24 of the Funniest Tweets from Tuesday, March 12, 2024

24 of the Funniest Tweets from Tuesday, March 12, 2024

When Michael Keaton took to the Oscar stage on Sunday, the appearance not only served as a reunion with Beetlejuice co-star Catherine O’Hara, but the two presented one of the very awards that film won back in 1989 (Best Makeup). This same logic and reasoning, however, cannot be applied to Keaton’s cameo in 2022’s Morbius as Spider-Man villain The Vulture. The actor recently went on the Happy Sad Confused podcast and told host Josh Horowitz that he had “no idea” what he was doing in Morbius — no idea what was happening, no idea what was going on and no idea where it was leading to. Keaton added that even execs “couldn’t quite explain it.” And so, don’t hold your breath waiting to see what this post-credits scene might portend for the ever-teetering Marvel Cinematic Universe

Elsewhere, 12-time Oscar loser (ouch!) Bradley Cooper is gearing up for his next project. The Maestro actor will be pulling double duty yet again as he directs and stars in Is This Thing On? from a script by longtime friend Will Arnett, who is also set to star in the film. While plot details are currently under wraps, The Hollywood Reporter reported that the film will be shot this fall. 

There’s no need to worry about waiting for comedy on the timeline because the humor is always-on there. Today’s funniest tweets include those about the Oceanic country that just really wants to chat, the real Water of Life and someone wondering where in the world Neil Patrick Harris is. 

philb @PhillipBankss 18h ... went to a wafflehouse with my boyfriend and while he went to the bathroom the waitress came and asked what I wanted to drink and then she proceeded to ask me what my son wants to drink RT with GLASS 78 1,559 49.9K 1.2M

meggy @dogmatic_shorty 22h When customers are mean to me at my job it's so funny like You quite literally need my help. So are you ready to calm down 42 6,779 66.1K 1.3M

Valondar @VK_HM·2 23h I'd have to say Toy Story damie_an @damie_an - 3d what is the first thing you think of when seeing this guy 51 2,257 69K 3.2M

kave @kpvwxyz 20h Went to target for no reason today and this is what I walked out with. I really have no idea what I'm doing with my life anymore. I feel like someone else is driving my brain while I am sinking into a bottomless pit.. absolutely lifeless. BICYCLE JBL PLAYING CARDS STANDARD 106 1,123 17.7K 620K

Cam @cam_cpfc8854215-1 1d Sales Assistant Phoenix Vapers LTD 21 reviews Saint Ives £10.50 an hour - Part-time, Permanent Responded to 75% or more applications in the past 30 days, typically within 7 days. Apply now Salary: 10.50 per hour Benefits: Employee discount Store discount Schedule: Day shift Experience: Vaping: 3 years (required) Retail sales: 3 years (required) Work Location: In person Report job 155 2.2K 48K 3M

EUIC @SoulSurVGC.23h Jeudy ... what's wrong babe? you're barely touched your appa cabbage 6.2K 66K 101 1.2M

Republic of Kiribati @KiribatiGov. 16h Pick up your phone Shubhang Kulkarni @shubhang5556. 1d Another 5 missed calls from Kiribati. Anything wrong with my number? Recents +686 74421765 8:48 PM i В unknown +686 74421259 8:46 PM i В Kiribati +686 74421297 8:45 PM i В Kiribati +686 74421604 8:44 PM i В Kiribati +686 74421863 8:43 PM i В Kiribati 64 2.6K 87K 3.8M

baesia @BAES1A 1d me on FanDuel tryna turn $10 into $10k art @galactamelanft- 1d C H I R S K 60 46K 6.4K 3.6M

scooter @realaccountyeah - 15h Do you think they cut that shit out when it's just the two of them like I bet they get real normal myles brown @mdotbrown - 1 1d This is the Avengers of awkward conversations. The Shaq & Kobe of you gotta be kidding me. 666 23K 9 1.2M

Raquel Stecher @RaquelStecher- 1d ... Messi's Letterboxd top 4 selection is impressive! He's obviously a true cinephile. And of course, Best in Show BEST IN THE SHOW POWER OF THE UN CHIEN ANDALOU DOG TONI ERDMANN 27 1K 15K 323K

ponyboy @ponyboooooy 1d ... AQUO OSCAR WINNER CILLIAN MURPHY LetsCinema @letscinema 9/20/23 Amy Jackson, latest 27 1.3K 34K 1M

logan @acn3b3rry 1d They look like If two Yorkie Terriers made a wish to become human yecnalc @lesbianboytoy. 1d they look like they're about to ask you to be their third and they know you're gonna say yes 11 379 10K 536K

Joe @JoePassmore 1d Like many amateur photographers, I do occasionally experiment with editing theonlycocomontrese ... 46 856 20K 566K

Melissa Stewart @LissaJoStewart. 19h The Swifties are sleuthing, William is done for So long, London @STILL_BJEWELED 2 21h Replying to @SurprisedWhy They used a Christmas day photo. They erased her earring, her hat brim can clearly be seen, as can the top be seen obscuring the rectangle in the interior of the car... then they added some noise to make it harder to discern the edits... they are really bad at this!!! 75 2.7K 38K 2.8M

clown @bugsquelcher 1d are we cranking hog or hogly cranking over here? 15 1.7K 16K 844K

JRR Jokien @joshcarlosjosh - 1 19h the taco bell employee bringing me the baja blast I ordered: 72 7.6K 86K del 3.3M

lesbian mothman @verysmallriver . 1 1d the kate middleton drama is perfect for those of us who would like to sound insane to their coworkers in meetings today 77 5K 70K 2M

daisy dan goose tackett @fatstevebuscemi • 19h ... kate middleton is missing is a perfect mom conversation topic. it's like it was engineered in a lab for moms. 12 308 5.8K del 191K

pidge @miss_pidgey. 1d you can NOT leave my bitey ass alone in a room with one of these guys 71 7.8K 74K 1.2M

pre-raphaelite smotherhood @wavykino_x . 1d rarely do we consider how Soviet it sounds that we abbreviate the term situation comedy as sitcom 46 753 12K 387K

sophia @pastoralcomical - 1 16h people got so into dune they forgot about catholicism owen @owenvpatnaude. 1d the what < Paddington in Peru Olivia Colman The Reverend Mother 23 647 15K 637K

Kevin Mullet @KevMagnet . 21h What happened to Neil Patrick Harris. Не used to be everywhere and now it feels like he's nowhere? What happened? Did they just kill him for real in Gone Girl and no one noticed? 458 975 34K 3.3M

hbk @hbkraee 19h still one of my favorite interactions on this app reef @ghostofive 4h whoever made wingstop need they pussy ate 8 17 del 1.2K nyiawyia @sanyiarenee 4h rick ross.... 6 1 331 reef @ghostofive 4h oh. 8 5 297 282 1.9K 27K 726K

aye @AyeJeff. 1d ... That hour we lost was the one that I was going to use to get my life together 4 5.9K 31K 725K


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