28 of the Funniest Tweets from the Week of April 22, 2024

Monica Lewinksy wins this round
28 of the Funniest Tweets from the Week of April 22, 2024

Let’s see what happened this week, shall we? 


Springfield is down one citizen after The Simpsons killed off a character no one cares about, former President Donald Trump caught up on some ZZZs during his trial and Ben Stiller explained why a past failure haunted him for years

But one thing that definitely did not happen was the mention of a certain Borat actor in the U.K. release of Rebel Wilson’s memoir Rebel Rising. In a chapter aptly titled “Sacha Baron Cohen and Other Assholes,” the Pitch Perfect actress described her time working with Cohen as being filled with harassment and humiliation, which Cohen and his reps have categorically denied. But due to the U.K.’s strong anti-defamation laws, HarperCollins has redacted almost two pages of content surrounding the Cohen allegations in the British version of Wilson’s book. 

Fret not, though — there were no such redactions on the timeline this week, and the comedy gold was present in all its usual glory. The funniest tweets included those about a beef between moons, the GOAT’s wormy diet and the real reason for the hammer loop on your carpenter pants.

Charlie James @nonbinaryco... 20h ... *snorts line in a pitch meeting* it's a movie about a bunch of girls who all share the same pair of pants. one of them is curvy but that is not a problem for the pants 24 1,592 32.9K del 1M
nix ( @fyolaoi 2d ... witnessed the holy trinity This Post is from a suspended account. Learn more This Post is from an account you View blocked. This Post violated the X Rules. Learn more 99 22.7K 169K 3M
Monica Lewinsky (she/her) 1d ... you wouldn't last an hour in the asylum where they raised me. 1,878 28.4K 190K del 16.1M
Mimi @tamiahhM. 19h Philly is NOT a real place ... Commonwealth of Pennsylvania OI ATION worl) MPS City & County of Philadelphia PARKING VIOLATION HAS CAT OLDER Place Stamp Sike!! TUNE PAR INTER LOL A/C HAVe a good HAS day pretty HMU if you single 174 1,423 9,355 548K
rob @OkButStill. 14h must cop Reels 56.1K 16 92 2,582 67K
campbell g @rodeoman.1d This interview has unleashed years of homeschool brain that she's usually very good at hiding RS Rolling Stone @RollingSt....1 1d .@billieeilish tells Rolling Stone she's not rocking with whales. Oh, my God. How can anybody just accept that a whale exists, y'all? Those things are enormous. The noises they make. That shit is terrifying to me. Ew! Interview: rollingstone.com/music/ music-fe... Do 115 3,244 91.7K 4.1M
Lon Harris @Lons 1d Cool, Max, cool. One note. This movie was released in 2017, and it depicts an event that took place in 1994. So Totally '80s I, TONYA 92 982 40.5K 2.2M
negativity moon @TurmShrub . 1 1d ... face me coward. i can't wait to meet you. and i will positivity moon @arrtnem Not followed by anyone you're following You are blocked from following @arrtnem and viewing @arrtnem's posts. Learn more 9 191 3,058 78.8K
alex @genossse 1d ok whatever. you got me. X Art Inspector Congratulations! You have zoomed in as close as you can to an artwork or image. Share See all badges 12 978 29.5K 354K
caldon @roland_slice 1d I've seen through the looking glass SieMatic Kirles Design NO a BEER с4.79 22 590 28.7K 558K
scarletgrey @the... 19h ... not them naming the movie after the age gap between him and his wife POP CRAVE Pop Crave @PopCrave.19h Aaron Taylor-Johnson to reportedly star in '28 Years Later.' 28 DAYS LATER 14 770 10.3K 202K
Roy Drones Jr @chiweethedog 1d ... he looks like one of those inbred champion pit-bulls from mindset exoticz breederz that are named HOMICIDE LIL TING and CHANEL Tate News @TateNews_.3d I don't sleep with vaccinated women. 138 2,945 58.2K 1.9M
Reverse Cowboy @Welington... 20h ... Storytime: this picture was me in high school, this was my girlfriend back then, i was so over dating her cause I knew I was gay, and this was the picture i took to promise myself to never date women again. 294 2,544 45.9K 2.5M
Dildo Baggins @EmmaTolkin 1d ... Elizabeth Smart's post celebrating the 21st anniversary of her rescue came up on my FYP and the comments are all really lovely (lots of people reminiscing about how overjoyed they were when they heard the news) and then... this one Search: elizabeth smart rescue scene® x 3,962 comments Rachel Lough Powell I remember because it was my grandmas funeral. My sister came up to me and said she's alive! And I said grandma's alive?!? 3-12 Reply 10.2K View 43 replies 3 38 525 23.1K
Throwing Fits @ThrowingFits.22h ... noelle @noelleallowed - 3d wtf is this thing on jeans for 3 142 2,898 134K
Nathan @Ohneisan. 1d hardest pic ever taken donlee ... 58 1/2 33 44.9K 391K del 6.7M
GHOST @babyboat22.17h I gotta stop taking people lighters who the fuck is this 1,330 4,874 60.3K 2M
samuel @samtrayter 22h actually showing my dad peep show was a mistake. he just texts me stuff like this now out of the blue. Tuesday 8:58 AM 75 511 15.9K 686K
Shop: The S.R.C @SunshineSco... .1d Year Thinking a 40 year old virgin would be nice is crazy. natalie @nataliethehe... . 1 1d Not Amanda Seales basically saying the girls of Insecure were mean girls. FARTOO 204 4,432 34.8K 3.1M
MILLIY N @blackhautte.1 1d ... mannn my grandma know she need a new dish rag got me over here washing dishes wit a thong 541 3,377 53.7K del 1.7M
ness @spiderburial 18h ... non americans don't realize how small the united states really is EXIT 37 в EXIT 37 A TOLL NORTH TOLL 43 SOUTH 43 Pittsburgh California 1/2 MILE 128 2,327 65.9K 2.4M
Halle Berry @halleberry 1d ... please stop tagging me in this Feelings a) @iHad2GoG.... 5d Who played a crackhead better than her ???? 911 5,607 57.7K 3.2M
charlie @chunkbardey 22h my landlord has such a beautiful mind Today 10:50AM hi - we need a new bathroom sink faucet. ours has started spraying everywhere when we turn it on! Can you text me your cell number + Text Message 103 3,037 67.7K 1.5M
Abena Rose @AbenaTheRose.2d ... Found what? Jewelz @PostingOften 2 dd What would you do if you found this? 100 CC 100 100 gut NERU 100 10 HID 100 DO 001 100 0:06 263 9,918 75.1K 2.9M
max @walmartspidey 1d why does this pooh plush look like eugene levy 5 162 4,106 100K
... @xDaij- 1d Tomatoes aren't hard enough 218 18K 76.4K del 7.1M
ness @spiderburial 18h non americans don't realize how small the united states really is EXIT 37 в EXIT 37 A TOLL NORTH TOLL 43 SOUTH 43 Pittsburgh California 1/2 MILE 127 2,309 65.6K 2.3M
weird medieval guys BOOK OU... 1d ... divorce, france, 15th century ALT 116 3,019 17.7K 713K


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