27 of the Funniest Burns from the Week of May 6, 2024

I hate to do it… but I must decline
27 of the Funniest Burns from the Week of May 6, 2024

Emily Blunt made a pit stop on The Howard Stern Show during her latest promotional tour and did some kissing and telling — sort of. Stern asked if Blunt ever found herself wanting to “throw up” after an on-screen kiss, and without hesitation, the Fall Guy actress said “absolutely.” She further explained that although she doesn’t loathe that part of the job, it’s not particularly enjoyable either. 

Naturally, the internet has become obsessed with Blunt’s affirmative response and combed through her filmography to hypothesize likely candidates. So far, all signs point to her Into the Woods co-star James Corden, with a few jokesters suggesting that the culprit could also be her A Quiet Place co-star (and husband) John Krasinski. But the funniest possible candidate would be Jungle Cruise co-star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who the timeline also believes is the “idiot” that made Rebecca Ferguson cry on set. 

But per usual, Blunt’s potential kissing partners were far from the only digital burn victims this week. Some other notable burns focused on the rap beef that sounds straight out of the 19th century, opinions from one Boston college that should come with a warning and James Corden… again.

derek guy @dieworkwear 1d ... he looks like he's about to fight roger rabbit Travis Kelce Fan Page @tra... 2d Travis at the Kentucky Derby! DINING Stalks 11 I - 428 4,537 98.7K 5.1M
NEYAH @iimabeautty 4h pls take care of y'all selves bc we got a whole bunch of dumb btches going into nursing 317 9,232 38K du 1.1M
charlie @chunkbardey.52m forgive yourself you are soon to do something far worse, and you probably will want to clear the docket now 2 35 368 du 10.1K
In a Dream @bluebloom97. 13h congratulations to troye sivan on being accepted to the zootopia police academy 47 2.1K 37K 594K
sam @burritoprophet 1d what's the opposite of chemistry @23metgala @23metgala 1d Pedro Pascal and Dakota Johnson are seen filming Materialists in New York City. 331 3.1K 97K 3.8M
SARAH @rodentsheriff - 3d you should have to disclose that you went to emerson college on all of your tweets like when it says Chinese State-Affiliated Media 10 51 977 46K
Jasmine The Great | Brand Strategy & Marke... 11h ... Hey MAID aj @MirahGambino . 2d Y'all don't cook during the talking stage?? shid I pack lunches, mop floors and fold clothes 214 4.8K 36K 1.4M
kingseeker peter frampton @revhowardarson - 3 3d ... aubrey drake graham and kendrick lamar duckworth sound like two 19th century explorers who both died in a race to the south pole 29 1.1K 12K 460K
charlie @StyledApe.3d YOURE NOT 43???? Chaya Raichik @ChayaRaichik10 - 3 3d I'm Chaya Raichik. I'm 29 years old, I'm in the US, and I'm NOT voting for Joe Biden in November. How about you? x.com/samschwartz03/... 417 438 22K 802K
Low Vibrational Zoe @LowLifeZoe. 2d You have schizophrenia angelica @porcelainkises .6d Soul ties are fucking insane like why can i i feel you 504 16K 123K 6.6M
Dani II @Dan0nat0r . 3d I know a hostage situation when I see one @ho... . 3d nitsi succession broadway era! what could they possibly be talking about gettyimages Credit: Arturo Holmes/MG24 680 23K 4 806K
lina nr1 fan layal @bbgwylan 2 2d apologize to princess diana AND gay people right now Carla م و @oceanblvdvinyl - 3 3d she's like princess diana for gay people 63 11K 117K 1.9M
Jameela Jareer @coochieprintz.2 2d Casting him in something he can't pronounce is crazy POP CRAVE Pop Crave @PopCrave.2 2d Travis Kelce has been cast in Ryan Murphy's high- profile new FX horror series 'Grotesquerie.' 76 3K 72K 3.4M
doctor faggot @undertaleperc 2d ... WA 137 monsters in 2 weeks i know that resting heart rate sounds like a bronx drill beat girl @girl_cuboid.2d usually i take out recycling every week but i forgot last week what do i do with these where do i put them 191 11K 139K 4.1M
@BrendanDaGawd. 3d stop giving kids bible names but no bible lessons, Moses tried to rob me last night 4.9K 109 59K 1.9M
b7 @tycoonjimin - 3d don't come on a girls trip W me if you do this kaitlyn @chaconnepsh - 3d we're just girls swe VOLLAR WT TVL804 TIM TS 48K 531 250K 7.5M
Amber / Berry @bloodberry_tart-3 3d please do Philadelphia i need to see this place destroyed GENO'S STEAKS PARKING STEAKS ANYTIME $2.00 UN The 100NA THEESE FRIES Best GENO'S STEAKS TKs-Mantis @TKsMantis 4d Anyways, if you could set Fallout 5 in any place in the United States, where would you want it? 17 33 634 28K
ari @angeldisrupted 3d hi quick quastion are you all okay griff * + --- 0 @cagesmatch -4 4d the subtle quirk of his lips and his stupid eyebrows paired with his condescending little eyes makes me wanna explode into a million tiny pieces GIF 111 1.5K 46K 1.6M
ali golub @alibrooke4ever. 1d POP CRAVE @PopCrave.2 2d Pop Crave Emily Blunt says kissing some of her co-stars made her feel like throwing up. She clarified that it did not apply to... 25 1K 26K 1.2M
@marenyearly 3d It's not like Twitter was any smarter last night millie @milldealss . 3 3d facebook, where brain cells go to die 42 4K 96K del 2.4M
Justin @jstnagrlo 1d She's running for Mayor of Chicago Bennifer Updates @BenniferUpdates - 1d Jennifer Lopez spotted in Paris. 6 89 1.7K 139K
Claire Penis @ZeroSuitCamus. 13h Idk who this is but there's gotta be a better picture of him out there Canada Proud @WeAreCanProud. 16h A tragic loss for Canada and the world. A man whose wit and knowledge was unmatched. Rest in peace, Rex Murphy. Rest In Peace Rex Murphy 1947 - 2024 CANADA PROUD 138 173 4.6K 351K
Joey Brueggs @JoeyBrueggs 3d When I control all four railroads 1 58 1.5K 35K
SINA SNOW @yungk0ala. 11h ... mickey mouse pulling up for his shift at disney world: _icloudjudgments @iclou... 1d Gloves and visine are crucial when smokin before work thank me later! CC 19 928 6,223 240K
emo normie @emonormie 12h just learned yet another horrible fact about the french. their term for cotton candy is daddy's beard. girl go to hell 3 41 741 21.6K
new jersey updates @doubtp... 15h ... Rejecting ugly people on hinge after they send a funny opening message 34 2,485 42.9K 1.1M
Tee @teeelatricee 20h Ginuwine look like he mixed with Yorkie 441 2,760 9,946 864K


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