21 of the Funniest Burns from the Week of March 18, 2024

Children were left behind…
21 of the Funniest Burns from the Week of March 18, 2024

Last April, Robert De Niro and Tiffany Chen welcomed their first child together, making the 79-year-old Oscar winner one of the oldest fathers on record. De Niro’s other children range in age from 12 to 56, many of whom have teenage kids of their own, who now have an aunt that’s just learning how to walk. On Facebook, the newly public father and daughter photo would likely be met with gushing comments and likes, but Twitter users, as always, had other ideas. One noted that De Niro and baby Gia look like “they both don’t play about their oatmeal and applesauce.” And as brutal as that observation is, it at least means De Niro’s grocery bill is probably pretty low.

De Niro and his little bundle of joy weren’t the only ones getting roasted on the timeline this week, though. Other burn victims included a proud cream team member, every man from South Jersey on the apps and someone who really needs to lay off the stimulants.

Katie @KayTeeeOh.1d ... Opening Hinge: ACTION 6abcactionnews ... NEWS 6 Charleston AccuWeather ALERT RED FLAG WARNING ... abc UNTIL 7 PM Mount Pocono New York Allentown Harrisburg Reading Trenton Lancaster Toms River Philadelphia Wilmington Manahawkin Williamstown Middletown Millville Atlantic City Baltimore Dover Wildwood 302 likes 6abcactionnews A Red Flag Warning has been issued for parts South Jersey until 7 p.m. Thursday. There is also an elevated fire danger in the Philadelphia region. 10 204 4.3K 179K
Jeremie @speedjeremie1 - 1d Good morning Post dracojeremy @jeremyb__.2h you're slow be one painful insult 10 223 47 del 7K gibson t @cgmgibsonn.2 2h you mean slow as in motion slow or mental slow? 2 1 del 299 Owuraku @ransfordddd As in how you processed this tweet 1:21 AM 21/03/2024 From Earth 9 Views 3.8K 796K 126 47K
sea @sanlelio 1d ... is there even any zombies in this show. i always see them kissing and fucking good for them h @elenaslovebot - 1d the way he looks at her is insane GIF 144 5.4K 109K 4.2M
Lo @solodeauxleaux : 3d Не looks like a stuffed bell pepper. niya @janiyalynaee.4d Не can get it 94 522 3.7K 310K
Arwen @OATMILKLATTE. 1d the furry kind of ate her up I fear alexis Follow @xboochers y'all there's a furry in my mentions @PISSMIXXXER 40m RUZODO U better fix them damn eyebrows before u talk more girly 3:44 PM 3/21/24 From Earth 585 Views 6 Likes RUZODO @PISSMIXXXER .21m trying to dunk on me being a furry is crazy when you have 5 lbs of concealer covering your face 1 2 del 62 RUZODO @PISSMIXXXER20m Like girl ur wearing a mask too 4 42 7 5.7K 89K 1.1M
Te @teehee4free. 1d Ik they both don't play about their oatmeal and applesauce.... Dexerto @Dexerto . 2 2d Robert De Niro at 80 with his 10 month old baby Не had his first child over 46 years ago 30 3K 78K 2.4M
@JayCuda 1d Jay Cuda r u already below .500 this season No it is March 20th yes B UBS H SF D N TC W SD S خير LAP$TC A M C KC TB A's A 316 41 16K 659K
thomas violence @thomas_violence 18h ... what the fuck are you talking about Suggested spelling x You are seeing this suggestion because your language is set to British English ing groyne Change language to American English A 3 C the groin during an argument. 70 661 16K 389K
alejandro @taylorsversion . 1d i feel so smart whenever i open this app Tony @bloodylikeabody - 1 1d Wait just realized that all of Adele's album titles are numbers- 30 2021 25 2015 21 2011 ADELE21 19 GIF 2008 ADELE19 17 2.5K 54K del 1.1M
AB @CarelessAB.16h girl i thought these was cinnamon bites, don't make this shit again. MILLIY N @blackhautte.1 19h i made oxtails for the first time tonight 150 1.6K 18K 1M
JUL$ @ginsengfvck.3d like sit down !!! LADIES: Don't let NO MAN who drinks Twisted Tea raise his voice at you. You talk to him... woman to woman 18 2.3K 26K 755K
sulky @sulky80715248.4d ur so hot for a weird little fucking freak 70 6.7K 34K del 2.1M
@JoeDaActivist. 3d ... Open the schools 7 days a week @JJaroc93 - 3 3d THE TITANIC WAS A REAL SHIP?????? 93 12K 36K 1.6M
Sridhar Ramesh @RadishHarmers. 1d Film bros make me sick. The Coen bros, the Farrelly bros, the Safdie bros. And worst of all, Warner Bros. 38 324 4.6K del 119K
Cian @nodrectionhome 1d i love those stupid youtube videos that are like EX MOBSTER REACTS TO MAFIA MOVIES where a real mafia guy who murdered people looks at clips of fat tony from the simpsons and just says yeah this isn't really accurate 106 2.7K 56K 5.1M
@midosommar 4d That's Times Square I guarantee you this wasn't even top 30 embarrassing things happening there at the same time internet hall of fame @InternetHOF . 5d anyone else feeling that second hand embarrassment? - - - CC - SEPHORA THERE on this caused me to develop PTSD (petite tiny stress disorder) 0:19 77 2.7K 64K 2M
oppa jackie style @lovelysewer 3d ... Today 5:48 PM Can i be honest Today 5:51 PM Okay Sent I can tell that you don't really care about the environment 302 15 10K 388K
saddles. @Chefsaddles 3d That's a suggestion ring, pls @jx14__.4d my boo got me a promise ring S 2 a 9 ® de e cc and 327 7K 91K 5.4M
waka fawksa flame @dumbledonk. 1d ... buddy organized his zyns into a perfect circle and really thinks he needs another 20mg ritalin Policy PuppetMaster @NGO_Burner . 1d Zyn blossomed to reveal 20mg Ritalin right when needed it. 18 948 26K 1.9M
the elusive dyketeuse @16ho3s 1d My coworker caught me drinking these & she goes You like how that make you feel friend? JL DESK RU NATIONAL Way S FRENCH TIM mate VANILLA A CONTAINS MIL ЗУУНТ to for and I I VANILLA FRENCH was Neet mate offee I VANILLA NATIONAL CONTAINS-A 210 2K 45K 1.3M
hannah @tiredhannah0.3d is НЕ smarter than a 5th grader? Pop Base @PopBase. 3d Travis Kelce is in talks to host a celebrity-focused reboot of 'Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?', Variety reports. RE YOU SMARTER THANA5 W GRAD 164 3.1K 98K 3.4M


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