21 of the Funniest Tweets from Friday, March 1, 2024

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21 of the Funniest Tweets from Friday, March 1, 2024

The Oscar-winning pair of Daniels behind Everything Everywhere All at Once are headed back to the big screen with Untitled Event Film. That’s not actually the name of the movie, but it wouldn’t be too out there for the subversive directors. While there’s no title, synopsis or stars attached to it just yet, Untitled Event Film does have a release date of June 12, 2026. It will be the directing duo’s first effort since signing their exclusive first-look deal with Universal Pictures back in August 2022. Despite no details being readily available, audiences can surely expect a wild ride that’s sure to be polarizing amongst critics, audiences and Letterboxd Patron subscribers. 

Although 2026 is still a couple of years away, It’s likely that we’ll see Untitled Event Film long before Coyote vs. Acme, which does, in fact, seem like it will be shelved forever. Either way, its lead actor took to Twitter to share his disappointment in Warner Bros.’ handling of the project. In a statement, Will Forte wrote, “I know that a lot of you haven’t gotten a chance to see our movie. And sadly, it’s looking like you never will.” He went on to say that he assumed the film was “a hunk of junk” after the decision to nix it, but after seeing it, he described it as nothing short of “incredible.” With such high praise, here’s hoping there’s a cinéaste Chelsea Manning out there who can do the heroic act of leaking the film.  

The timeline, on the other hand, isn’t wasting any time firing off some hilarious tweets. Today’s funniest ones include those about the beauty of a 3 a.m. Dune screening, some big stress relief and the quintessential dad text. 

Jeff Johnson @JeffJSays 1d FATMAN SCOOP!! CROOKYLN CLAN!! TIMBALAND!!! TIMBALAND!!! Travonne Edwards @Travonne. 1d. stomp the yard (2007) E 328 12K 56K 3.8M
wargen @funeralpig. 1 1d ... I bring a sort of i'm ready to die i'm ready to fucking die Vibe to work that my coworkers don't really like 6 839 4.7K 98K
Microplastics Exploder @DiabolicalSpuds 1d Went to the doctor with anxiety and he gave me this? Price $3.75 Per Set DR. YOUNG'S IDEAL Sold Only in Sets Un United SELF-RETAINING N W. RECTAL DILATORS FOR THE INTELLIGENT TREATMENT OF PILES, CONSTIPATION, NERVOUSNESS DYSPEPSIA, HEADACHE, RHEUMATISM, INSOMNIA, ASTHMA, INDIGESTION ECZEMA AND DISEASES CAUSED BY SLUGGISH CIRCULATION, MAL-NUTRITION, DEFECTIVE ELIMINATION AND THE ABUSE OF CATHARTIC DRUGS FOR WOMEN-Wonderfilly beneficial during pregnancy troubles. and before and during period. FOR MEN-Particularly recommended in prostatic DIRECTIONS-Betet . size that can be inserted without discomfort. Dr. the Lubricate side with with the vaseline drawn or with up,
pris @pwiscila 12h Watching an ad for 30 seconds to earn coins in a game 354 5.1K 77K 5
@abolishcxps 18h Dune 2? yeah i'm Dune 2 beers nدcy PART TWO ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE CINEMA - - 63 1K 30K 1.1M
Virginia Brasch @Virginia_Brasch· 1d Hubs: what are you laughing about Me: babe you are just not online enough to get this I'm sorry Adam @adamgreattweet - 1 1d you're not going to fucking believe where i found kate middleton 64 1.8K 31K 953K
no context sitcoms @oocsitcoms. 14h michael bluth: we have to get dad out of prison Ag Brasile tobias funke subplot: POP CRAVE Pop Crave @PopCrave.2 2d Stand-up comedian hired to play Willy Wonka at the widely criticised 'Willy's Chocolate Experience' breaks his silence: I'm constantly applying for more acting jobs and comedy work, then I got a phone call saying, 'Congratulations you are going to play Willy Wonka, we will send... Show more 71 4K 54K the 3.7M
Maya Tribbitt @MayaTribbitt.2 23h ... my media law professor explaining defamation: @byanijames 1d Idk who needs to hear this but it's not shade if it's tea! 5 2.6K 24K del 1.1M
katie @skatie420 - 17h ... obama keeps trying to run a train on me with joe biden and bill clinton < Mailboxes All Inboxes Edit Barack Obama 11:38AM Hey If you're up for hanging out with three presidents at once, we'd love to say hello. Hey there. It's Ba... 19 284 6.6K 151K
very tall bart @TallBart 1d Sometimes I forget not everyone is chronically online Today 5:20 PM Do you wanna have sex? ? Oppa penis style...! Read 5:22 PM 74 4.1K 55K 1.4M
Jenni @hashjenni 1d ... texting ur parents be like: 8:34 4G 18 D Dad when are you coming home? Read 8:32 PM Ok 404 10K 91K 3.7M
Весса Supreme @beccasupreme. 17h ... Let's put our thinking caps on New Rockstars NR @NewRockstars . 22h Iron Man vs. Magneto. Choose your fighter. 1.2K 16K 208K 13M
Georgia Shenk @GeorgiaShenk 19h Okay? Would you get mad at a dentist for flossing Barstool Sports @barstoolsports 1d Andy Cohen Is Under Fire For Allegedly Doing Blow With 'Housewives' And Playing Favorites barstoolsports.com/blog/3505207/a... Lincoln Center In Center Lincoint Ca new n Center Leasis Co 2.9K 16 57K du 2.7M
michaela okland @MichaelaOkla 11h love catching up with friends Today 1:08 PM Okay so how are things With your situation Ohhhhh which situation Delivered + iMessage 17 923 9.4K 256K
MegaChan @MegaChanRevival -1 19h I completely forgot I changed my boss's contact to this. President Joe Biden Can u work Monday 10-1? 58 4.9K 98K 1.6M
Chloe, Esq. @ChloeNumberIII.4h Imagine walking out of the theater after Dune 2 and seeing the sunset... I just teared up a bit oh my goodness iconnorpop @iconnnorpop. 1 13h 3:15am dune 2 you sickos 10:22 tv Dune: Part Two V X AMC Lincoln Square 13 Tomorrow, Mar 1 3:15am IMAX 70MM SCREEN 31 816 16K 589K
fuzilante @gusinater 1d My girl is getting sick of my whimsy U always tryna run around and play 1 104 1.9K 39K
Kenny Stewart @Kenny_Ste... 22h ... is this headline quoting the monkey BBC Scotland News 000 NEWS NEWS SCOTLAND 22h Escapee monkey moved to zoo to 'start afresh' bbc.in/3ThSGSb 2 54 469 18.3K
Wopiono @TaiiWopp 20h Unless your kids selling Don Julio don't tell me bout no fckin fundraiser 178 4,677 16.5K del 766K
aris @arisofmars.17h Don't ask me for advice on dealing with parents. I simply terrorized mine back until they complied 30 6,778 22K 880K
Barry @TheGrandBlooms.2 22h ... My chess strategy is to make a bunch of erratic moves at the beginning to throw my opponent off, & then lose the game 104 1,960 17.9K 476K


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