24 of the Funniest Burns from the Week of April 22, 2024

24 of the Funniest Burns from the Week of April 22, 2024

As Marvel’s Mahershala Ali-led Blade reboot is still delayed by constant script revisions and creative differences, two former Marvel alums have taken matters into their own hands. Frequent collaborators Ryan Coogler and Michael B. Jordan, who last worked together on 2018’s Black Panther, have reunited for a Black vampire film set in the Jim Crow South. Principal photography began earlier this month, which gave the public a glimpse into what to expect when the film is released next year. One on-set photograph in particular provided a first look at Jordan in character, and there was much to say about his late 19th-century costuming — mostly that his outfit looks exactly like something his embattled Creed III co-star Jonathan Majors would wear to run errands.

Although the Quantamania actor caught an unexpected stray on the timeline, he was hardly the only one torched this week. Other burn victims included a game designer with one foot in the grave, the Dune character you can find in your supermarket’s frozen aisle and the potential celebrity baby who may set a new record.

Josh Sawyer @jesawyer 1d I just gave a talk to a college class and when I introduced myself I said I started my games career in 1999 and a girl made this face 423 119 18K 606K

@GoodReddit • 16h good reddit ... r/Jcole Join u/Abe2257 1d Just got my j cole meal Discussion 1,104 85 135 73 1.7K 50K 1.7M

Cold Cheese @FrequentInhaler - 3d She look like if Jason Bateman played Wednesday Addams salvi @yassabmassador.3d i can tell by the look on her face that the mp3 files she has in that mac will change my life lorde 17m ... X 4 181 906 68K

lan @ratioscrazyy 1d ... Fuck you X X @X.2d look between Z and с on your keyboard hi 398 23K 216K 30M

Chris Coro @iamchriscoro 1d - Unemployed people be hyped for the weekend like they don't already got 7 days off 9 459 3K 173K

Drakota @CathodeCoaster 22h ... i don't believe for a second that they couldn't find two twinks in Southern California Disneyland BOOKS - Disneyland News Today @dlnt . 1d Luca and Alberto also meeting the media tonight at Club Pixar 0:09 57 2.6K 50K du 2.1M

Meelz @MeelzTV.22h ScHoolboy Q's tour only being on weekends is the most adult hip hop thing ever. 57 3.8K 28K 1.8M

ada (austin) @leadaal.2d ... ijbol no wonder feyd-rautha looks familiar 19 920 15K 537K

Lunwi @Lunwi88. 4d We could tell The Hollywood Handle @HollywoodHan... 4d Kathryn Newton calls 'ANT-MAN' the easiest job of my life. (Via: cinepop.com.br/kathryn-newton...) 66 2.9K 69K 3M

@sexydeadite 21h ... esther's grown ass should be doing her taxes BE AFRAIO Be Afraid Horror @BeAfraid_horror . 2d Esther vs M3GAN vs Lilly vs Abigail who wins? 51 3.1K 41K 1.7M

charlie @chunkbardey 22h my landlord has such a beautiful mind Today 10:50AM hi - we need a new bathroom sink faucet. ours has started spraying everywhere when we turn it on! Can you text me your cell number + Text Message 103 3,037 67.7K 1.5M

L-Matic @LBrothersMedia 1d Meanwhile Johnathan Majors is dressed exactly like this just because it's Wednesday. RR The Streamr @The_Streamr. dd First look at Michael В. Jordan on set in the untitled Ryan Coogler vampire flick. (m.imdb.com/title/tt311931..) RED UOT -647 1932 139 7.6K 62K 2.5M

Roy Drones Jr @chiweethedog 1d he looks like one of those inbred champion pit-bulls from mindset exoticz breederz that are named HOMICIDE LIL TING and CHANEL Tate News @TateNews_ . 3d I don't sleep with vaccinated women. 138 2.9K 58K 1.9M

scarletgrey @theescarletgrey.20h ... not them naming the movie after the age gap between him and his wife POP CRAVE Pop Crave @PopCrave.20h Aaron Taylor-Johnson to reportedly star in '28 Years Later.' 28 DAYS LATER 69 2K 27K 852K

Billy @_billyreid 22h The new Hidden Words feature on Hinge is the best thing they've ever done Hidden Words Add hidden words We'll hide likes from people who use any of the words you add here. Add a word, phrase or emoji x Don't take yourself too seriously x Travel more x Long walks x F1 x Travelling x Ick x Banter x Sunday roast x Sunday walk x Pineapple on pizza x x Pam to my Jim x Roasts x Walks 1.4K 39K 217 2.3M

iamkglizzyy @iamkglizzyy 18h was a real person I didn't know 1.9K 28K 241 552K

Niggapokemon333 @willsgardevoir • 1d How does Gordon Ramsay cook better than a 6 year old nova @Floofy_Kittyx.2d how does american dad pull off a saint peter design better than hh?? 58 3.4K 73K 1.5M

beer person @CantEverDie•· 12h the Creature inside of him will soon Burst bfa agonistes @superloafcat.23h concerning in a good way 77 324 13K 287K

music struggles & wins @musicstruggles1.4d never been used count dykecula @gothesbian 4d holy shit look what i found 98 5.2K 116K 4.4M

sonya @sonyashea3.3 3d this makes me laugh every time I think about it  Sasquatch, Godzilla, King Kong, Loch Ness Goblin, ghoul, a zombie with no conscience Question: What do these things all have in common? Everybody knows I'm a motherfucking monster Suggest an improvement to earn IQ RGmorelikeOG 796 a year ago come on jay +56 ifunny.c 13 97K 211 3.5K

gal kilmer @beepupkin - 1d ... I LIKE YOUR PRIDE SHIRT. HE @MADEbyJIMBOB 18 856 11K 391K

Figaro Newton @d_la_reina 20h Is that you in your pfp fr??? chubby kevin hart! @ballc21 . 1d I hate when ugly girls listen to nasty songs...like ain't nobody doing that to you ugly ass GIF ALT QUILINRO M 202 232 2.6K 46K 1.5M

f-bot @sleepyspicexx. 2d ... the first human W no lips is about to be born and yall are laughing 22 METGALA @22metgala @22metgala 2d Kylie Jenner is rumored to be pregnant, expecting a baby with Timothée Chalamet. 751 20K 258K 10M

Fat White @reddirtgatekpr 4d Не looks like someone's cool lesbian aunt MLFootball MFL @_MLFootball . 5d JOEY В. may be the coolest man alive CER C @joeyb_9 81 726 22K 2.2M


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