40 Random Facts to Charbroil Your Brain Meat

You really want to seal in the flavor
40 Random Facts to Charbroil Your Brain Meat

Your brain is going to be so tender and juicy after this big batch of trivia tidbits that youll wish you still had some left to work that mandible of yours. 

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Movie theater seats are usually red because they are harder to see in low light. CRACKED.COM Purkinje Effect is the ten- dency of humans' eyes to get more sensitive towards the blue end of the spec- trum as the lights dim. In low light, red is the first color the human eye loses sight of.
The urine of ginger boys was prized in medieval Europe for making stained glass. GRAGKED.COM The medieval mind attribut- ed magical properties to the bodily fluids of redheads, believing, for example, that the blood of a red-haired man was needed to turn copper into gold.
An 18th-century French chemist used his own beheading to perform one last experiment. CRACKED.COM Antoine Lavoisier told his colleagues that he would try to blink as long as possible after being be- headed. Some sources say he continued to blink for 30 seconds.
A scientist predicted global warming before the year 1900. CRACKED.COM Swedish scientist Svante Ar- rhenius projected in 1897 that burning fossil fuels would lead to global warm- ing and increase of surface temperature between 5 and 6 degrees centigrade.
The Spanish Flu is called so because Spain didn't obfuscate the data. CRACKED COM The 1918 flu pandemic is often called the Spanish flu because Spain didn't fake and minimize the data about the dead like Germany, Britain, France and the USA.
The sirens from Greek mythology were never said to be beautiful, or even mermaids. CRACKED.COM Instead, they were strange, human-faced bird creatures who lured men to their deaths by promising them wisdom and knowledge of the fu- ture.
Hawaii tried to solve homelessness by providing one-way plane tickets out of the state. GRACKED COM To qualify for the trial, participants must com- plete a background check, be mentally sound, and have what the bill calls sufficient personal hygiene.
Ducks should be fed frozen peas instead of bread. CRACKED COM Bread offers very little nu- tritional content and, if lit- tered on the ground, can aid in the spread of disease. Meanwhile, peas offer plen- ty of vitamins and minerals which ducks crave.
Underground bacteria recolonized planet Earth several times after life-ending asteroid hits. CRACKED.COM More than 4 billion years ago, Earth was hit by sev- eral objects larger than 600 miles that could va- porize the oceans and ster- ilize the surface, yet bacte- rial life survived.
The median age of people who watch cable news is more than 60 years old. CNN CENTER CRACKED.COM In 2017 CNN's me- dian age was 60, while the median age of the Fox News and MSNBC viewer was 65.
Jupiter's nearest orbiting Galilean moon, lo, is the most geologically active object in the Solar System. GRACKED.COM This extreme geologic activity is the result of tidal heating from fric- tion generated within lo's interior as it is pulled be- tween Jupiter and the other Galilean moons.
Zambia entered the Olympics as one country and left the games as another. CRACKED.COM This is the only country to have done so. Northern Rhodesia, as it was called since 1911, declared inde- pendence on the last day of the 1964 Tokyo Olym- pics.
The inventor of the fidget spinner couldn't afford to renew the patent in 2005. BRO CRACKED.COM Catherine Hettinger hasn't banked any money from their rise in popularity, de- cades after she invented them, after the expiration of the patent and her in- ability to pay the $400 re- newal.
The precursor to modernist architecture in 1864 was called a vast abortion. CRAGKED.COM Oriel Chambers was the first building with a met- al-framed glass curtain/fa- cade. It was panned at the time, with one architecture reviewer writing that it was inferior to a brick ware- house.
In Germany, a particularly dumb young person is referred to as an Ultra-Kevin. CRACKED.COM The name Kevin in Ger- many is related to lower socioeconomic status, so much so that 'Kevinism' has even been described as an 'avoidable child- hood illness.'
After the Civil War, the US filed financial claims against Great Britain for their support of the Confederacy. CRACKED.COM A Senator named Charles Sumner de- manded a payment of $2 billion but offered that the U.K. could just turn over Canada as payment instead.
When Michael Jackson died, Google mistook millions of searches for a DDoS attack. CRACKED.COM Users received this mes- sage: We're sorry, but your query looks similar to automated requests from a computer virus or spyware application. To protect our users, we can't process your request right now.
Streaming service algorithms have figured out people really like Christmas movies. CRACKED.COM More than 200 new fea- ture films and TV movies with the word Christmas in the title are listed on IMDB for release in 2021, which is four times more than in 2011.
Charlie Cox received an award for his portrayal of Daredevil in 2015. CRACKED.COM Cox was honored by the American Founda- tion for the Blind for his portrayal of Matt Murdock after the first season of the Netflix series.
The impact of high levels of air pollution is equivalent to having lost a year of education. CRACKED.COM A 2018 study suggests air pollution is causing a huge reduction in our in- telligence, as every 1mg rise in pollution equates to losing a month of edu- cation.
Columbia University developed an artificial tree that soaks up carbon dioxide. CONTE NEW NOT TIBRA IV TEL COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY It uses leaves that are 1,000 times more efficient than true leaves that use photo- synthesis, and looks like a giant litter box scooper. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW
George Lucas made the working title of Attack of the Clones Jar Jar's Great Adventure. Не did this purely to troll the cast and crew, even la- beling the script as such in the original drafts, as a sarcastic response to the negative fan reaction of the character. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW
The first mathematical theorem to be created and proven on TV was on Futurama. The theorem, in The Prison- er of Benda, theorized and proved that if two people could switch unique pairs of bodies only once, it requires only two extra individuals to return everyone to their orig- inal bodies. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW
A Japanese inventor named Yoshiro Nakamatsu makes himself nearly drown to get inspired. The inventor of a self-de- fense wig and a love jet, among 3,300 others, dives underwater until he is 0.5 seconds before death. Не believes that oxygen depri- vation helps his thinking process. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW
The first full-length narrative feature film was accompanied by live sound effects. SANDY HAWKER. CLOSTER ON SALE DRAPERY. CLOTHING CUTLER TS SAOS Books The silent Australian film 'The Story of the Kelly Gang,' released in 1906, was enhanced by blank cartridges as gunshots and coconut shells beaten to- gether to simulate hoof- beats. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW
Several kingdoms in China during the Zhou dynasty used knives as a currency rather than coins. The large, bronze knives circulated in China be- tween 600 and 200 В.С. They even cast larger knives with exquisite Chi- nese calligraphy as com- memorative coins. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW
A group of hackers testified before the US Senate Committee in 1998 using their hacker names. Brian Oblivion, Kingpin, Tan, Space Rogue, Weld Pond, Mudge, and Stefan described how they could make the internet unus- able for the entire nation with just a few packets. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW
A species of iguana was discovered when a herpetologist watched The Blue Lagoon. Dr. John Gibbons was studying at the University of South Pacific and real- ized he had never seen the lizard that appeared on screen, so he visited the real Blue Lagoon and found her. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW
Jack the Ripper left body parts in the construction site of Scotland Yard. The headless torso of a woman was discovered in a vault of the newly built section of the police head- quarters, wrapped in cloth and tied with a string. Her identity was never discov- ered. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW
Burning candles is worse for you than breathing in diesel exhaust fumes. Effects from exposure to particles from burning can- dles include lung inflam- mation and toxicity, arte- riosclerosis, and aging ef- fects on chromosomes in the lungs and spleen. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW
Whiteclay, Nebraska, sells 4 million cans of beer per year, and has a population of 14. ULES REY Bull Dog Doc COME Bull Dog Bull COURSE Dog DO Bell ALE Bug STORP BEER ALE UT Bürgermeis adidas ) Ingermeide 1000 Such tu Burgermelste BEE USUS Kargermei UMAS Kinis Gort Sutter - li Book - - - / FRISCO G Total Julia GB GLUER'S G isher BLUS B B OCK LAGER BEER Goebel UMER Goebel BELL BIO you BEER The Angel على Lote م BEER - Sing LUCKY UCKY X E CARPE and AFE LIFE Most of the alcohol sales go
A radio station in 'Grand Theft Auto IV' featured real fans calling in to rant. Rockstar games allowed fans in 2007 to call a num- ber to pontificate about what they thought was wrong with America, and the best ones were fea- tured on the game's WKTT radio station. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW
Tribes in the Amazon are using technology like GPS and Google Earth. They map their lands, monitor for illegal log- ging and mining, and maintain ties to their his- tory and cultural tradi- tions including knowl- edge of medicinal plants. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW
There was a species of dinosaur with extremely large leg muscles called Thunder Thighs. Brontomerus was a sauro- pod from the early Creta- ceous known for its unusu- al hip bones, which would have supported the largest thigh muscles, proportion- ally, of any known sauro- pod. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW
The idiom Turning a blind eye is attributed to Admiral Horatio Nelson in 1801. Не was given the permis- sion to retreat from battle by his superior, but lifted the telescope to his eye (blinded from an earlier in- jury) and said I really do not see the signal and pressed on. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW
James L. Brooks has a condition in his contract that the Fox network cannot interfere with 'The Simpsons.' Не was able to do that, be- cause Fox back then was a minor fledgling network. Former showrunner Bill Oakley compared working on the show to working in a bubble due to the lack of interference. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW
There is an area in the Pacific Ocean where hundreds of Great Whites come to mingle. Every year, the sharks end up in this random area (called the White Shark Cafe) to loiter with one an- other, and no one knows why. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW
Nestlé earned the moniker Baby Killer for their business practices in Africa. The wholesome company caused in- fant deaths in poor communities by pro- moting bottle feeding and discouraging breastfeeding. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW
A mixup over the capital of Illinois led to a US General being detained as a possible spy. At an Allied checkpoint during the Battle of the Bulge, General Omar Brad- ley correctly identified Springfield as the capital, but the military police offi- cer who questioned him believed it was Chicago. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW
The Arctic reindeer has tissue behind their retina to enhance night vision. The tapetum lucidum lies behind the retina and re- flects light back through it. By changing its color, it re- flects different wave- lengths of light. Its color changes through the sea- sons from gold to blue. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


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