31 of the Funniest Tweets from Monday, February 26, 2024

31 of the Funniest Tweets from Monday, February 26, 2024

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but love is seemingly still in the air. Will Gluck’s Anyone But You reached a monumental box office milestone this weekend as the Sydney Sweeney/Glen Powell-led rom-com crossed the $200 million threshold in global box-office dollars. The film is the first rom-com to put up such astronomical numbers since 2018’s Crazy Rich Asians, and it’s the first highly successful R-rated rom-com since 2016’s Bridget Jones’s Baby. Not surprisingly then, Powell told Variety that he and Sweeney have been fielding scripts for a potential reunion, setting the stage for them to become this generation’s Julia Roberts and George Clooney

Meanwhile, Netflix released another adaptation of Avatar: The Last Airbender over the weekend. The series marks the second live-action adaptation of the Nickelodeon animated series since M. Night Shyamalan’s lackluster attempt in 2010. While the Netflix series is faring well so far, there’s one actor who didn’t know what he was signing up for. During the world premiere, Ken Leung told Deadline that when he heard his audition was for Avatar, he “thought (he) was going to be blue.” Perhaps this mix-up will open the door for Leung to explore the Na’vi world in one of James Cameron’s many upcoming Avatar sequels

Over on the timeline, things are off to a great start this week. Today’s funniest tweets include those about life without a crush, uncovering the unknown in a Wikipedia deep dive and the mindset required to play Connections.

Thanos. @Slim_Thanos.9h I was pulled over by a Police Officer . Не looked at my license and said you're supposed to be wearing glasses. I said I have contacts. Не said he didn't care who I know 1,427 13.1K 111K 2.4M
Patrick Monahan @pattymo.1 15h ... All the grizzled old guys at the docks keep hissing and doing the sign of the cross at the mysterious crate we're loading on my ship and saying stuff like God be with you. Probably fine 31 1,181 16K del 600K
Nate @thenatewolf-17h ... During one of the darkest times in my life l invented a way of cooking hotdogs called garlic water where I would put some garlic in some boiling water and then boil the hot dogs in the garlic water. You never really know what people are going through in private. 46 628 13.7K 513K
Cradle of Milf @honeyp... 20h ... Got IDd earlier today for a red bull after the gym, didn't have my purse just my phone and I was so tired the only think I could think to say was I'm listening to the sugababes and she pressed the clearly over 25 button 50 557 17.3K 769K
tim @theVibesGuru 18h ... seeing the Dune 2 budget You're paying way too much for worms, man. Who's your worm guy? 41 4,105 74.3K 2.1M
DeWitt В. Fartin @DeWittBFartin 4h ... I thought prima donna was pre Madonna until I was like 25, I thought it meant you were acting like you were about to be rich and famous like Madonna so nobody ever corrected me because I would always use the phrase correctly 10 70 1,497 31.4K
Trae Young Agenda @backen... 17h ... peak male group chats right here Nick Takeoff better than Jay Z N Today 11:33 AM JC removed Nick from the conversation. JC I can't do it today Rod. @RoddyIgnant-2/12/24 Women really think it be some wild shit in mens group chats. Let me tell u, a male only group chat is the most boring shit on earth. 277 6,684 49K 2.8M
Matías @maticaps 20h Told my divorced parents back in Argentina to go see The Holdovers not knowing there's only one showing per day and they both showed up at the same time and had seats in the same row 24 976 50.9K 974K
JRR Jokien @joshcarlosjosh - 1d ELIJAH: I'm going onstage at the #SAGAwards alone! SEAN: Of course you are! And I'm going with you! N LIVE 21 1.4K 24K 847K
DAVID @livefreeordavid - 18h ... One of my biggest pet peeves is when I ask someone how old they are and they say, How old do you think I am? Bitch this is not the carnival. I asked you a question. 29 24 499 22K
depths of wikipedia @depthsofwiki • 2h ... WIKIPEDIA The The Enciclopada They are the only father- son duo to be punished by the NHL for biting  other players. 18 217 3K del 99K
mel @melilbi 17h me link hopping on wikipedia for an hour every night before donce bed 3:12 < Message requests Messages from people who you don't follow live here. To read their messages, you need to accept the request Lee Clifford @LeeCliffor94331 Hey, I am kinda interested in x everything that is unkown to me. 6 3.9K 34K 748K
m! @ntrphl 19h when you have no crush no roster no interest so you start seeing the light again and start doing things like daily crossword puzzles and making overnight oats 104 10K 53K 1.8M
eve @farrckh . . 1d George Harrison @GeorgeHarrison I'm S00000000000 drunk @bobdylan 1:36 AM 1/1/22 Twitter for iPhone 169 Retweets 33 Quote Tweets 310 Likes George Harrison 1/1/22 Replying to @GeorgeHarrison Bobbbbbbbbb 2 155 251 6 551 6.8K 146K
@tayhader 22h Bradley Coopers Oscar campaign just sounds like this to me For You LIVE Following Weirdest things I did in psychosis 2644 comments x Liked by creator View replies (42) V ashleytosoni My friend thought she was leonard Bernstein for years! 4610 To this day when she changes her profile picture to Leonard Bernstein it means she stopped taking her meds 2-22 Reply 328 6.7K 2 153K
amelia elizalde @ameliaelizalde 13h ... once i remembered who i was dealing with i got these immediately. if you want to play the psycho's game u must shift into Psycho Mindset nat @starkeysfilm 1d the level of delusion needed to get the most specific category in nyt connections is actually driving me insane WORDS BEGINNING WITH INSTRUMENTS BASSINET, CELLOPHANE, HARPOON, ORGANISM 21 1.2K 26K 1.3M
graphic design de stor Isaac @GalaxyPeaBrain . 18h ... People with greasy hair after finding a headline that says you're not supposed to wash your hair often: 5 138 5K 151K
sam greisman @SAMGREIS 20h ... Me at a sleepover in 6th grade I'm gonna have a panic attack and I'm gonna leave. 1 84 1.2K 48K
Evan @iiamevann 1d Don't piss me off MELVIN 15 2:32 TikTok MELVIN Honda Pilot AIW538 Sun, Feb 25, 2:30 AM Is everything ok? I'm eating you order To many costumers I'm waiting outside Are you here? Stop playin playing playin i o t u p r e W y q I k h f j d S a g b n m V x с Z X return space 123 1.5M 59K 3.2K 448
amanda @jailedamanda.1 1d georgeromerosanalcavity Follow Feb 19 BUSINESS STAR Who would win in a fight 9% Roy family Jenna Maroney 91% 5,374 votes Remaining time: 1 day, 6 hours 19 745 11K 396K
Keion @Keionisbored 23h You not a real #throater louis capaldi @sunriselaughing.* 1d why are cold medication pills so big how am i supposed to swallow this as a reasonable human being 9.6K 179 120K 4.8M
@ijustbluemyself. 21h Thank you Exxon Mobil for the 65 °sunny day in February 11 12K 1.4K 236K
Ei @topiatwunk. 1h His blood might be wine but his body TEAAAA Colby Gordon @badinfinity2.1d Jesus with his extra wreath of abs 42 1.3K 12K 302K
Jane Altoids @staticbluebat.23h It's what he would have wanted ryan @glutendeath 1d who the fuck left a printout of an anime girl on leonard cohen's grave ??? LEONARD COHEN 193 4 2016 worth Weight 41 1.8K 30K 1.8M
tractor @nudeobama. 1d ... We need more kids shows where we make adults dress up like fucking idiot freaks 469 9.9K 124K 2.5M
patrick. @imPatrickT. 1d ... I'm so excited for tonight 748 538K 73 14K
lily hoang-zhu @liliuhms.1 13h having a bunch of knick knacks in your home is fun until it comes time to move & then you're like i'm stupid.. i'm so stupid... 38 2,287 16.7K 307K
Dan Carney @DanManCarney 23h ... Asked my dad what gives him the ick 48 D Dad> Do you have an ick? Of course What is it 4.5 why What? Don't laugh, we're Irish I'm sure yours isn't much bigger No I meant like an ick, like something that bothers you personally or makes you feel uneasy Read 2:17PM Oh lol Probably your mother leaving me for your drivers Ed teacher 424 142K del 10.7M 5,631
Kani @KaniRosi.21h Please wear Cologne that match your face!!! Got me turning around to nonsense 518 9,567 102K 4.2M
derek @websitehomepage 18h ... Haven't done a pushup in years. Doesn't seem right with what's been going on in the world 8 239 3,834 del 98.9K
DE Natalie @jbfan911.15h Happy to announce I've decided to turn my life around and will be changing all of my day to day habits this week. It will work and I will not fail, it is easy to do this kind of thing 48 5,304 36.2K 1.3M


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