46 of the Funniest Tweets from the Week of June 3, 2024

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46 of the Funniest Tweets from the Week of June 3, 2024

It’s been a big week for returning to old material. Richard Linklater shared that he’d be open to hearing Jack Black say “Schnayblay” again, White Collar creator Jeff Eastin and star Matt Bomer are plotting the next phase of their hit procedural and Pixar is reportedly contemplating rebooting classics like Finding Nemo and The Incredibles as a last-ditch effort to revive its glory days. 

But the one sequel you are never, ever going to see? Superbad 2

Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg told Complex the “very personal” project that came to be Superbad should be “left untouched,” especially since it’s still reaching new generations of 18-year-olds who see themselves in the characters. Ironically, the two put their foot down about a Superbad sequel while promoting their latest project, Sausage Party: Foodtopia, a mini-series based on the 2016 movie with the most unhinged orgy to ever grace the silver screen.

This week we also got a fresh batch of tweets to laugh at while we wait for all of these sequels. The funniest ones included those about a true illustration of crunchy peanut butter, a sentient vending machine and what to spend your 401K on.

deercreature @deercreature . 1d (crying) i'm sorry mr vending machine Please Do Not Damage these Machines As they are here For You. Welcome Temp 5C INSERT NOTES 20 3.5K 60K 1M
Lays @OTD2point0 . 15h ... When I'm 12 deep at the bar and spot a zyn tin outline in someone's pocket. STON - - - ESPN DAL 26 BOS 44 2ND 8:49 24 Finals hancy YouTubeTY GAME 1 1 223 6.4K 580K
tangomushi @iloveklim 1d me when i listen to the silent hill ost and its just metal scraping, screeching drills, distorted machinery and droning headache sounds 1.9K 65 8.1K del 203K
ki shiesty @kishiesty0.2d ... They arguing 797 13K 183K 4.6M
Chuggsy's Coming Home + @JoeyBigBelly.2d People on the Western Front between 1914 to 1917 Moder on the Dancefloor @Jackalbio... . 2d All gone a bit quiet hasn't it? 18 2.4K 46K 2.5M
Zach Raffio @zachraffio . 1d ... DF DiscussingFilm @DiscussingFilm. dd The title of the new 'WALLACE & GROMIT' movie will be revealed tomorrow. 3 1.1K 22K 1M
wengel @wengelll. 1d ... the way they were waiting for young sheldon to end FILM UPDATES Film Updates @FilmUpdates. 1d 'BIG LITTLE LIES' Season 3 is officially in the works. We're moving fast and furious. Liane  is delivering the book. We're in good shape. says Nicole Kidman bit.ly/3KrWo6G BIG LITTLE LIES 40 30K 1.6M 1K
Chad Burns @cxburns 2d ... Me if it was illegal to do this Zach Bryan @zachlanebryan.2d GOTTA stop getting hammered and saying stuff man 2 400 9.6K 978K
james @jamescoulee 1d ... me when people explain why we can't just print more money From vi 1K 29 10K 213K
odessa @odessadiariess 4d two more weeks until we regress as a whole and fight like medieval peasants over bread FILM UPDATES Film Updates @FilmUpdates 4d 'HOUSE OF THE DRAGON' season 2 premieres in 2 weeks. 55 6.1K 44K 1.5M
V @VINETTRIA 4d when i post a song on my story it's not because i listened to it-it's because i been listening to it for six hours straight 34 12K 55K 1.4M
Adam Sass @TheAdamSass 4d I went to the Corridor of Goons, and everyone knew you there Corridor of Goons 392 3.1K 10 128K
8tsukii @8tskii . 3d ... who the fuck is ryan 8tsukii @8tskii 6m im not cis or trans im a secret third thing 11 1 45 del 440 Tommy @Tommyloveslean ryan 852 7.2K 115K 4M
josé @dotjjpg 4d ... good morning 8:50 P Bro ur so annoying I wanna fuck u so bad 8:55 PM 30 1.7K 20K 986K
dako @diamondctrI - 4 4d It's time for them to gain superpowers FILM UPDATES Film Updates @FilmUpdates 4d 'ALL AMERICAN' has been renewed for season 7. 386 7.1K 102K 5.2M
Greg with Two G's @plusgreg 4d ... You can only get this vanity plate in Nebraska, where the DMV doesn't know better than to deny it: NEBRASKA 06 PROUS 2 PRIUSSY PRIUSSY 108 4.9K 89K 3.7M
bing @BingBongLLC.4d going to chipotle ya'll need anything - 88 7.6K 147K 4.4M
iya @hotmessjunk.3h ... Sabrina Carpenter (Official Video) 558,343 views 3h ag + Sabrina Car Hot couples Halloween costume calling it NOW 42.5K 131 comments X teehee Good idea. It'll keep the boys mouth shutttttt 8h Reply 4,010 13 1.2K 197K 19K
Tina Sieben @wnbawife 4d Talking to someone who mentioned they have a printer here You know I've always considered u a really good friend 86 6.2K 85K 2.4M
XONSG @XONSG1.2d This is an actual art piece down to the temu notification sim @sossmona.2d bra no way my mom used ai to see what my brother looked like in da future... n made it her wallpaper Swipe up to unlock 7:23 top ago 9as ago Temu Notification TEMI Instagram Notification 32 3.8K 102K dJ 2M
mother superior @vileslug 1d ... Ghost kitchens are running outta names at this point Top offer Buy 1, get 1 free Red. 30 The T 19 EDITION Red 3. Burger Shurger 4.6 35-50 min 14 155 2,990 108K
JRR Jokien @joshcarlosjosh.20h ... Berwyn Choobs @sabatonf... 1d It would feel so good to drop kick gollum full force 20 2,547 25.2K 1.1M
Alex Goodwin, Ph.D. @AlexGo... 14h ... Her testimony this sunday at the church is gonna be one for the books abc7NY @AB....17h Eyewitness News 74-year-old woman pronounced dead in hospice care found breathing at funeral home 7ny.tv/3x561VN BREAKING BREAKING NEWS NEWS 19 1,943 7,405 341K
Michael ос @vMichaelv.17h No way ol JEHOVAH JONES WITNESS 252 12K 152K 5M
Invis @invis4yo· 1d ... What my computer screen sees while I'm at work 33 3,541 15.7K 671K
left at london @LeftAtLon.... .21m ... eminem lyrics since 2009: Ms. Grace Kuhlenschmidt 1h i built a squatty potty out of mahogany 4 196 2,294 25.9K
jimi @ShinMegamiJimi- 1d ... at minimum 15 9/11s every month if they existed stars @playful_cl0ud.2d Why the fuck do we not have flying cars yet 196 11.4K 186K 6.3M
Deonandan @deonandan 1d Oh, Dawn. I've got some bad news for Local Madman you. Dr. Dawn Michael @DawnsMission Did you know that you can get genital herpes from the Pfizer Covid shot? Imagine how many relationships were destroyed over this because they thougth that their spouse cheated? 11:02 AM Jun 1, 2024 5,494 Views 923 1,561 38.3K 1.3M
JT (pissboy fanatic) @Jtaylor0_3.1d ... Made the manager who doesn't fw me laugh I must sway the non-believers. 4 2,066 42.3K del 1M
birdie @dangbozo 1d my uncle got divorced when I was younger because his wife cheated on him. however she had a really yummy cream cheese dip recipe so whenever we made it they called it whore dip 46 1,609 59.5K del 1.6M
Berto @bertoa_. 1d Instagram needs to understand I don't give a fuck who posted on threads for the first time. 115 19.7K 127K 3M
alopecia chlmaydia @usedwifi 21h ... can't stop thinking of how hamsters get an mri done SOMA DO PIO 150 370 14.5K 152K del 6.3M
erica @ericanextdooor.1 1d another mistake flawlessly executed 8 316 1,164 36.2K
drew janda @drewjanda- 1d Please stop raising awareness. There is too much. I have become too aware 77 13.1K 79K 2.2M
anica seelie @AnicaSeelie 1d ... accidentally told my boyfriend a personal anecdote he'd heard before and after i was finished he goes this is good, it means i've exhausted your dialogue and when i reload the game your story will have progressed 20 2,652 44.8K 646K
@moralgrey 19h BY reaumantic i i don't lose hyperfixations they just go dormant until I hear something about it like a sleeper agent #me rn with rvb 319.756 notes day @balladofsongs. 1d i'm shaking my hunger games hyperfixation is SOOOO back (it never left but i can feel the beast emerging) 58 20.1K 120K 2.8M
Tony P. @Tbone7219.2 21h ... I cashed in my 401k so I could finally buy a grilled cheese from Panera Bread. 42 111 853 24.1K
Anonymous @iSammy_szn. 1d ... I need to get rich man rated @ihyrated 1d the FUCK do yall be doin in the shower for 45 minutes 224 27.9K 171K 12.6M
krismadarame @krismadar... 23h ... CLEAN AF JB @SUPERZOMGBBQ. dd Decided to get a tattoo of the GOAT. CC TTITUDE SOJUSTMEN . 59 8,286 98.5K 2.9M
ijbol adjani @MOULINROUGE. 17h ... tom cruise would be such a cool nice guy if it wasn't for that one little thing V Variety @Variety.1 1d Tom Cruise gifted Dakota Fanning a Motorola Razr when she turned 11 on the set of 2005's War of the Worlds. He's since sent her the same birthday gift every year: Shoes. I loved shoes when I was little, and I started to be able to fit into really small adult shoes when I was... Show more 229 4,392 99.2K 7.3M
mik @bratzcokeden . 10h so july P4 Tungs Pop Tingz @ThePopTingz. 16h Lorde is expected to release a new music in between June and August 5 102 3,003 64.4K
Sarah McAnulty, Ph.D @Sarah... 1d ... I can't stop thinking about the peanut doing a crunch on the crunchy peanut butter Sanitarium TM The Health Food Company 0% Peanuts Natural 375g Made in Australia Since 1898 Crunchy Peanut Butter ALT 62 1,960 32.3K 606K
Gustavo Fring @zone6nova 2d IT'S ALWAYS SOMETHING PrettyArii @Prettyarii... 2d Explain adulting in 3 words... 47 17.6K 49.9K 3.2M
MONTE @kemvnte.2d Me trying to find the socket behind my bed to plug my charger in. Jacob. @jacob_bellevue-4d MEGAN 45 2,762 43.5K 1.4M
Cody @AltHistCody1 1d Не saw the towers fall Chimney @jonathanchi... 3d Name the biggest downgrade in terms of character design Me: toys r us giraffe 1965 1975 1988 1999 2001 2007 44 972 21.8K 573K


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