39 of the Funniest Tweets from Friday, June 14, 2024

What if they’re enemies?
39 of the Funniest Tweets from Friday, June 14, 2024

All you need to get ahead in Hollywood is a little bit of delusion, a few connections and a really good Melania Trump impersonation. At least, that was the case for Saturday Night Live’s Chloe FinemanFor Variety, Fineman and Hacks star Hannah Einbinder discussed how Fineman wound up in Francis Ford Coppola’s Megalopolis. She said that “sometimes people go to weird shows that you don’t expect,” explaining that Coppola saw a 2019 show in which she performed a sketch of Ivana and Melania FaceTiming, which led to the filmmaker offering her a role in the film. 

Whereas one star rocketed from a small stage to the big screen, another’s career went in reverse. Despite being a massive star in hit films like Pretty Woman and The Pelican Brief, there was a role that scared Julia Roberts to no end — “The One After the Super Bowl.” Michael Lembeck, who directed the 1996 two-part Friends episode, recently told the Los Angeles Times that “the night of the shoot I thought ‘I am going to get gangrene if she squeezes my right hand any tighter,’” and the actress herself once described the gig as the “most nerve-racking thing” she had done since auditioning for Pretty Woman.

Meanwhile, stars both big and small are shining on the timeline. Today’s funniest tweets include those about a time to top, Santa Claus cosplay, and a real solution for pollen.

zach silberberg @zachsilberb....1 12h ... (half-paying attention to a show while scrolling on my phone) this show fucking sucks and makes no sense 6 246 4,588 del 113K
mecca;) @spinbackmecca 22h ... my bf don't smoke so i just be high and looking at him like this GIF ALT 48 788 8,944 246K
flglmn @flglmn 12h ... i have always had these ideas but my brain used to try to stop me Fetterman frames his seismic shift as stances he's always had, which his brain damage simply allowed him the freedom to embrace-despite constantly 14 227 4,817 65.6K
Stevie White @Stevie11White 18h ... Why did I read '99 dementia' like a FIFA stat? Giovanni Colantonio @Mar... 1d My grandma (99, dementia) was at a trivia night in her memory care unit and they asked Who shot JFK? and she said I did. 40 1,786 40.8K 2M
BaseballHistoryNut @nut_hi.... 1d ... Larry bird getting hammered in a pile of children's toys while MJ plays ping pong will forever be a GOAT picture 48 710 14K 646K
Kevin Westgirth @kevinwestgi... 19h ... Today's plans DAM Think about where it all went wrong 7AM 8AM 9AM 10AM 11AM Noon 1PM 2PM 3PM 4PM 63 4,215 24.1K 1M
Jason, ex Inferis @benedictsred 12h ... I wonder if shampoo and conditioner are friends irl or if it's purely professional 53 1,906 14.4K del 293K
No Context Brits @NoConte....1 1h ... Rat, 35 58 miles away My name is Ray and | can't change it SHARE RAT'S PROFILE SEE WHAT A FRIEND THINKS REPORT RAT 22 64 1,047 112K
Heisjayy X @Jayysen_.22h Have you ever tried sports betting? Nnayi @steezy10_.22h Always remember, your gut is never wrong. 138 4,717 24.3K 1.3M
like @419kiddd.10h ... u finna be the first person with a hook for a hand since the 1800s. Wooder Ice Dealer 12h Candied biscuit! 29 0:00 0 views 237 5,549 43.8K 1.7M
Blake Simons @blakethinks 19h ... This is quite possibly the worst sentence I've ever seen in a film trailer. THE FIRST EUROPEAN MOVIE EVER FUNDED BYNFTS 17 205 3,554 105K
internet hall of fame @Int... 1d ... Hassan @hassanprg i hate grapes. they discuss me @sabirinnx what they be sayin? 321 6,530 104K 5.2M
prayerie @VIOLENTSEED.1 1d ... genuinely thought this would never happen Confirm Save As SDFSDFSDF.png already exists. ! Do you want to replace it? Yes No 208 3,370 58.7K 859K
Schaffrillas @Schaffrillas 1d ... They should make a movie theater where you go at the time it says the movie will start at and then at that time the movie starts 318 2,766 67K 1.9M
No Context Brits @NoConte... 6h ... C. Write these words in alphabetical order. 1. take value aeluv use esu 2. royal alory 61 137 2,075 202K
robert franco, wandering ronin 8h ... liked by rosemcgowan ine Puerto RICAN version от Shrek & Fiona @freaknricanofficial GUCCCI SHREEK 20 Liked by rosemcgowan and 64,957 others 3 27 596 22.2K
normal guy @CloudEnjoyer327.1d ... my friend scared a rat who tried to retreat into the subway grate but he was too chubby 323 8,733 99.2K del 2.3M
three steaks pam @alexandrak... 1d ... go big or go home me: 8 562 6,536 238K
Mollie Goodfellow @hansmoll... 6h ... antihistamine is not enough I want to shoot the pollen 38 1,424 9,074 330K
Perritos que curan tu depresi... 16h ... que bien mi arqui Charli Chocolate Mis GMO DE 1944 STACKABLE ЭК/КК OPEN - JACKETS 8212 160g 12/17 VG 689 18.6K 145K 6.7M
i praydalor my sodakeep @al... 22h ... applying to fuckass 21st century jobs knowing my true calling is silently observing a master of their craft throughout a 5-10 year apprenticeship 59 4,011 32.7K 629K
Forth @forthrighter 1d ... I am sorry, but I adore this joke and I'm going to inflict it on you An Englishman, Frenchman, Spaniard and a German are watching a street performer juggling. The juggler notices the four gentlemen have a very poor view, so he stands up on a wooden crate and calls out, Can you all see me now? Yes. Oui. Sí. Ja. 57 1,066 14.1K 915K
Soggy Broccoli @soggybrocoli·1 1d ... santa claus ass tweet hi gay! nes @feydemon.2d boy dinner 562 17.7K 261K 4.9M
Nikolaj @nikicaga 1d ... People are mocking this as if they wouldn't have the same reaction to the Contraption Glass Bead Gamer @GrillP... .2d This is probably the best picture of the biden presidency, for me 55 679 24.2K 536K
@buffys. 13h ... swiminjello Follow ooo.... lady gagita 41 1,621 25.2K 492K
Dont Show Your Cat @DontS....1d... new hairstyle 76 3,348 35K 614K
pnormal person @paleonormie 23h ... By 28 you should have at least one *close* friend who's 10 years older than you and one who is 5 years younger than you to hedge against generational ignorance 33 1,285 9,030 286K
barbarelleh @barbarelleh.2 22h ... the thing about having friends with good politics is that none of them have a boat. 26 1,031 9,742 del 230K
camille @camiicampb.1 1d another humiliation ritual - i mean job interview today 31 1,843 11.8K 318K
sssuggs @6layerssup 18h not one to post grindr screenshots but this sent me ABOUT ME will top if it's an emergency 47 2,189 34.3K 962K
@b0ngwterSpiller.2 20h morgue ... If I would've been on the titanic: + 1.4M 4,391 88.2K 579 13K 118K 7.6M
Sam G @ItsSamG.23h ... I saw a TikTok where someone realized the filter for the air purifier they'd been using for months had the plastic on it the whole time I thought who could be this dumb? but decided to check mine just for giggles And guys you're not going to believe this but.... 199 1,207 41.3K 1.3M
Lakyn Thee Stylist @OgLakyn 19h ... Get Aniston and Lawrence on the case, too. Maybe even Hudson and Tilly. Keep Jenifer Lewis on call in case of emergency. Page Six @PageSix2 23h Page Six NEW Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Garner spotted arriving at Ben Affleck's rental home amid his marital woes trib.al/hWrgDan 15 166 1,340 55K
Lawrence Zhang @Hist... 9h ... Top comment is lit r/pics u/Brutal_Deluxe_ 10h The British prime minister greeting the Italian prime minister at the 50th G7 summit 42.4k 1,970 ... 3 9.1k TomSurman 9h Italians malfunction if you prevent their hands from moving. Reply 24 16.3k 86 1,832 22.8K 986K
dumbass @adequatelyjed. dd manifesting a joe biden summer (eating ice cream and forgetting where I am) 80 6,406 87.6K 2.7M
#augs @luvpxie 1d ... i would let out a bloodcurdling scream if i saw these pairs of feet walking towards me E money @ai_mei_li - 1d real walkers 87 3,165 55.2K 1.3M
i like food @messedupfoods- 11h ... HAVE DAY 14 273 2,581 97.5K
Senior PowerPoint Engineer 16h ... the transit oriented urbanist leaving my body when the firm is expensing my Uber 5 212 5,520 213K


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