43 of the Funniest Burns from the Week of March 4, 2024

Can her friends see that tweet?
43 of the Funniest Burns from the Week of March 4, 2024

Earlier this week, while at a conference dedicated to discussing the state of technology and media, Disney CEO Bob Iger rebuked the notion of “superhero or franchise fatigue.” “If you build it great, they will come,” he argued. You’d think Iger would have referenced Endgame or Black Panther to get his point across, but instead, he chose to cite Oppenheimer as the perfect example of how people just “want great films.” 

He’s not wrong, as evident by that film’s colossal box-office numbers and windfall of accolades, but the Twitter timeline was quick to roast Iger within an inch of his life for not mentioning a superhero movie or a movie developed under his direction. 

The timeline actually had it out for quite a few people this week. The hottest burns included those about a man with bear tendencies, a messy roommate and the actor perfect for a live-action Rango reboot. 

Chase Mitchell @ChaseMit. 17h Не looks like the stripper at a bachelorette party where everybody gets Covid Riley Beggin @rbeggin 18h Rep. Troy Nehls, R-Texas, sporting a Trump t-shirt and a patriotic bowtie LAKEN RILEY NEVER RRENDE 90 26K 1.3K 1.3M
Motivational Pictures With Reality Deep Meani... 4h ... The look todd howard is giving Elon is the exact look an autistic guy gives a slightly more annoying autistic guy when he starts talking. The second you notice someone one degree more autistic than you your killswitch flips on Jason Kauzlarich @ SXSW @JasonKauz 15h The FALLOUT party at SXSW was fun. Then this guy showed up. Fallout me COMING 800 @fallout.on. Falkut SXSW 3.3K 144 31K 1.1M
Silas P. Silas @KennySpenceNBA 2d Don't ever come around me dressed like Mobb Deep. Be a lady HARDEST FIT PICS @HardestFitPics 3d E a8 ЕТНЫСИ2 1.2K 8.4K 47K 5.1M
Logan met Daredevil @DiamondSpiderP.2d I bet he read the script and made the scheduling conflicts The Hollywood Handle @HollywoodHan... 2d Will Ferrell wasn't able to return for 'MEGAMIND 2' due to scheduling conflicts. (Via: screenrant.com/megamind-2-mov...) 59 3.7K 102K del 2.4M
brad (taylor's version) @MrSwift1594.23h can't believe this is what my antidepressants be fighting I'm Anxiety. @PopBase 1d Pop Base The official trailer for 'Inside Out 2' has been released. 2:25 FICIAL TRAI 9 996 16K 538K
just a @F466OT.2d Okay pompadour David Mack Follow @davidmackau i am quite ok with us saying goodbye to this haircut Erik Anderson @awards_watch.1d Oh I noticed 29 91 3K 244K
Kevin Mullet @KevMagnet 1d YouTube is the only place you can make being unemployed your job Fresh Barbée Bash 12Drawing min 1 and Barbie - PRINCESS Bubb A fairy secret te Pearl Princess Bake - of Pony Tak Bold A CHRISTMAS CAROL Budd SECRET Dock and POWER MERMAIDIA STAR LIGHT SOUVENTURE... IHSN AVIS AMM Honit Times MERMAIDE ITOIS тан.) ННЯ 42 Barbie FILMS IN 1 WEEK 1:48:36 I Watched Every Barbie Movie Ever Made ... Ted Nivison 2.3M views 4 days ago 486 4.6K 108K 5M
The Jobfather TM I said to my girl...can $70 buy this entire shelf and she @TheJobfather_ 20h started laughing to herself like she was Sephiroth while ... saying Men under her breath Invis @invis4yo. 1d men don't understand just how expensive this is Stare CeraVe LA ROCHE-POSAY LABORATORI DERMATOLOGICA JLA'S Ultim ICE Nouri Rice FESACLAR overn LADER Spa M ESTE BANK = I Mura LANEIGE - ENVIRON TMENT Lip Class Balm for CAUDAU Dellar your مخاط Pharmacy ++Org ميزة Berry ESTEELA ESTEE 24 Fruits roops LAUDER sed Vitamin get Advanced Sillane mant Night Repair Vinoperfect Brighter Serum tok AR LET MASQUE
AB @AB84 . 2d ... The Shannonsaurus AB @AB84.2d Just can't unsee it #CTESPN 246 1.9K 26K 4M
defleppardfan94 @lemonade_grrll. 2d this is like something sweet dee would post if she had a twitter @courtneyknill - 3d Courtney Knill Sydney Sweeney is adorable, and tbh it's really awesome to have an A list celebrity who does share your body type she is also my style icon 1.1K 36K 81 3.8M
Schaffrillas @Schaffrillas 19h ... OH THAT'S THE REAL DiscussingFilm DF @DiscussingFilm 4F DiscussingFilm @DiscussingFilm . 20h Mr Beast will star as Panda Pig in 'KUNG FU PANDA 4'. Read our review: bit.ly/PandaDF KUNG EU PANDA IN THEATERS 125 2.8K 66K 1.5M
snaxx @eatmoresnaxx·· 4d gorgeous AF not beating the ladybug from bugs life allegations MORPHINE @morphinelovemua.5d rent was due for me this day.... SEEYOUNEX 397 9K 12 del 611K
Colton Denning @Dubsco 3d ... Manning family saw that 71 OVR and said, not our boy Anwar Richardson @AnwarRichardson 3d Multiple people have told me Texas redshirt quarterback Arch Manning will not opt into EA Sports College Football 25. I'm told Arch is focused on playing football on the field. 41 2.5K 27K 2.4M
cumdogmillionaire @doggcum2 . 1d Dude, you're suppose to save money when you do this not spend more Benjamin Hanklin @HankYetiTea. 1d Get fucked AMC. Five Guys for the fellas at Dune 2 #BadBoyHanklin Gus Пога NCM - 1855 audiences 148 8.7K 118K 4.8M
Jill Gutowitz @jillboard 1d ... liked too many dune tweets and ended up on men film twitter. can't explain it but they talk about movies the same way they talk about sydney sweeney. why can't you guys say you like something without making me feel like i'm in a Saw trap 8 53 1.2K 43K
kyle @gay_kyle2 . 1d i could send all my friends a picture of an actual alien and be like dude i'm partying with this alien i just met and we're about to throw a huge rager come through and half of them would be like yeah sorry i have to go to this 35mm screening of a movie i've already seen twice 29 1.2K 21K 721K
G @_Gdash 21h I want the US to ban tik tok soo bad its no reason the receptionist at the doctors office can't check me in bc the btch recording a vlog 9 187 1.3K 59K
juju $ @ayeejuju 1d ... the education system has failed yall $ jimmy @jimmyoutsold.2d doctor: you have 132 minutes left to live me: Bottoms > Running time 1h 32m 554 17K 292K 18M
triz @margotsprestige : 23h joblessness starter pack madi @illicitkyoto . 1 1d i filmtwt X me I...Jove you guys so much. 47 2.4K 26K 864K
mother juice @radishcarton . 1d he kinda looks like rango fati @fatiialhaj. 3d i freaking met JEREMY ALLEN WHITE!!! - - EXIT 0:05 10 25 1.1K 78K
Juckport Hit Back @ULTIMATEGRINGO.2 2d @socialaskan - 3d Francis Forever Fukuyama Honestly hugely life changing realization was that you can just start walking and keep walking. Even if it hurts you can literally just keep walking. Walking is fun and good for you and you can just do it as much as you want and it's super chill 4 369 4.7K 151K
Keith @nagy_minaj· 17h Marjorie Taylor Greene putting on a MAGA hat for the State of the Union GET IN THERE AND MAKE IT ABOUT YOU memetenerator. 24 227 4.5K 125K
matt @computer_gay.. 4d ... this show's a nonprofit for hollywood's most unemployed FILM UPDATES Film Updates @FilmUpdates.4 4d Kumail Nanjiani has joined 'ONLY MURDERS IN THE BUILDING' season 4 in a recurring role. (variety.com/2024/tv/news/o...) 250 2K 58K 6.5M
nick @lovechazelle. 4h but bradley cooper can go??? FILM UPDATES Film Updates @FilmUpdates - 5h Multiple companies with nominated films complained to the Academy that allowing Messi from 'ANATOMY OF A FALL' to attend the Oscar nominees luncheon gave the film an advantage during the voting window. Не will not be attending this year's #Oscars. (hollywoodreporter.com/movies/movie-n...) 598 8.9K 18 297K
four tet wife @fourtetwife . 1 22h ... can you imagine getting laid off by him media agency media agency SECA Likes UNING Likes bad 727 727 ADA IT - - - 198 858 18K 817K
Blake TM @NeilNevins 2d homie couldn't name a good movie from his own studio DF DiscussingFilm @DiscussingFilm. 2d Bob Iger dismisses Marvel fatigue, saying audiences just want good films. If you build it good. They will come. 'Oppenheimer' is a perfect example of that. Just a fantastic film. MARVEL STUDIOS 44 1K 22K 968K
Christopher Mac @motherquoter. 1d ... There's nothing I hate more than a movie tie-in book cover off my Get the actors book tyra I'm not reading that!ny 9 11 250 3.4K 119K
@doxie_gay. 1d r/pansexual 3 days ago Posted by VermicelliAlarming43 I am pansexual. I'm also a Republican. Pride events and rallies make me uncomfortable. Most of my friends are straight. I don't dress like any of the LGBTQ friends. I don't feel that I will be welcomed by the pansexual community because of my political beliefs. Is this strange? 0 43 Guppy60 22 hr. ago No it's not strange at all. You aren't welcomed. 3 Reply 30 34K 1.3K 373K
name una @vxzfeels 1d ... told this girl we done and she said we started? had me sick and weak fr 285 5.3K 69K 2M
maha @mahaaaay 2d ... your unemployed friend Today 10:47 AM Wyd working it's 11:10am on a wednesday Delivered 398 15K 161K 9M
donald boat @laserboat999.2d ... told my parents to check out curb your enthusiasm. Backfired 8:06 5GE 239 M Mom > It is hilarious Не actually walks and talks like you so we were just laughing so much 54 1.3K 54K 1.5M
pris @pwiscila 1d The roommate that won't wash the dishes: Charli @charli_xcx.1d comee onnn mess is fun! nothing matters! 27 1.4K 30K del 1.6M
sam @reallyw4m . 22h You childish asf if u still wear glasses gang .. just look 1K 3K 10K 925K
sai I simon @SaiB0i 15h i hate when boys look gay asf then have a girlfriend bitch fuck you and Megan too 40 443 5.1K 228K
ApacheSmith ! DDG+ @ MAGfest '24 Recovery 1d ... Oh you like Dune (2021), you should check out Dune (1984)! Is it good? No 138 1.3K 25K 738K
lesbian rupaul @sexycyclepath. 2d ... nose. ducki @dxckiii . 2 2d what kinda job should I get? 4 96 2.2K du 117K
Thomas @len0killer 21h Just saw two identical twins out in public together. No disrespect to that lifestyle but please keep it private 60 2.5K 44K 1.4M
noelle @fairymelodia 1d just realized british ppl are reading my tweets in a british accent. day ruined. 20 458 4.2K 98K
lauren @philaurdelphia 1d ... do the baltimore orioles have a factory that's producing these guys 179 656 14.8K 2.4M
liliamo @spittingclots.1d sotce 13h ... X Dalla modalità Crea > Ask me a question what advice would you give to an unloveable girl Pilates? 4 576 5,610 120K
im espen @veryfamousman-21h ... still the hardest Ive ever been shredded in a group chat ihad salmon lunch no dinner ideas yet 4:33 PM •Sent 2 1 phage 4:37 PM 47 4,519 111K 1.9M
Jennifer McAuliffe @JenniferJo... 3d ... My friends are like don't settle! But l can see their husbands 369 3,024 19.9K 5.3M
Sweet Tea Grizzley @sweet_t... 1d ... Looks like he pulled the shirt out of his left pocket and he's got another one for later in the right Dave Portnoy @stoolpre... 1d This is my brick watch salesman. SMASH TO Lui 21 RT Charlize Theror AFRICA OUTREA SPIN 2K25 O 10 ANNIVERSARY Theron OUTREACH PROJECT DESERT SMASH IVERSARY SMASH 21 824 28.2K 2.3M


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