2K
Hamilton @hamiltonawah-1 11h ... Silenter treatment. Horlanrewaju @Ibra... 11h How do y'all deal with silent treatment?? 83 3,016 9,495 425K
socialist sopranos memes 3h ... TheNew York Times OPINION GUEST ESSAY Hillary Clinton: I've Debated Trump and Biden. Here's What I'm Watching For. June 25, 2024, 1:00 a.m. ET Great. So we're taking advice from a two-time loser. 22 833 10.7K del 277K
meg @meg_jays 17h Comence googled my symptoms MV - Big Boy t need and found out i just FREED MAIS my baseball team WA to - e BUDLIGHT do well for a little bit RGERS 26 1,570 13.3K 767K
melanie @mmmelanierose-2 23h ... obsessed with the guy from the karaoke bar who always films me singing n uploads it to youtube n thinks my name is Melody YouTube EXI Torn* Melody 204 views 1 month ago MINNEAPOLIS ...more Howie D 324 Subscribe 21 53 4,035 190K
matt @computer_gay.8h ... G he wants to open the relations M All Videos Images Forums News Shopping Help is available Speak with someone today 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline Languages: English, Spanish Hours: Available 24 hours Call 988 4 185 3,641 97.1K
glo @africanglo.1 19h No you just a hoarder sweetie @Graciethebrand. dd Hygiene addict SEA OUT DETAW 1 joy Spute the Doe - Dove - I NATIVE his DrTeal Epino I LINE OF I Johnson cca & G und - and 100 10 ml end AIR. Pall KIN SALE ALS 1 ، LAST Molature ROS - NATIVE a ... Curts Food y I A SHIO - e ADMI Venus Johnsons 14 849 13.1K 257K
owen! @yoshicrossing. 4h this is how locked in i need to be today oisti Established 1 99 1,813 37K


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