24 of the Funniest Burns from the Week of May 20, 2024

Bean boy is getting roasted
24 of the Funniest Burns from the Week of May 20, 2024

After a lengthy legal career, two terms as New York City mayor, a failed presidential campaign and a messy run as Donald Trump’s presidential advisor and personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani has moved on to his next logical venture: hawking coffee beans. 

In what looked like something straight out of a Saturday Night Live sketch, Giuliani got in front of a green screen to shill two-pound bags of “the best coffee you’ll ever try” (at the low, low price of 30 bucks) with his newly-launched, self-branded coffee line. Rudy’s Coffee comes with notes of “truth, justice and American democracy,” and is allegedly “gentle on your stomach.” 

The timeline, however, isn’t buying what Giuliani is selling, with one user very simply pointing out that the man is “broke broke.”

Luckily for Giuliani, the disgraced former mayor and his beans aren’t the only things getting burned online this week. Other digital burn victims included Barnes & Noble cafe baristas, a mixologist with a uniform and a very honest child.

Yeehawncé @Glamazo... 22h ... I switched to this when I found out I was pregnant and my husband told me to go get the aluminum OLIVIA PEAU @fairyglow...• 23h Betrayal on a stick. We need to get aluminum a better PR rep. Dove 0% sensitive 46h odor protection contre los odeurs sensible deodorant désodorisant NETWT2.60Z174g 512 2,036 42.7K 7.1M
Lauren Comitor @laurencomit... 19h ... This is a Kohl's Father's Day ad Adam Schefter @Adam... 19h - Former Patriots QB Tom Brady and current Patriots QB Drake Maye this weekend in Los Angeles. are :@michaelrubin 129 5,442 74.2K 3.9M
Luke @qLxke_ 1d he's dressed like peter griffin FILM PIPOATES Film Updates @FilmUpd... 1d Jake Gyllenhaal's SNL monologue RDS AR 4:24 x 48 1,943 71.4K 2.3M
KUNTY @overratedkaty 11h ... why she look like that mouse on Zootopia Pop Base @PopBase 14h Katy Perry has left #Americanldol after 7 seasons as judge. AD 2 8 42 1,161 28.7K 989K
DJ R-Tistic @DJRTistic 12h ... My Gen Z cousin told me I'm old because I give directions. She said nobody my age gives directions, they just give you an address. You talking about 'make a left at the first rock' 55 327 1,305 du 90.1K
@kayIachan 1d ... Old bitches love this gif RED TABLE TALK GIF That part. ALT 8 855 13.3K 769K
Mounir @Mounlrr - 1d Oh he's broke broke Rudy W. Giuliani @Rudy... 1d 100 % Arabica coffee beans roasted right here in America You will taste the difference! Order today at. Rudy.coffee CC RUDY RUDY GIULIANI AMERICA'S MAYOR 0:58 159 2,170 46.3K 2M
777 @_garrettcharles.* 1d she looks like she's about to write jokes for Deborah Vance Page Six Page Six @PageSix 1d Jessica Biel chops off her hair in dramatic transformation: 'Brought back the f-k ass bob' trib.al/ ATCxxXd VOSE the Be AITS FO ISFO THE DONOR THE 20 385 9,242 751K
carter hambley @carterhambl... 19h ... the barnes and Noble cafe employees freak the fuck out if you call them a Starbucks. oh sorry guys i i forgot. u are clearly a beautiful greek restaurant 13 482 15.1K 387K
C.J. Prince @cj_prin 11h David Byrne and Lana Del Rey in the evil Coraline universe paige @BonerWizard . dd what's happening here ashley_judd Follow ... Suggested for you 1 130 2,797 96.5K
Tom Zohar @TomZohar 21h ... I'm sorry but to me Glen Powell just isn't a movie star name... that's a state senator or a soccer player or the guy who just fixed your cracked wind shield at a discount 26 129 2,772 103K
the information pimp @BirdRe... 2d ... Something you'd buy with ration coupons while getting bombed by the Germans flori robin @floriyrobin 5d if americans call the image on the left a chicken sandwich then wtf do they call the image on the right 15 422 10.6K 351K
Mom @themultiplemom 2 20h I made my 7yo son a pb&j. I asked how was it. Не gone say dry but you tried. GIF ALT 201 4,791 108K 2.2M
Jonathan Levitt @JWLevitt 14h ... The shade I'm getting from this Amazon customer service rep!!!!! 8:38 Search Amazon.com Tamal Customer Service May i know the reason for contacting us so late? T 8:37 PM I was thinking it would show up... 8:38 PM Tamal Customer Service Jonathan it is been a month T 8:38 PM End this chat 45 105 3,536 128K
Matt Lane @MattLaneWrites 2d ... I saw my first Cybertruck in person today. I'll admit that they look really stupid online, but when you see one up close it looks way stupider. 264 3,915 45.3K du 1.2M
same @piss_jorts 1d still the hardest i've ever been roasted SPIRIT EE&DEVI Polyamorous Mixologist Theatre& Performance Degree Mommy Issues *foresidn ADULT not Included Bon - 11 21 1,874 53.2K 812K
romeo @kocasoda 17h ... how bugs look at you when you lift up their rock 99 4,194 74.5K 1
sasa @tycoonsasa 1d HELP??? thanks for telling me haha im gay too Delivered yah i figured ZZ you go to fashion school sasa @tycoonsasa. 1d guys my sister just came out to me 25 1,447 37.9K 713K
paolo @qjotx. 1d nobody fucking talk to me paolo @qjotx 1h so much humor and joy in the world and you chose to be a twink??? smh 4 14 437 PRINCE @hermoso_novio - 34m Don't talk about yourself like that 1 1 10 paolo @qjotx. 6m i know you don't have rosy cheeks and calling ME a twink 1 1 4 PRINCE @hermoso_novio And you with grey hair we should call you a 'twas 09:34 5/22/24 From Earth View 187 2,119 32.7K 656K
annalisa @ryangosIingfan·· 1d This justgirlythings ahh post Matthew McConaughey 1d look up bless up 105 4,821 146K
JSA Carl @bornposting 4d ... i think it did badly bc it looks like the worst film ever made Scott Mantz @MovieM... . ! 5d BREAKING: Two weeks after THE FALL GUY opened short of projections, IF is now falling to the same fate. The family film directed by JOHN KRASINSKI (which cost $110 million) was projected to open with $40 mil, but it's now looking more like $31.5 mil. Again, WHAT HAPPENED? Steve CARELL ! W 5 IF
Mowgli @fbgwayno.2 2d Не dressed like che guevara Shannonnn sharpes Bur... 3d Gunna & Tyla FC ALECGORSCHI SWELEN 0:08 79 1,902 29.8K 1.4M
nate @run da ор @animeterro... 19h ... Greediest spread I have seen on this app. wyabt @wy4bt.1d x.com/106andPark6PME... 2 M H 12 201 8,720 312K
brecht apologist @madisontayt_. 1d ... utah is an experiment in what if we took the most sublime, beautiful place in the country and put some of the craziest people imaginable in charge of it millie @ceramicdeer 1d utah is so beautiful it pisses me off. why does somewhere so gorgeous also have to be so deeply cursed and backwards!!!!!!!!!!!????!???????!?!! 25 1,003 17K 719K


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