40 of the Funniest Tweets from Thursday, June 13, 2024

Trivia night at the memory care unit must go crazy
40 of the Funniest Tweets from Thursday, June 13, 2024

If you’re tired of seeing Dwayne Johnson, we’ve got some bad news for you. The wrestler-turned-actor’s production company has signed a first-look deal with The Walt Disney Company to develop theatrical and streaming productions for Johnson to star in. Johnson, of course, voiced Maui in Disney’s hit Moana, a role he’s reprising in both the animated sequel and the live-action adaptation. Just how far will the partnership go? According to Variety, the deal will allow Johnson to work across all of Disney’s divisions, giving him the opportunity to wreak havoc by land and by sea at Disney’s parks and cruise lines. 

While Disney is spreading its franchises thin, Pixar is putting its animated foot down, as Chief Creative Officer Pete Docter shut down any possibility of Challengers’ Josh O’Connor appearing in a live-action adaptation of RatatouilleDocter told Time that Pixar likes “making movies that are original and unique to themselves.” He went on to very plainly state that live-action remakes are “not very interesting.” Rather than taking the live-action route of selling out, Docter explained that Pixar will expand its slate through sequels like Inside Out 2

Over on the timeline, our favorite comedians are cooking up some good stuff. Today’s funniest tweets include those about the rodent that would be perfect to play Remy, the ice cold cup of B in LGBTQ and all the sausages you ever wanted.

chuck @charlubby 19h one of my fav comments of all time TUNA MELT TUNA -CELERY -SHALLOT -SREAD-AND-BUTTER PICKLES DILL -FRESHLY GROUND BLACK PEPPER -HOT SAUCE -MAYO SUCH AS KEWPIE - DUON MUSTARD - LEMON JUICE Réponses X Daniel XXX ily a 5 heures When Claire held the olive oil at 6:01 she looked like an animal crossing character showing you the bug they caught 96 1 19 1,846 28.7K 300K
treb @FatherTrebor 1d ... For those of you asking he was not sick, he got out and tore an 86 year old woman to pieces. You crazy bastard I'll miss you treb @FatherTrebor 2d I said goodbye to an old friend last night. I love you buddy, you were the best friend a boy could've asked for 24 Open 177 3,046 100K 3.8M
inhumans of capitalism (Ojibw... 1d ... BLICK BLICK - - - POLICE TROPOLITAN 1325 POL That brick is calling to me like the Green Goblin mask 55 4,083 39.2K 681K
y @ysmammri 22h ... im nvr sending a white boy my ass ever again Delivered Holy smokes lol Ur butts so fat I'm gonna kill myself + iMessage 5,607 23.8K 328K 13.3M
Brain Prison Fugitive Bangs 23h ... when i was 13 i accidentally watched two jude law movies in a row and was so attracted to him i became afraid to exist for three weeks and avoided talking to anyone in that time bc i was scared they'd somehow know i was feeling attraction for jude law NEW YORK POST New York Post @nypost. 1d 'Saggy and balding' Jude Law wishes he leaned into 'playing handsome' roles when younger trib.al/nzRw250 30 789 22K 809K
duluth's famous kaylee @kayl... 13h ... Partner found me a sweatshirt that was FAMOUS RAYLER discontinued from his museum gift shop for being too controversial TWO HARBORS AMERICAN MINNESOTA Watch Great Ladies Get Loaded 39 83 2,041 74K
Terminally Online Leftist @... 1d ... be an ally 18 NSFW Men of reddit, what would you do if you found out your homie is gay? Share 1551 2524 + seafoamteal 7h S 9 Awards Stop making jokes about him not having a girlfriend and start making jokes about him not having a boyfriend. Reply 16.3k 164 17.4K 270K 3.9M
Sgt. Suckdown @TheJaeger... . 17h ... Yea I'm Bi Bi-ing another beer T ICE O ITJAR 68 1,772 25.8K 1.9M
@RobFoxThree 14h Rob Fox III You... you know Things I prefer in the US as a German 26.3K I don't know why we don't 1,171 have bagels in Germany 37 798 15.7K 767K
Da Good Brother @DewMeNo... 17h ... You can stick that to the wall with chewing gum CEO of The Passport Ное... 17h Yall think I can mount my 23 inch tv by myself? 167 1,717 7,171 446K
tractor @nudeobama 11h Kitten I won't lie... Daddy injured himself playing with his katana earlier and he needs you to drive him to the ER immediately 69 4,163 42.6K del 1.1M
tractor @nudeobama 12h ... The EMT did this to my grandpa after he broke his hip? Is this legal? 48 280 4,725 152K
Joy @illjoy_.12h Drake >Age 37 years Image: Chris McKay, Getty Images Culture Crave @Cult... 1d #Predator was released 37 years ago today 594 24.9K 246K 6M
Lily Alexandre @lily_lxndr 16h ... she thought doors at 7 show at 8 meant the show would start at 8 65 629 17.6K 404K
Giovanni Colantonio @MarioP... 15h ... My grandma (99, dementia) was at a trivia night in her memory care unit and they asked Who shot JFK? and she said I did. 156 3,404 53.1K 940K
media from the camera roll of... 19h ... Grandpa can hear now he finally got hearing aids finally Delivered 195 2,990 57.3K 1.2M
Isaac @GalaxyPeaBrain 23h ... graphic Besign Doing this with the Costco free sample lady 16 1,565 20.5K 639K
S @propaganda91.18h ... Today Gotta rock hard penis pic dude? 11:07 AM not if you call me dude. Delivered 1:25 PM Gotta rock hard penis pic sis? 1:34 PM 28 1,465 28.3K 567K
venus @v....12h ... I trust him Man With All The Answers Feedback Domestic Short Hair Austin, TX ALT Adult Male Large 21 11.8K dal 248K 1,518
Seb Downie-Blackwell @DownieSeb - 1d I'm at an event where I had to bring ID to get in so I grabbed my passport from the draw and stuck it in my jacket. Get to the venue, hand it to security and they start laughing. BERLIN 11 Wohnoit 11.Wohnort Residence Demie 11 Wohnort Residence BUNDESREPUBLIK DEUTSCHLA FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF GERMANY REPUBLIQUE FÉDÉRALE Typ/ Type /Type K PASS P a PASSEPORT Passport - 1 Name Surname / Nom MF  DOWNIE-BL missonce 2 Vornamen Given HUNTER 3 6 9 LA SUNGLEREPHELLE LIND FREIHEIT 4550 sacht e UND UND KINIGKEIT 142 2.3K 97K 2.2M
Dan Rapaport @Daniel_Rapaport-1 1d Not a scientist but I see a couple clouds USOPEN U.S. Open USGA @usopengolf. 2d Nothing but blue skies 48 1.8K 85K 2.5M
a. @xcowboygeniusx· 11h ... boygenius and chappell roan 957 9.3K 160K 28
mount bellyache @mountbellyache 3h what the pope drinks while he listens to brat Tommy Bayer @tommybayertime.. 4h we off the fagote 12.5%vol.D OURO Reserva BRANCO 2022 7500g 12 592K 1K 18K
perfect angel @girl_virus 18h he matches my dramatics kill her. stupid bitch fr she will begin to cough in 7 days Read 10:34 AM 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 she will begin to cough all-day 401K 65 2.1K 22K
Raskolnikov updates @doubtpointv2. 1d ... Lydia Tár teaching at Juilliard: A man who has seen the things I've seen? Experienced the loss and pain I've experienced? I transcend race, hombre. 91 1.4K 48K
trish @ULTRAGLOSS 22h twitter likes being private is one thing but when instagram removed the following tab.......where magic like this was made....... ddlovato liked 2 of henrycavill's posts. 2s ddlovato just shared a post. 2s ddlovato started following henrycavill. 24s 4 610 14K 203K
strangleman99 @lukesesh2.17h EMERGENCY CALL 6 MAT f Sensitary L NITRILE Medi Dan edi-Trace le ea di-Trace SKINTAC ACT ACT selse @iamselse. 1d you are SICK if you like being called good girl 11 15 418 15K
Punch Cat @PunchingCat.2 20h they look angry and confused ... ilovearthistory I accidentally opened a can of tuna and ate it in front of them before their dinner time. They never beg for food like this. I think they think I'm literally eating a can of their food. Cat Picture 13 1.1K 18K 293K
cloud lors @xanathgum 1d ... started crying on my period because i remembered he's a latino displaced by geopolitics DF DiscussingFilm @DiscussingFilm - 1d First poster for 'PADDINGTON 3' In theaters on January 17. A LITTLE BEAR GOES A LONG WAY PADDiNGTON IN PERU EXCLUSIVELY IN MOVIE THEATERS JANUARY 17 THIS FEM A un 33 PATRO the POR FUTURE BFC CON DO 9 70 6.8K 84K 2.8M
Nathan Christopher @Nathan... 18h ... My kid transcribed something her teacher said in class today and is it giving it to her as a gift tomorrow. the WAter bottles! we Are do ne with Go there! Put them over GLAS C'ASS ThAT I ever TAUGH this is the Worst 71 583 10.5K 271K
figs @figsae 1d DiscussingFilm @Discus... 1d DF The first 7 'SAW' films are now streaming on Disney Disney+ (with Hulu subscription) 126 15.9K 90.9K 3.9M
buck tooth cunt @Royal_McP... 14h ... i bought a new car battery and it was like $220 and the girl at auto zone said wanna see how much it would cost if you needed 99 of them? and i said okay so she typed 99 in the quantity and the price went to $23000 and she said thats how much it would cost and i i said okay 191 2,976 44.6K 606K
insane poses @insaneposes 13h ... MONEY CASH NOES FLM - FULL SE 690 BELL I 58 1,568 17.9K 377K
Mark Farina @djmarkfarina 1d ... HOUSE SAUSAGE V/BB Pest Cak Smoked House Recipe Samage Served - a Flour Tertita SIDES COLESLAW POTATO SALAD $6 Rossmade Potato Salad Rumenade Calarian РОБИЗ ODE 21 379 2,604 130K
brecht apologist @madisonta... 18h ... watched a tiktok about how servers in paris are asking american tourists to leave 20% tips and он но но how les tables have fucking turned 195 2,241 51.4K 3.4M
Josh Pugh @JPughMI.5h Damn bro we're doing it Nick Manes @nickrmanes Whitmer says that every man, woman and child would have to smoke about $2500 worth of marijuana per year to fix our roads. 3:53 PM 5/30/19 From Earth Detroit Free Press Jf @freep 7h Michigan surpasses California as the top cannabis market in the U.S. by sales volume freep.com/story/news/ mar... 34 945 10.4K 472K
sarah @sablaah.2 20h ... comedy is ok but clown is more difficult 5 72 897 35.8K
hina @teukquila 21h no fucking way Release There is an upside, however. I think about butt exercise, she reveals. She recalls an incident where her Mission Impossible co-star Tom Cruise was walking upstairs and either he or his trainer kept saying to themselves: Booty. Booty, booty, booty. V Variety @Variety.23h Rebecca Ferguson on Making 'Silo' While Claustrophobic, Tom Cruise's Booty Exercises and Telling Hugh Jackman to Put His Shirt Back On V... 6 149 1,445 del 107K
bfa agonistes @superloafcat 6h ... this is so sweet and loving it brought tears to my eyes MY 2 20 210 6,601
А.В. 8 @Latinaluvrr69 - 1d ... Sometimes the side chick Ittehad Islam Anto ain't even a chick Pepper 23 BLEND or BY UNDAYSA It's just a cold dr pepper 36 2,586 11.5K 614K


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