30 of the Funniest Tweets from Wednesday, April 17, 2024

They don’t do any real work
30 of the Funniest Tweets from Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Heidi Gardner says Saturday was the longest day of her life. This weekend’s “Beavis and Butt-Head” SNL sketch made her uncharacteristically break character thanks to some wild prosthetics that even Gardner wasn’t ready to see in action. The comedian told Vulture that while the Beavis and Butt-Head noses and mouths made their debut in dress rehearsal, she didn’t know about Mikey Day’s exposed gums and teeth. She explained that she’ll “never be able to shake looking over (her) shoulder and seeing what (she) saw,” which resulted in her breaking for nearly 30 seconds. Despite the positive response from the audience and her fellow castmates, Gardner said she “left the stage a little bit in shock” and feeling like she “didn’t do (her) job.”

Not to be outdone, another day of the week is also getting some buzz thanks to a certain Big Lebowski actor. Variety broke the news that Steve Buscemi is set to join the cast of the hit Netflix series Wednesday for its second season. Exact character details are still a mystery, but Buscemi will play Nevermore Academy’s new principal — a role previously inhabited by Gwendoline Christie. The actor joins Jenna Ortega, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Christina Ricci in the Tim Burton spin-off. With a goal to “lean into the horror aspect of the show a little bit more,” Buscemi’s inclination toward playing notorious menaces seems like a perfect fit for the series.

Meanwhile, we’ve got another day with a bunch of hysterical tweets filling the timeline. Today’s funniest tweets include those about the limit to nose rings, a cat paying no mind to the Third Amendment and the shoe that will turn your local X-ray tech into a hypebeast.

Orwell & Goode I $TREN @... . 19h ... KFC what if we kissed at the brutalist KFC KFC 161 6,225 95.5K 2.3M
7/11 Truther @DaveMcNamee... 18h ... How I look at the bar after putting The Boys Are Back In Town 15 times in a row in touchtunes REUTERS 27 1,301 18.6K 701K
tori @doritenholm.2 21h how it feels when your intuition is right and you're not actually insane 19 3,458 17.2K 467K
Aisling @brodstanaccount-1 18h Just read a tiktok comment about how this girls English boyfriend thought she was talking about the menopause when she was talking about the troubles and I can't stop laughing 17 364 9,261 325K
Matt Scalici @MattScalici 20h ... Cannot imagine anything more terrifying than having my work judged by a panel of teenage girls on a quarterly basis @Disc... 20h DF DiscussingFilm Pixar assembled a crew of 9 teenage girls who came to the studio every 4 months & watched 'INSIDE OUT 2' to then give notes on Riley's emotions. (Source: pixarpost.com/2024/04/ inside...) 99 11.1K 192K 3.6M
worms cited @christapeterso.1 12h ... she made people read this as an incredibly short dress instead of a shirt with no pants on through force of charisma alone. it was spice power ALT 58 895 20.5K 906K
Paul Tyson @JustChump.2 21h fuck. Mike Tyson @MikeTyson - 1d I'm coming for you #PaulTyson FC 141 7,304 175K 4.6M
Libra's finest @ThaRealTim_. 1d 10:02 68 Edit P Person Who Owe Me $301.35 $ call video mail message pay P Contact Photo & Poster ATG Curry @atg_c... 2/29/24 Whats the weirdest name you've ever saved someone contact as?? 351 6,038 52.3K 2.5M
marie @fawntybits. 1d i once bought a big box and absentmindedly ate about 100 in an hour & then keeled over in glasgow city centre. people were shouting what has she taken??' at my then boyfriend & he had to show them the big empty tub Lucie Fur @Lucie_Fur99.2d Weird question: does anyone/did anyone actually like Flying Saucers (the penny sweets)? BLEOREH 85 1,170 23.6K 1.2M
Laura Pearson @LauraPAuthor 4h ... Not sure how this has happened. Outside cat is ours. Inside cat is not. 267 1,933 27.7K 487K
macaulay cockin @gardenoutro 12h ... and what songs she got that require them LDR Crave @LDRCRAVE.2 23h Lana Del Rey posing with her magnificent back up singers! 297 2,328 33.5K 2.6M
J-Black @_Justin1k-17h Doctors finna cut so much feet off by 2028. @Jo... 1d Champagne Sloshy Yall trying fried chicken cookies ??? Fried chicken CG Cookies 0:04 420 8,439 61.5K 2.8M
darla @zingingcutiee23.19h ... This is killing me Messages Search mom 4:44 PM > M What do | do with this child. Now he wants a nose piercing George 4:15PM > G can u help convince mom to get me a nose piercing 38 2,630 66.4K 1.1M
matty buckets @thelaundrymat•1 1d ... My aunt that works the MRI machine at Mass Gen is gonna eat these bad boys up @S... . 1d Outlander Magazine New Balance Loafers are dropping in Grey/Silver! 52 2,333 88.9K
Ali @AliEzzoBezzo.1 19h my cousin sent me these pictures from when we were kids and he rolled me up in a blanket and kept me there for an hour 158 3,517 73.8K 1.6M
Ikia @Gloryofkia•22h like wtf finna get yo name tatted on my foot so when you piss me off imma stomp so fucking hard + iMessage i the i'm t q W e r u i y o p d f h a S g j k | b Z X с V n m x 123 space return 517 3,774 34.5K 1.3M
Tony P. @Tbone7219.1 1d ... Sober or not if a cop ask me to recite the alphabet backwards l'll just put myself in the back seat of their car. 175 3,016 32.4K 890K
Cole @ColeSomeNumbers .2 21h 3yrs ago today one of these two broke the cat flap. still a mystery 28 112 3,534 55.2K
... , @sgrate_.21h 2 nose rings is the max y'all be actin like yo nose a pair of crocs or something 374 5,264 32.5K del 1.7M
Kylie Robison @kyliebytes 22h ... venture capital Jack Califano @jackcalifano.1d Is there a job where they pay you $250,000 a year to hang out in the park and get dinner with your friends? 26 776 13.2K 838K
Druthers Haver @6thgrade4ever - 1 10 ... referring to the non-boar's head stuff as well turkey at the deli 25 1,296 16.8K 758K
sushi lover @Awesomegirl2213-1d ... Smoked after unsuccessfully filing taxes spirit is way to big for 9 to 5. milf_n_cooki artofmere YOUT - Tires AF adidas THE THE Q.R 6 939 16.2K 374K
ben @aerocliq 21h my buddy is a lowballing master YOU nameo the group Samuel 14 ODM vintage Bridgestone Dish Art 4x114.3. You changed the group photo. these have been posted for quite some time, would you take 650? I'm local so I could pick up. Jeremy I really like these wheels and I'm not in any hurry to sell them. If it takes a year or two years, that's OK with me. I'll check back in a few years 8:17 PM Jeremy Might be more expensive by then I'll go put my 650 in a high interest savings account in
@GoodReddit 3h good reddit r/liluzivert u/gangmemberjazlyn 1y 1 1 2 1 1 S 3 Female uzi fan Discussion i'm a female uzi fan, what are some of his best songs? 2.2k 643 Share + diorsir 1y S 4 Awards Hey if that's true? i'm willing to pay you if you send a video of your feet and uzi playing in the background 1.2k + butterflycoupes 1y coupes 5 Awards we are shutting down the sub for a week 1.7k + 22 1,084 32.4K 496K
The Man of Astoria @depech... 19h ... A Goofy Movie is Ladybird for the fellas 32 422 17.6K
dale @abcdale_. 1 18h i i can't believe i got the keys to a new house, got a promotion at work and bagged myself a boyfriend all in the forgot space of a week how good the sims 4 is 83 6,342 65.2K del 1.4M
в @DontWorryBoutB 15h don't have kids fr take bath little one ok big one Carter Delivered 413 3,366 45.5K 1.5M
Andy Ottaway (blue cheque) 23h ... 2 kids at church were saying this doll was theirs.. X-ACTO. A5 OX9 223 4,878 45.6K 1M
jasiah @VENUSVIOLENCE - dd my student was in a bad mood so i said good morning grumpy and she responded good morning pride flag... 145 3,278 55.2K 1.3M
Stone Cold Jane Austen @Abby... 1d ... I've shenanned before... and l'll shenanigan 46 11.3K 54.8K 2M


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