20 Insane Drink Orders That Made Baristas Need Their Own Cup of Coffee

‘Water with whipped cream on top’
20 Insane Drink Orders That Made Baristas Need Their Own Cup of Coffee

If someone is ordering a “steamed orange juice,” rest assured that everything is not alright at home. There’s no way it could be. They’re searching for a kind of satisfaction at the bottom of that hot citrus that their personal life cannot provide. Maybe it’s not fair to psychoanalyze someone based on their drink order, but some requests are clear cries for help. 

To that end, Reddit’s most exhausted baristas have recalled the drink orders that should have been served up with a side of therapy, and apparently, people will put just about anything in a latte — even mayonnaise

sorgte . 4y I once had a customer ask for a extra caramel Frappuccino and to make him regret asking for so much caramel I put in 15 pumps each of the regular caramel sauce and dark caramel sauce as well as covering the entire inside of the cup in drizzle Не left the store and then came back in a few minutes later to tell me that was the best drink he's ever had ... 1.1k
ermmmamber 4y I once made a woman a small latte. All fine. She proceeded to take her latte and pour 3 sachets of mayonnaise in it, and then drank it all ... 3.1k
Ser_Dav0s . . 4y I once had someone use a free drink to get every ingredient added to a frappe. Literally every ingredient. All our syrup, milk combinations, inclusions, and bases. This was for her very old and obese mother. After a minute she came back with it as expected only her complaint was she wanted another pump of caramel. This drink must have been a few thousand calories. ... 383
zomgmatt.44 Iced Passion Fruit Tea with 2 Shots of Espresso. Fucking disgusting. ... 16
annersiaxolotl . 4y A semi-regular used to always order a black coffee and ask for a packet of butter to stir into it. I learned later that this is a thing that some people actually do instead of adding cream and I guess to give it a little froth. No thanks. ... 250
SteevyT . 4y Former barista, but anyway. Heavy whipping cream latte. ... 7
cheeseballthedog . . 4y 32 ounce cup. Raspberry, cherry, blueberry, and black berry syrup. A hefty amount of cream.
lil_nemo1 . . 4y Water with whipped cream on top. ... 185
anonymousUnicorn87 . 4y A banana orange latte. The idea of banana and coffee is horrendous to me. ... 21
not-jimmy 4y I don't know if anyone remembers, but for a hot minute Starbucks had a thing called Chantico, which was marketed as a drinking chocolate. It was basically a cup of melted chocolate, the consistency of thinned brownie batter, meant to be drunk in 4 oz cups exclusively. A woman came in and ordered a Grande. She miraculously survived and came back the next day and ordered a Venti. I still don't know how she choked it down. ... 767
Saxy_Toast 4y A mocha frappuccino with coke, sprite, and strawberry syrup added. When informed we were out of strawberry, they settled for grape as a substitute. ... 1.6k
DefNotUnderrated . 4y I had a guy hand me his own mug and I shit you not - ordered a vanilla late with 12 shots of espresso. Actually I clearly remember him saying 17 shots but everyone else was like oh he usually just gets 10! So I say 12 now to be on the safe side, His drink was like $21 and mostly just espresso with a little milk and syrup. Не also told me he'd been trying to cut down on caffeine lately ... 2.7k
ToastyCrumb 4y Not a barista, but a coworker of mine regularly drinks Diet- Dewspressos: diet mountain dew plus espresso. I worry for him. ... 114
voxadam e 4y Many years ago I had a customer that would order steamed (hot) orange juice. ... 48
HeyThereCutie_ 4y 12 pumps of raspberry syrup, 10 pumps of classic, extra lemonade, extra ice, passion tea lemonade. It was nearly a sno-cone at that point tbh ... 33
 . 4y Coffee with 23.5 Splenda. Not 23, not 24 - 23.5 Splenda exactly. ... 1.1k
bbboozay . 4y I once had a woman order a banana steamed into milk. I will repeat that. A banana. Steamed into milk. ... 59
hell0af . . 4y I used to serve a guy eight shots of espresso with a lemon wedge. ... 3
AnemoneOfMyEnemy .  4y Large iced pumpkin spice latte with no ice and heavy cream instead of milk. That's about 22 oz of pure heavy cream. ... 301
SgtColeslaw 4y In the 7 years I've been in the fast coffee industry, l'll always come back to one drink. A nonfat (lol) caramel Frappuccino with an entire 16oz bottle of caramel drizzle in it, plus 10 pumps of peppermint syrup. Topped with whip and...you guessed it; more caramel. Oh, and she wanted two large sized ones. Every day. 6am sharp. Edit: these two drinks actually made four because she wanted the extras on the side. ... 893


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