25 of the Funniest Tweets from Friday, March 15, 2024

25 of the Funniest Tweets from Friday, March 15, 2024

The Original Beef of Chicagoland was already reopening its doors for a third season of The Bear come June, but fans of the Emmy-winning FX series can also count on a fourth season as well. According to Deadline, Jeremy Allen White and the gang will film the show’s third and fourth seasons back-to-back, which FX also did with Atlanta’s final two seasons. Filming extra episodes while everyone is still on set makes sense considering Ayo Edebiri’s highly-sought-after status and Ebon Moss-Bachrach’s foray into the MCU

Although Bill Hader opted out of lending his voice to the Inside Out sequel, he is reportedly set to voice the titular cat in a new cinematic version of The Cat in the Hat. The much-delayed project is a collaboration between Warner Bros. Pictures Animation and the Seuss Estate. The CG film won’t be Hader’s first rodeo as the wise-cracking cat. The Saturday Night Live alum also donned the red-and-white striped hat in a famously hilarious (and horny) sketch during the show’s 40th season. 

Over on the timeline, the Twitter comedians are working just as hard as Hollywood’s funniest people. Today’s most uproarious tweets include those about the Lincoln Conclave, a bond that will never be broken and the sleep-paralysis demon who isn’t part of the Tolerant Left.

n @misosoupgf . 21h ... (on the verge of having a complete psychotic break) i need to make some kind of a list or perhaps sort things into categories 71 21K 96K 1.9M

Dan Kaufman @D_Kauf11 . 1d ... Insurance is pretty cool because even if you have it, it still kind of feels like you don't 18 1.6K 19K 434K

Gabrielle Drolet @gabrielledrolet. 1d ... hot dogs cause cancer okay. and I believe in taking risks. in living life to the fullest. to indulging in the world's great pleasures. I will not live a life marked by fear 26 1.5K 10K 444K

Joey Hannum @joeyhannum. 2h a new Abraham Lincoln has been chosen NEWS NewsWire WIRE @NewsWire_US.2h Smoke seen near Lincoln Memorial on Washington's National Mall - Fox News 9 212 3.1K 128K

Pushing the Gay Agenda @Monalise_ah - 1d I'm crying cause you know the paper towel there cause it already happened before 5 @scorpioeyes101 - 1 1d shit like this piss me off so bad like all the oatmeal fr??????? MICROWAVE DIRECTIONS - - a - 9 - the - - أ - CHIPAS جمعية 26 1.8K 45K 1.6M

Cosmonaut sucraM (evil) @CosmonautMarcus 20h ... I coulda done this if felt like it Nicolas Neubert R @iamneubert.3d Ever wondered what the video timeline of a full feature film looks like? Well here is Dune Part 2: DUNE PART TWO 46 537 15K 589K

nicky @Nicky1612Ishida - 2 22h do they actually not go anywhere without each other ian! @ianlovesfilm. dd UM so UM so WE BROKE BAD GUARDIANS THE GALAXY 102 3K 78K 2.1M

Soundgarten Of BanBan @AnimeSerbia 13h ... Back when you were allowed to use celebs on the bing image generator I put in Mark Wahlberg stopping 9/11 and I got this 1.1K 80 22K 781K

t. @lighttmylove.14h Oh my fcking god my heart almost stopped. dame @DameDeadAF1 18h Samuel L. Jackson, legendary actor and the highest grossing actor of all time. Age 75. 691 20K 292K du 7M

Nerd Girl Says @Rachael_Conrad : 19h Melissa McCarthy saw people saying that mob wife aesthetic was making a comeback and decided to set the bar at a truly impossible height. Lizzie Logan @lizzzzzielogan. 19h no thoughts just melissa mccarthy cannoli purse N 25 3K 69K del 1.4M

skin destroyer @gloomingly.23h hes making stew (P) @VulpesPerson . 2d 13 4.2K 52K 1.1M

@Lowkyhrt 1d when you got a headache that's pounding like a mf 6 829 5.1K 184K

Seb I #1 Mobius fan @TheHammerFan - 21h ... Loving the idea that Marty and the dog earned that one Oscar together deserted scope @DesertedScope - 1 1d We live in a society TORY FIN 29 1.3K 42K 994K

tate @50FirstTates . 1d can't hang today got a lot going on March = + S M T T W F S 10 12 13 15 16 11 14 W11 Thursday March 14, 2024 9 AM 9:53 AM- wake up 11AM wonder what cruel god would allow me to feel this way Noon 1PM 2PM realize it's 70 degrees out 3PM lay in the sun like a cat, feeling alive for the first time 4PM 5PM 6PM 10 5.3K 41K 901K

Malik EL. !? @maliktheoracle.20h Corn never wanted to be all of this theprettiest! @mrsprettyyy_ . 2d I De HAWAIIAN in HAWAIIAN PA KING'S 24 ORIGINAL NO i love my friends sm RSE* SWEET CON CON ERSI ROLLS ENO VERSI LINDOR He S Bites Little Bites . Sprit Z Gentes Cheetos DINAMITA Check Check Doritos EXPIRES ESPOLON Cheetos Dontos Cheetos Cheelos I I I DINAMITA the D TIM LONG BOIS FOR THE I BULLING GUS GIRLS Girls BETWEEN US ADULT PARTY GAME PRESENTS use MADE FOR GIRLS. BY GIRLS UNO GIRLS FOR THE MEME? 0 4 the MEME FREE 4.3M WILD CARDS NOW WITH CUSTOMIZA

madds, not mads @maddylanier 1d ... my therapist: cera michelle gellar can't hurt you, he's not real my brain: Cera BURNTHESEMEMES Michelle Gellar 83 2,456 33K 1.5M

+ rin + @whoisrinkya 14h who the fuck would do this are you serious look at his fucking face he obviously doesnt know spooky pinniped @discou... 19h 120 12.9K 149K 4.3M

papi @willyumslife 1d ill sell crack before i learn - to code 22 1,147 6,915 du 262K

faith @faiththegemini - 1 14h IM SCREAMING Ratings & Reviews 3.8 4,000+ ratings 37 public reviews i Donna P 2/15/22 Ordered on U I'm missing my baby's nuggets. I guess he won't eat tonight. French Fries $2.49 61 1,353 32.3K 979K

Bits @BitsHammer-17h vampireapologist having now worked directly with wild seals I need you all to know they are some of the most bastardous creatures in the entire animal kingdom. we've all been so wrong. they look cute and fat but they are so fast and they have so many teeth and they know how to scream and they aren't afraid to do it to vampireapologist don't get me wrong I love them deeply. They're amazing animals. But we've been calling them stuff like sea puppers when in fact they're more like if a cat weighed 300 kilos and had the

Charly Bliss @charlybliss.21h ... do i mind if you squeeze lemon onto all 12 of our shared oysters? unsure. does the archer fear his bow? or does his kiss each arrow goodbye as it marries the wind 2 83 1,143 52.3K

nomi @andletmejustsay 22h *Gulps* for what, Miss Club? Club Chalamet @Clu... 1d How much does it cost to rent a Pretend TimmyTM ? Asking for a friend. 1 89 1,745 143K

diego @fkad1ego. 13h Fine Но, Stay FINE 2024 PSTAY Albums You Still You Still Here, Ho ? (Extended) 2023 По You Will You Still Here, Но ? 2022 FLO MILLI Но, why is you here ? HBO WHY IS YOU HERET 2020 142 5,376 65.6K 1.3M

Max Gross @maxgotjokes 11h ... it is almost 3am EST. let's check in on the recreational benadryl subreddit r/DPH 3h ... 18 NSFW The hatman does NOT respect gender pronouns past 450mg 2,213 27.3K 850K

Sara Spector @Miriam2626.21h ... One of our lawyers quit our firm to go work for another firm. This was her going away cake today. YOU'RE DEAD TO US WE HOPE YOU FAIL 775 1,602 21.2K du 2.2M


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