37 of the Funniest Tweets from Thursday, February 22, 2024

37 of the Funniest Tweets from Thursday, February 22, 2024

After two long years and a youthful yet equally graphic spin-offThe Boys are back in town — in June, at least. Amazon announced that its Emmy-winning superhero satire will be better and gnarlier than ever for its upcoming fourth season. The usual suspects are returning to reprise their roles and will be joined by new faces like The Walking Dead’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan and The Tick’s Valorie Curry. As America enters the throes of another election year, only time will tell in what new ways Homelander will act as a mirror for certain parts of our society.

Meanwhile, another show’s fourth season has casting news for its viewers, too. A year after her spicy directorial debut Flamin’ Hot launched on Hulu, Eva Longoria is keeping things in the family with a recurring role in the streamer’s next season of Only Murders in the Building. The Desperate Housewives actress joins Molly Shannon as the newest additions to the meta true-crime parody. Longoria’s casting comes just a week after Meryl Streep’s return was announced. As the revolving door of the Arconia continues to let in new guests, it’s clear that the apartment building is a place for legends only.

Over on the timeline, things are funnier than ever thanks to a prolific group of posters. Today’s most hilarious tweets include those about the words no one wants to hear coming out of a coma, the latest trend in New York and someone who took the wrong lesson from Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ last movie.

Boston @BostonMassUSA21h Zero out of three ain't bad. BOSTON EAST CHARLESTOWN BUNKER HILL Cambridge 90 Boston nway Park BACK BAY SOUTH BOSTON 90 WATERFRONT 93 vo @vanillaopinions 1d an affordable american city with warm weather and good transit would be the best place to live in the country 83 2,206 51.8K 3.5M

Katie Walsh @katiewalshstx· 19h ... ETE ANTI Emily Gould @EmilyGouldN... 1d My first advice column is up and it's a doozy! I Think My Husband Is Trashing My Novel On Goodreads thecut.com/article/going-... 11 190 3,499 252K

Wahlid Mohammad @Wahlid 14h ... i never had a piece of art speak to me before like this CELEBRATE DIVERSITY AL PASTOR DONER GLT GYRO 20 22 SHAWARMA KEVIN LEARY CHICAGO framed al pastor/shawarma/gyro meat tattoo art 11 x 14 print $20 Send seller a message Send Hi Cat, is this still available? 9 382 4,815 163K

RUD MORGO Rocco T. Thompson @roccott... 20h ... Barry Keoghan showing up for work on any given day NETWORK 74 4,823 68.1K 1.8M

Hispanic Shaun King @okims... 22h ... When I was in college I nailed a shoebox to my dorm room wall so I had a place for my keys and wallet. : em 197 2,061 65.7K 2M

sam @sleepyhead2342.21h ... chaos2 @cha0s3x.38m What jeans are trendy in New York 7 7 del 340 ancient italian proverb Segui @squartgal just be yourself 22:04 . 21/02/24 Da Earth 7 visualizzazioni 19 1,911 32.1K 660K

Teddie @Teddie2pointO 23h ... My kid just said can you turn the music down? On the way to the park so I did and he said when we get there if anyone tries to play with me I'm going to pretend that I can't talk. Thanks for that briefing you freak but I respect it 18 806 18.7K 368K

Sophie Vershbow @svershbow. dd ... tired: rom-coms sold us lies about love wired: rom-coms sold us lies about building a career in journalism 54 5,715 41.5K del 1.5M

Grace @graceyldn 1d ... My mum has hers as It's complicated and refuses to accept my dad's friend request on Facebook despite them being married and living in the same house Mollie Goodfellow @hans... 2d Remember Facebook relationship statuses, that was weird wasn't it 40 1,005 24.2K del 1.1M

Erm Dea @Em_E_Dee.2 23h Had the audacity to deviate from my usual black clothing and wear a grey knitted tunic and just got asked how the Crusades went. ГОСУГ ИМАЯ TAD 652 1,500 39.5K 1M

Gundam Earle @buttholemuse... 1d ... KB hottyz Okay, you know what you do? You buy yourself a tape recorder, you just record yourself for a whole day. I think you're going to be surprised at some of your phrasing. Sarahxmay@tumt IndieWro IndieWire @IndieWire 1d I hoped that  would come every day into me, Bradley Cooper said of... 7 1,044 23.2K 1.1M

carter hambley @carterhambl.... 23h ...  yooo you got fired like 10 years ago 8 766 14.2K du 448K

@dklmarxist - 5h Marxist Lynchist Nah I was stupidly locked in for these it was an opportunity to flex 2/13/24 hunt Nostalgia From Your Childhood the anxiety inducing one minute multiplication tests in elementary school Name Date (Key 1-2726641) 9 9 7 9 0 4 9 9 9 2 x x x 3 8 x x x 8 9 9 9 9 6 9 9 9 5 x x x x 4 o x x 1 3 9 5 9 2 9 9 x 6 9 7 x x x 9 x x 9 9 9 9 9 9 1 3

Crispy T @CrispyTesticles • 18h CRESPY Cosmi Claih News Cosmic Marvel @cosmic_marvel - 1d Marvel Studios is reportedly looking for a comedian, male or female, for MARVEL STUDIOS the role of H.E.R.B.I.E in 'THE ntastic FANTASTIC FOUR'. ... 150 31K 2K 995K

Timo Tjahjanto @Timobros 16h ... Shaq should've played Baron Harkonnen. 121 3K 15 146K

CUNT @thatflwater.5 5h damn you fine, why don't you give a croc a dial MicheleMuse @MicheleMuse5 - 1d Caption this. 340 5.9K 28K 1.2M

Маделейн. @normalmadeline 17h They should write a television show about the copywriters and advertising executives of the 1960's @LeaMaric 1d The 60s had the best copywriting of all time lol 5/MENTHOL MILD Tiparillo Tiparillo Tiparlllo Tiparillo by Robt. M Burns Mcite Danie Should a gentleman offer a Tiparillo to a marine biologist. tip. Mild taste? Well...she'd have new things under water. Maybe, You're scuba-ing along, admiring a to try one, wouldn't she? you muse, she'd like to discover a purple parrot fish and a red coral Tiparillo®.Or a Tiparillo M with But should you offer her one? reef when you

jenneth goulet @kennyroysgrammy - 18h daisy edgar-jones this is how we get you a bafta riddling little freak paul dano @50B0DIES. 19h hot take no man in the current day could have eyes so delicate and doelike so a woman should play paul 18 1K 28K IN 1M

The tumboy @TheTumboy 1d ... it would rule if you turned on the subtitles for an altman movie and they just said:  @wallsallaround.2 2/28/23 Joseph K. IMA KEEP IT ecnois ROBERT REAL WITH U ALTMAN 15 IM TURNING ON THE SUBTITLES 98 1.9K 13 102K

Robert Komaniecki @Komaniecki_R 22h S I am at a musical instrument shop and I've never felt more tempted to act a fool in my entire life i JAPAN if 65 293 5.4K 98K

@globalzaay 16h zaay Vibrator hanging like you finna go in the booth and drop a freestyle lovee @prettyasslovee. 16h what's some good to watch on tubi? tubi 379 8.7K 94K 8.2M

chid @CHIDSPIN.1d ... You did it, Rob Manfred! We're gonna see more balls in play than ever before!! Addison @YankeeWRLD. 1d WHAT DID FANATICS DO TO THE PANTS x.com/ mariners/statu... 9 103 965 60K

Roshan Patel @roshanpateI 1d Text from my 22 year old cousin 8:27 A Arjun > iMessage Today 8:26 AM Hey quick question - Ih have 14 months of work experience, 9 months at McKinsey. If I was to join a Series В or с stage startup what role should I apply for, CEO or COO? 2.8K 73K 8.1M 610

rommel el rudo @silkshirtt . 15h looking for jeans & why tf did they have the model like this 15 37 710 18K

alex @midsmoker34·2 21h Gambling is so beautiful and non addictive. Imagine changing your life and achieving financial freedom in a single moment. legit a free money hack. honestly can't believe more people aren't doing this shit 16 631 5.6K 194K

ShaneSaw Massaere @FinalDude78 - 5 5h ... me: finally gets a solid eight hours of sleep my neck: but you did it wrong dumbass lol 16 172 1.6K 38K

Хау @hoodopulence - 1 17h ... She deadass be taking out Superman n em in a Lane Bryant suit @notfreewzrd . 18h Mannnn x.com/hoodopulence/s... 92 1.4K 7.6K 371K

ALYSON @alysonkshave 1d I love when your printer goes nuts and starts wasting paper printing out 50 zodiac killer letters in wing dings F ÷2 f 9xÂ12 30%zA 26 ñ t %cé9ñ (ه )V-y.« DO CIT ~77Prpsf %ll C9ñOops 8 14 480 8.7K

Milliex @Millie32X 21h had to lock in because i was not losing to backshot 3 monster 21 03 2:10.48 X. backshot monster 34 2K 28K 434K

18h @spen_ spencer MLB off season is taking so long I'm actually starting to feel bad for these guys cody_bellinger Instagram 878K followers 221 posts You don't follow each other on Instagram You both follow k1 and 9 others View profile You started a chat with cody_bellinger. We use information from this chat to improve your experience. Learn about business chats and your privacy. 8:17 PM Hey man my uncle has a roofing company if you need some shifts part time Message... Q R T Y U I o W E P 13 341K 152 5.3K

LUNA @bvchfvce . 1 19h What Replied to your story What's your ethnicity I was born in nepal Damn that's what's up So you speak napoleon? Double tap to 351 3.8K 62K 3.2M

rosey @thechosenberg• 15h What a wild headline III TORONTO STAR Toronto man gets prison for tricking men into anonymous sex through hole in sheet By Jacques Gallant Courts and Justice Reporter Friday, February 16, 2024 آ 2 min to read 48 47 501 del 67K

jenny_tightpants @haloma... 13h ... it's crazy how common it is for video games to have jump buttons compared to real life where i can't remember the last time i needed to jump 296 2,313 59.1K 1.6M

Mass Ave Curmudgeon @mas... 23h ... ...and fuck apartment 813 В in particular 711 3,357 24.4K 753K

ELLIE @ellieq 10h Can't argue with that brief, can you JP B FUCK OFF 491 51 6 beaukays.xx You Ask We Deliver The Brief Was....She Loved A Ciggy & To Tell People To Fu*k Off!! 56 711 9,665 513K

Markey @morewingspls.17h ... How do I get a date with that handsome devil in tan? Today 1:28 PM I can ask him and follow up with you I'd really appreciate it! Tell him I like long walks and I can bring treats! Не said do you like anal? 38 737 16.6K 732K

Amber Berry Carr @bloodbe... 2h ... i watched The Menu and i liked it but Anna Taylor-Joy is the least convincing poor person i have ever seen. most born- rich looking human possible 132 1,020 35.5K 644K


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