27 of the Funniest Tweets from Friday, May 10, 2024

The day begins with suffering
27 of the Funniest Tweets from Friday, May 10, 2024

UnfrostedJerry Seinfeld’s puffed pastry of a directorial debut, is overloaded with famous friends, celebrity cameos and references to current events. The comedian had an idea that would have combined all three elements, but it turned out to be a recipe for potential disaster. Seinfeld joined David Spade and Dana Carvey on their Fly on the Wall podcast and revealed that he made a personal pitch to longtime friend Chris Rock, saying that he wanted to make a direct reference to the infamous 2022 Oscars slap during the film. The scene never came to fruition, though, and the proposed role ended up going to Cedric the Entertainer with no references to The Slap whatsoever.

Meanwhile, another directorial debut hits screens this weekend, but if critics are to be trusted, you’re gonna want to stay very far away from it. Since its debut at last year’s Toronto International Film Festival, Chris Pine’s Poolman has been panned to a degree unseen since The Room. Despite the negative critical consensus, however, Pine refuses to be rattled. He made an appearance on Josh Horowitz’s Happy Sad Confused podcast and told the actor-turned-podcaster that the reviews convinced him that he made “a pile of shit.” But after rewatching the film, he said that the “not-so-joyous” reviews instead reminded him to “double down on joy” anytime he can and re-profess his love for Poolman.

There’s definitely some sweet, sweet joy on the timeline thanks to a new batch of hilarious tweets. Today’s funniest include those about upgraded rims, an iPad suggestion and the latest autistic fixation.

Good Willsmith @GoodWills... 20h ... taking a 45-60 minute nap can be a full on psychedelic experience. fall asleep, explore the halls of your high school for a while, try to remember which class you were supposed to be in, can't find it, wake up, where am i, feels like tomorrow, it is today 11 87 1,804 53.3K
David Mack @davidmackau22h we are living through an epidemic of people listening to shit on their phones without headphones 119 819 7,077 327K
AARON!! serge daney mcbride @abs_sw... 1d ... Explaining the Dune books: Goof @goofxist. 1d By some misunderstanding, the worm becomes president 24 3,715 41K 1.7M
alice! @tinysquash 1 1 13h ... i'll never forget the one time i was walking home from work early in my transition and some dude on a bike called me a tr***y and then promptly crashed into a parked car 24 421 14.8K del 163K
Jenni @hashjenni 16h ... Deciding to get up @itxLilyana 16h Which part of your morning routine takes the longest? 35 17K 80.3K 4.7M
organizermemes (panda era) 18h ... DB The very hungry brain worm s 44 2,171 29.7K del 1.4M
The Green Kasey @Rawber... 11h ... I like how this sounds like an execution announcement @Discu... 11h 4F DiscussingFilm 'YOUNG SHELDON' will end in 1 week. 4 461 8,289 135K
kc @powcampsurvivor • 1 14h four rollercoasters Theia @cleobug101.1d Cotton flannel, sunshine, lake, raw milk. My version of heaven. What else would you add? CC 5 66 1,465 58.3K
rob reloaded @ok_but_still.88 ... that's a terrible name Justin Bieber and Pregnant Wife Hailey Have a Name Picked Out for Baby: Source 2 22 736 del 14.9K
Uncle Duke @UncleDuke1969-21h ... interviewer: are there any accomplishments from your last job that you're particularly proud of? me: i'm responsible for ten new rules in their employee handbook interviewer: that's great! you wrote them? me: that's not what i said 20 200 1,721 60.9K
jonathan @wwwdotjondotcom 10h ... she posted this for that lady on the left's birthday, mind you dorindamedley ... Mimi's Italian Restaurant & Piano Bar 9 45 1,469 57.3K
J. Profound @godisangryatme-1 11h ... rolling up to the cowboys game tailgate and deploying my tactical cholos @Jo... 1d Champagne Sloshy this a new flex if the homies cant fit in the rims they too little 2c 7 460 9,991 634K
SINA SNOW @yungk0ala. 11h ... mickey mouse pulling up for his shift at disney world: _icloudjudgments @iclou... 1d Gloves and visine are crucial when smokin before work thank me later! CC 19 928 6,223 240K
vona @vonasterrors 11h how it feels being a loser W employed friends CC 76 6,227 39.3K 754K
lou-ellen @louceph 13h they should make an ipad thats as thick as a turkey leg and has 1 million years of battery life Kyle Halevi @kylehalevi.2d Thinner! The new iPad Pro 56 1,718 33.5K 600K
rare insults @insultsrare 21h ... the 25th person on earth r @notrashconic•2h he looks 25 119 5,274 112K 1.5M
COOPER @enlightenedcoop - 2 22h ... My date last night told me he works at Goldman Sachs and when I told him I've never heard of it he started acting like I just pushed his grandma down the stairs 197 760 14.4K du 1.1M
1d @adorewordss- م و sorry i can't tonight, my spring melancholy is developing into hysteria 2 3,496 14.2K 346K
mike @mikeofficial 11h ... Did so well in a job interview today that it actually made me fear I'm a sociopath. I was reading all of her signals and vibes and mirroring them to her and then building on them and pathologizing them too. We laughed we cried we had many epiphanies. I probably won't get the job 52 1,781 del 32.9K
Eize Basa @PonchoRebound d . 23h They hate love. It's as simple as that: they hate love. ONLY ONE TRUCK DRIVER PER SHOWER -MANAGEMENT 39 1.8K 23K 353K
sk @kirkxxs 19h can selena gomez's manager give her the instagram password again? just for a second and then you can change it again. POP CRAVE Pop Crave @PopCrave.20h Hailey & Justin Bieber announce pregnancy. 2 211 5.8K 220K
Im @leftatlondon on other websites too (HIN... 22h ... DeWitt В. Fartin @DeWittBFartin 1d (Threateningly) Play that fucking music white boy 54 15K 142K 5.4M
Oath @OatmealJr 1d ... Me watching the psychiatrist fill out my sons prescription for adderall after I told him to say he has trouble focusing in class GIF ALT 74 6K 73K del 1.8M
Leonard @LeonardRobot 18h Imagine the sizzle when you throw that big fellah on the grill. Delicious Creepy.org @creepydotorg. dd Cross section of two human males - one obese and the other fit. 117 2.4K 40K 2.8M
straight edge coach mcguirk @nickhexum311.20h ... Hell yeah let's go SUBARU ZEAWA KEEP HONKING! I'm Listening To HONKING 1 487 10K du 221K


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