25 Head-Spinning Experiences People Had on a Roller Coaster

‘I got a seizure on the swinging ship’
25 Head-Spinning Experiences People Had on a Roller Coaster

While Action Park is an extreme example of an amusement park with horrifying attractions, there’s a common thread of people having less-than-ideal experiences on a ride. Obviously, you can blame the puke incidents on the combination of excited kids plus concession-stand food plus high-speed rides, but getting splashed with vomit isn’t the only obstacle. 

Redditors have shared their craziest roller-coaster tales — from slipping out of their seat to having a seizure mid-ride — and here’s a word of caution: Don’t get too close to the spinning strawberries.

whosline07 . 11y I worked at a wooden roller coaster with an enclosed double helix at the end (anyone who knows roller coasters probably knows which one I'm talking about). A guy came back with a splinter spearing his hand between his thumb and forefinger that was a good 6 in. long and about an inch across. Не calmly walked up to the person on the floor clutching his hand dripping blood all over and asked if we could call first aid. Не was a pretty tall guy, and by his own words, he was trying to touch the side.
jinxitup . 11y I was on a ride called The Comet when I was 6 (think sideways bicycle wheel and the people are sitting where the tire is). My dad and I were sitting in one of the 2 person baskets. Ours broke away from the ride and hit a truck in the parking lot. I spent over a year in the hospital.
budterz 12y When I was about 6 or 7 my family went to Disneyland in CA. I was riding Big Thunder Mountain Railroad with my mom. That ride has a drop down lap bar that holds in both riders sitting in the cart. My mom was obviously much bigger than me so the lap bar did not secure me. About halfway through the ride I slipped out of the seat to the floor of the cart and was hanging on for dear life as we flew around the turns ( the sides of the carts are open). You should have seen the
loreola . 8y Someone threw a small plastic pumpkin off of a ride going probably 40 mph and it hit me directly in the throat while I was standing in line ... 422
LovelyJubbleyy 1 1 11y My shoe came off on a roller coaster and landed in a lake, I just went home after that. ... 283
totallyworkinghere . 4y My dad and I went on a roller coaster a few weeks after he'd had stomach surgery. The attendant pushed down the safety bar a little too hard on my dad and when the ride was over, his shirt was soaked with blood. The push had ripped some of his stitches. Не was fine. I was actually freaking out more, but bright side, the park gave him a free shirt. ... 247
princess-leia- . . 9y Once when I was 12, my friend and I were on that spinning strawberry ride, where you're inside this giant strawberry with a wheel you turn that spins you around. Hard to describe, hope you get the idea. Anyway, we got out strawberry spinning like CRAZY. Then we feel a big THUMP on the side of our strawberry.... Turns out a large woman got in the way of the ride some how and we HIT HER WITH OUR GIANT SPINNING STRAWBERRY. She was just lying on the ground not moving. Ride was evacuated and an ambulance was called.
Zeolance . 8y I had a seizure on a swinging ship ride. ... 203
TheBakercist . 11y My sister used to work at the Sig Flags in Santa Clarita and took me one day. It was over 100 degrees at 10am, and I ended up passing out on The Riddler from heat stroke. That was pretty horrible. ... 2
shanec628 . 12y One time I went on the zipper with a bunch of quarters in my pocket. They all fell out and every one on the ride started screaming because they thought it was falling apart. ... 5
MC-NIGLET . 4y Me, a lad afraid of heights got stuck at the top of the titan for 2 FUCKING HOURS at 6 flags Arlington ... 214
AriaTheTransgressor . . 8y Went to great America the other weekend for the fright fest thing. Got stuck on the superman just pulling back into the station. With the fact I still have the jewels and I have boobs it was the most physically uncomfortable experience of my life. ... 117
Procratinat . 8y People at the last row of the roller-coaster puking when it reached the top and was about to go down to the slope ... 90
TinyBahamut . 8y I was stuck upside down on The Demon in Six Flags Great America. I was at a light angle (on my way down the loop, just barely) and it just was uncomfortable beyond reason. I was stuck there for almost an hour and it was really hot. Sitting on metal in heat plus being upside down is a terrible, terrible combination. I also got dragged into a fight one time. sigh ... 241
Southerncross408 . 12y When I was seven or eight, I went on Space Mountain with my parents. It was my first rollercoaster and I was terrified, so I spent the entire ride slinked down almost under the safety bar. My mom was sitting behind me (it's a single-file car), reached up to touch my head and reassure me, and couldn't find me. She spent the entirety of the ride screaming her head off because she thought I had fallen out. The mid-drop snapshot after the ride was of her reaching both arms around my seat with a horrified look on
ssshield 9y My buddy and I were about 12 and were excited to ride the squirrel cages at our small town fair. We waited in a really long line and when it was our turn, the operator said Sorry guys, ride is closed. We were upset and wanted to know why. Не pointed under the ride and says You see that big bolt right there? We don't know where it came from. We instantly were glad we didn't ride. ... 7
swaghunter24 . 4y I was on a wooden rollercoaster with my sister, and it was both of our first roller coasters. She was (and still is) a scrawny little thing, and shes pretty short, so she couldn't hold onto the railing in front with ease. She decided to hold onto the harness thing that comes down, even after I told her not to multiple times. About halfway through the coaster, we reach a small flat area, and she's pulling on that harness hard, and the fucker popped up, like completely opened so she was sitting there with nothing holding her
 8y Canada's Wonderland, my first experience going there alone with another friend of mine. We went on Sky Rider which is a roller coaster where you essentially standing with a bike seat in your ass. We got stuck on that ride 3 times, totalling up to two hours. They offered everyone effected free pizza. 13 year old fat self loved this gesture. Few rides later we find ourselves on drop zone. Top of our drop, every other cart drops but ours. We were stuck at the top for another two hours. I don't have a fear of heights, but
wired89 . 5y I was working security at a theme park when I was 18. One evening one of the roller coasters that was stopped in the station got rear ended by another. There were some injuries, nothing severe thankfully. I did however end up staying up all night, after the park had closed, sitting on the coaster to ensure no lookie loos or news media tried to get access to the cars. It was dark. Creepy, I was 18 in a closed, deserted amusement park.... ... 810
5cott . 9y I took off my glasses, can't lose those. I leaned forward to read a sign on the seat back in front of me, and it took off. Quickly from 0-80 in under two seconds, planting my head firmly into the hard plastic headrest and giving me a wonderful concussion. Mid ride I saw something fly past my head. Seconds later my friend who was waiting for us to get off the ride had a pager smack the shit out of him. Two people hurt- and one wasn't even on the ride. ... 170
 12y when i was 7 years old my parents took me to disney world in florida. we did the whole tour, all the water parks, epcot, mgm, and finally the magic kingdom. we went on the alien encounter ride and my mom was selected at random to be abducted by the aliens. it scared the shit out of me and my parents knew it. we finished the ride and they proceeded to troll me for the remainder of the trip and weeks after that my mom wasn't my real mama and was actually an alien that had switched places
okiewxchaser 9y Operated rides for 4 years. 2 moments stand out. The scariest moment I had was when lightning struck a utility pole below me (my position on the ride was about 50ft up) knocking out power to my ride and forcing me and my supervisors to unload the ride in the middle of a lightning storm. The second was a guy who was very upset that I wouldn't let his kid who was a foot under the height requirement ride. I told him no early in the day, but one of my coworkers let the kid ride while I
 . 12y In middle school my sister and I rode a ferris wheel. A spring cable snapped while we were riding and hit the car ahead of us, causing it to flip upside down a few times. We then realized the wheel was missing several of those cables. Every time our cart went past the operator at the bottom we yelled to please let us off the ride. The jerk unloaded our car last. There were other rides held together with duct tape. It was pretty shady. ... 10
mlkelty . 8y In middle school, I went to this small park called Adventureland in lowa on a field trip. I managed to get the front car of a roller coaster to myself. When the cars started to move, the lap bar bumped back up and wouldn't lock back into position. So I spent the entire ride with my arms wrapped around the bar and my feet trying to find some kind of purchase on the curved surface of the legroom area. Fortunately it didn't invert or anything, but the drops and sideways turns were pretty scary. ... 30
 12y When I was in 8th grade, my class took a trip to the now- defunct Six Flags Astroworld and, despite being terrified of roller coasters, was conned into riding this ride coaster called the Viper. It had a single loop, and the cars had lap bars. The friends that had just conned me into riding abandon me to pair up, and I'm left the odd one out. Determined not to pussy out, I climb into the last car left and a little Dominican Sister climbs in beside me. She looks stoked, I try not to pass out. The


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