19 Wild, Funny or Unhinged Experiences of GameStop Employees

‘A car flew through the front window’
19 Wild, Funny or Unhinged Experiences of GameStop Employees

GameStop employees may be some of retail’s strongest soldiers, because when recalling their most unhinged experiences on the clock, they had stories that would make even a Walmart staffer gasp in horror. Case in point: One former employee recalled an insane moment that came at the hands of his manager, who used his direct deposit information to pay her overdue phone bill. At least she was subsequently arrested for fraud and fired. 

Other Redditors have told harrowing tales of what went down in their GameStop stores, and if you have an aversion to cockroaches, please exit this article now.

401sam e 5y ago Not an employee, but my friend was recently at the local GameStop, and right after he left, a car flew through the front window 95 Share ...
WhiteRiceHero 5y ago Not really anything to do with customers, tbh. However, I was shot at and held at gunpoint, and robbed at night while working at Gamestop. They fought me tooth and nail to deny me workers comp for the first 2 weeks after that I took off. My manager also demoted me because I asked not to work nights for only 2 weeks once I returned, until I was comfortable again. The robbers came close to executing my ASM right next to me because the safe was on a timed lock so they couldn't open it. The same
Warrior_Runding 5y ago Former GameStop employee from NYC: I went on vacation for a week to see a friend. Decided to extend my stay a little while and when I went to change my train ticket, I had no funds. When I pulled up my online banking, I noticed a large charge to Sprint under the name of my general manager. Apparently, she used my direct deposit info to pay for her overdue phone bill. She was arrested on fraud and fired. 109 Share ...
pharmbiak 5y ago A homeless man approached me outside during store closing with his pants down to his knees, a Walkman radio blaring with what sounds like Push It To The Limit from Scarface, a hand presumably inserted and/or fondling his anus and he asked me if I had a cig he could bum. Share 286 ...
Lavish_Parakeet . 5y ago Some lady called me a big fat tortilla 1.8K Share ...
Tuullii 5y ago Oh boy, this is my time to shine! I was the only female employee at our Gamestop, which set me up for all sorts of 'dumb girl who doesn't know video games' assumptions. I didn't mind that nearly as much as I minded getting hit on, though. This one guy who looked a LOT like Louis CK would come in on the regular and try to chat me up while shopping. Eventually he came in just to talk to me, and then finally to bring me presents - the bottom of a mountain dew bottle filled with rocks and
boardinmpls 5y ago Former employee here. Dad ignoring his child repeatedly saying he had to use the bathroom. Eventually kid screams at father You made me poop my pants! kid more or less pooped on the floor of the store as the father was browsing games. Не tried to bail but I made him clean it up, I stood in front of the exit blocking it and told him he needed to clean it. Handed him cleaning stuff and he did it so l'll give him that. Smelled awful for the record. Share 159 ...
spe_tne2009 5y ago Worked at one while I was in college. It was a small town so the customers were either students or out of the backwoods. We had this one regular that as my manager put it wasn't quite right. Well he had to of worked on a farm because everytime he came in he smelled like manure, and cleared out the store. Не would always trade in and out WWE games (he would say one of the diva's on the cover was his girlfriend) on the PS2, and hangout in the store until his dad would get out
maddenwars 5y ago Today: A customer brings in probably the grossest PlayStation 4 I've ever seen. I think Oh no please don't have roaches I hold it on end and tap it against the floor and nothing falls out, nor is there and russling of things moving. No telltale signs. I take it in. My coworker decides he needs to find out why it is so dirty before cleaning it and opens it up. Inside is the world's first deluxe roach hotel. Managed to keep the horde contained in the box the console was going in. That console is gone
Reclaimer78 5y ago Never was an employee, but on the night Grand Theft Auto 4 came out, I was waiting in line and this kid rode up in the parking lot and starting bragging about how he got the first copy and held his copy out the window. After about 10-15 seconds of bragging and holding it outside the window, another kid ran up from behind the car, yanked the copy from his hand, and ran into the woods behind the GameStop. They never found the kid who took it, and the kid in the car starting crying immediately 16K
MattMattMatthew 5y ago I used to be the ASM of a Gamestop but nothing really out of the ordinary happened there. Just a lot of lingerers. When I was the manager of a local game store though, there was definitely a lot of wild stories. The one that sticks out the most is this old dude we called Psycho Sexy who would come in ever Monday morning, try to sell me or whoever was working bootleg porn dvds. Не would tell us they were good for busting fat ass nuts to and that he'd sell'em to us super cheap. Every
BlooooContra 5y ago Edited 5y ago Former GS employee here. Worked in a store on the edge of a super sketchy part of Akron, Ohio. Back in the PS2 era, a guy brought in a box of trades. There were three games: Leisure Suit Larry, Playboy: The Mansion, The Guy Game The rest of the box was nothing but porn on VHS. Не was politely asked to leave. Не asked us why. My со- worker's response had me keeling over: BECAUSE THERE'S JIZZ ALL OVER YOUR SHIT! Не left.
Megatentrue 5y ago I worked in a store where theft was a very common occurance. But this one dude. Не nabbed one of the cheap controllers off the wall from the back of the store, puts it in his back pack. Then comes over to the counter he reaches across the counter, opens a drawer and steals a brand new game out of the drawer, takes it away from the register, opens it, waits in line, trades the game in for 25 bucks. Then he asks me to look for something in one of the bottom drawers and he steals
 5y ago A customer brought in an Xbox360s filled with cockroaches. Multiple times. 6 Share ...
poppamurph78 5y ago Worked at GS a long time ago but l'll never forget this one. One night a guy brought in a really dusty and dirty GameCube wanting cash of course. I asked him if it worked and he said he didn't know because he hadn't played it in a long time. I told him that we have to check every console and when I turned it on and opened the lip about a hundred roaches came running out all over the counter. 12K Share ...
 5y ago Worked at GameStop 1 and a half years. Guy comes in with a broken ps3; he says it stopped working after a day. (So obviously it's not wear and tear) I give him a replacement, as policy states I should. Comes in the next day saying the same thing. And the next. For TWO WEEKS. He's not getting any money, he's just getting his system swapped, so we are unsure about his motives. Не comes in, his 13th day and counting, and I refuse and say this is excessive. Не becomes LIVID. Не tells my manager, who
SkySix 5y ago Had a couple come in to return a sesame street video game and a controller. They had a receipt from over a year ago, the game was scratched to hell, and the controller was full of dried soda. They said it didn't work anymore (shocker) and were FURIOUS when I wouldn't give them their money back. Like standing there screaming at me (I was the manager so I had no one else there to back me up). It was crazy. Their kid was bawling, the lady was swearing like a syphilitic sailor and the husband couldn't finish
TBoarder 5y ago Edited 5y ago I was an assistant manager when one of the Madden games came out. '04, maybe? We were doing a big midnight opening for it and everybody was having a great time waiting for the game, which we were picking up from another store about 30 miles away. Around 11:00, after people had been waiting for two hours after the mall closed, I got a phone call. The game wasn't coming. I almost broke down, sitting behind the register, dreading the thought of telling everybody that they just wasted their time. To make matters worse,
ienvyi 5y ago So gamers have the stereotype of having really bad hygiene. The worst I ever experienced was the 23 year old who smelt like he never showered in his entire life. Не was a pretty hefty guy and smelled absolutely rancid. We had to literally hold our breaths or breath out of our mouths in order not to cringe at the smell. When he left the odor didn't and we had to go next door to ask for air freshener. The worst part was he was moving to Amsterdam in a day or two and if he didn't


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