29 of the Funniest Tweets from Monday, April 15, 2024

29 of the Funniest Tweets from Monday, April 15, 2024

As he dances the precarious tango of being cast in Quentin Tarantino’s final film, Paul Walter Hauser knows one role he’ll definitely be taking on: that of the late, great Chris FarleyThe Chris Farley Show: A Biography in Three Acts will bring the legendary comedian to a new audience with production from Lorne Michaels, who cast Farley on SNL back in 1990, a script from Tom Farley Jr. and Josh Gad in the director’s chair. 

Meanwhile, the WGA, the buzziest union in L.A., held its annual awards ceremony last night, and despite The Holdovers and The Bear claiming some of the evening’s top prizes, the biggest round of applause went to Drew Carey. The comedian-turned-game-show-host was thanked for his enormous generosity during the writers’ strike, where he stayed true to his promise to cover meals for striking writers at Hollywood institutions Bob’s Big Boy and Swingers (to the tune of at least $700k). The Price Is Right host remained modest in accepting this praise, stating, “It (was) the right thing to do.” 

Carey also gave thanks in return, adding, “​​Everybody in this room makes some actor a million, and you deserve all the money you get, all the credit you get. Thank you so much for everything you do. God bless all of you.”

Over on the timeline, the week is getting started with a bang. Today’s funniest tweets include those about Pringle’s secret ingredient, one fine feline and the grill with a happy ending.

iced pee @stupidtrashboy 15h ... Now that the eclipse is over this sign just sounds borderline suicidal YOU С N DRINK BEER 20 PC SPICY MC NUGGET IN THE ANDBASKET DARK OF FRIES$9.69 RED 21 TI AS REGINAL ALUE K Thank you 85 II ALPRES BLASE CARMEN 8 137 2,130 37.9K

rob @jezfrompeepshow-1 1d ... this is like if the president stopped going to the white house POP CRAVE Pop Crave @PopCrave.1 1d Vanessa Hudgens in new photo: No Coachella for me this yearrrr. Hope y'all are having the time of your lifeeee 88 15.4K 243K 6.9M

Eddie @EddieBarstool. 1d ... One of the best bar amenities i've ever seen THESE ARE TUMS -NOT- CANDY the 56 2,054 34.6K 1.5M

jay SOON fwa @cybercanid . 1d i genuinely cannot believe what i'm seeing * + TIP i Selected: No Tip Thank you ! Great, thank you No Tip very much! + $0.99 + $2.99 $1898 $6.99 delivery April 26 - May 8. Details Qty: 1 V Add to Cart 29 1,200 52.7K 1.1M

Benedict Townsend @Bene... 1d ... Mike's FILTHY DIRTY fries with LOADED sauce and CHEEKY sriracha with a NAUGHTY unusable wooden spork Alex Micu @axelk. 1d When you see this container at a food market you know you're gonna be paying £12 for chips with cheese on them 27 1,810 46.4K 1.7M

grace spelman @GraceSpelm... 15h ... this is what it feels like to re-download any dating app 35 901 8,520 375K

Claire Penis @ZeroSuitCamus 14h ... Is newspaper one of the ingredients? PRINGLES SALT & VINEGAR NATURALLY AND ANTIFICIALLY FLAVORED CON SABOR NATURAL Y ARTIFICIAL NOTHING HALF FULL ABOUT THIS CAN ringles Post NET WT PESONE 5.5 OZ/1550 66 163 7,290 169K

Pissed Pissedofferson @fem... 22h ... this is still the funniest thing ever andrea Killers of the Flower Moon 2023 KILLERS FLOWER MOON Watched Oct 20, 2023 sister whispered to me aww his last film :( when jesse plemons appeared and i was like?? tell me why she thought he was philip seymour hoffman. 20 likes 15 822 24.4K 638K

Tokyo Sexwhale @tokyosexwh.... 1d ... OMG. The neighbour's cat has just come round in his Sunday best. 23 172 5,237 85.2K

sleepiest girl in the whole wid... 14h ... 40293-1000 INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE 3 P.O. BOX 931 000 Louisville, KY sleepiest girl in the whole... 17h leaving a lipstick mark and a spritz of perfume on my check to the IRS so they know I love them so much <3 19 1,036 24.6K 746K

sarah @sablaah.22h ... your annoying ipad kid nephew after one too many Shirley Temples at the family function BREAKTHR DEADWHOUGH THROUGH GRUGN PRIZE FREE cg adidas HROUGH EAKTHROU BREAKT H scores GO fl BALAKTWROUGH CHI NAT P EANTHROUGH BREAKTHRO PAIZE PRIZE GH BREAKTHROUGH PRIZE OUGH BREAKT PRIZE From The Hollywood Reporter 1M 18.6K 683 62

mac @yungpapist.22h IDIA When I was 14 and got diagnosed with 33 TATE ADHD the doctor measured my head with a measuring tape. I'm pretty sure he just noticed it was massive and got curious 53 1,051 32.9K del 634K

82Flows @82Flows 1d Chicago in nice weather the funniest place on earth. I JUST walked outside and somebody had a megaphone in a Jeep and yelled boy yo back big as hell I ain't even get a chance to respond. A drive by roast smh 39 637 2,445 129K

Isabel Steckel @IsabelSteckel. 1d ... 10:02 AA webmd.com X WebMD i feel weird Search 22 5,799 36.2K 1M

Pastrami Mommy @Ewelanna... 18h ... finally figured out who timmy as bob dylan reminded me of 12 586 13.1K 521K

Jeremy Kaplowitz @jeremysmiles. dd ... reading the news Search Trending News Entertai For you Sports Politics - Trending World War III 69.6K posts Politics Trending Israel 85.5K posts Politics Trending Iran 2,074 posts Politics Trending TEW You Bust But She Still Suckin! 12.2K posts Trending Genocide 1,134 posts 97 7,051 100K 3.4M

helena @freshhel.20h Не has the body language of a guy who gets kicked out an improv group for sexual harassment and doesn't learn from it THR The Hollywood Reporter 1d .@elonmusk gives multiple poses on the #BreakthroughPrize red carpet BREAKTHROUG BREAKTHRU CUCH BREAKWORK S are NEX 23 THROUGH REAKTHROU BREAKTH E - | I special REALTHROUGH areas a a PRIZE ANTHROUGH TM WORLD BREAKTHRO RIZE PRIZE GH BREAKTHROUGH AS CHANGING THE PRIZE OUGH BREAK PRIZE 132 2,902 78.9K 2.7M

SHERIFF HUNNY BUCKII... 1d ... These and Limewire had me working 40 hour weeks afterschool! Nostalgia @NostalgiaFoL... 2d multicolored blank CDs with matching cases LIVE FILM PUJIFIA CD-R FUJIFILM 700мв 80Min 700м I FUJIFILM 80Min 700мл CD-R 57 4,385 18.8K 853K

Ross Sayers @Sayers33.4 4h You: *pronounces Bon Iver as it's written* Most annoying guy you know, barely able to conceal his delight: what did you just say 24 543 8,982 340K

Vegetal Puppet @kuwabarbara. 1d ... i should be the upstairs neighbor.i should be the one spilling marbles. it should be me up there 12 755 8,365 209K

Alpha Dawg Greg @fashaw_34.1d Her:Why u fcking me like dis Me: I need yo car saturday 96 1,038 3,271 271K

Fagliacci @Otaku_Fish 17h ... Imagine seeing this ad and not knowing who Alex Trebek was Your bones may be in Jeopardy. 3 124 2,654 51.7K

808s & Backaches @Craig_b 4h ... I'd break up with someone over this lol Kay @KaylarWill.9 9h Bout to sleep like a baby ! 78°F Set Point 130 4,809 28.2K 1.1M

mouse @mousemunches 18h ... my mum made the mistake of asking me to show her how the dress she ordered looks without specifying that she meant take a photo of it on a hanger 60 Show me how it looks like please!! DON'T WEAR IT 54 588 17.3K 316K

Losing it @prophethusband 22h Practicing for trip to Hamburg X Don't speak to me in that tone. I remember what you guys did. ... Sprechen Sie nicht in diesem Ton mit mir. Ich weiß noch, was ihr getan habt. 24 1,439 26.9K 728K

Harrison Weinreb @harriweinr... 18h ... Bars be like the kitchen is closed yet they can still cook beer ? 12 674 13.9K 422K

good reddit @GoodReddit - 22h ... Preheated the oven to make some sourdough.. husband put the remote he was hiding from my son in the oven.. oops 89 549 27.9K 1.2M

grant @urdadssidepiece.20h ... You want me to do what?? Jerk OFF GRILL JERK OFF THE GRILL SP NATURAL TEAS & SPICES IC PROFE RESOURS M 38V36 New lack 43 2,466 24.4K 670K

mac @yungpapist.22h IDIA When I was 14 and got diagnosed with 33 TATE ADHD the doctor measured my head with a measuring tape. I'm pretty sure he just noticed it was massive and got curious 53 1,051 32.9K del 634K


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