26 of the Funniest Tweets from Wednesday, February 21, 2024

It’s a secret
26 of the Funniest Tweets from Wednesday, February 21, 2024

This year’s Oscars could have looked a lot different had it not been for one particular glass-ceiling-shattering film. Jimmy Kimmel, who is returning for his fourth go at hosting, told the Los Angeles Times that he didn’t think he would take the gig again. He explained that his trepidation was equal parts the “work that goes into (the Oscars)” and the difficulty of “making accessible references to movies the audience may not have seen.” The latter point was a reference to a joke he made about Moonlight at the 2017 ceremony that “made it clear that the vast majority of the room had not seen the movie.” It wasn’t until last year that he cracked the code and relied heavily on a movie that everyone had seen: Top Gun: Maverick. This year’s movie that got Kimmel back on the mic? None other than Barbie. Kimmel said he left the movie theater thinking, “Well, maybe I’ll do this again. Because at least I have a point of reference with everyone.” We’ll see if Kimmel sticks the landing on Sunday, March 10th. 

Kimmel’s not the only big name in Hollywood who needed some convincing to return to something he’s done before. Before conjuring up more scares in Tim Burton’s upcoming Beetlejuice sequel, Michael Keaton had a specific caveat for reprising the iconic role. The actor told People that he was “totally not interested in doing something where there was too much technology,” and wanted it to “feel handmade.” Burton naturally indulged the request, which resulted in what Keaton called “enormous fun.” The practical effects hit the big screen in all their glory this September. 

You don’t have to convince me to tell you that the timeline is chock-full of hysterical tweets. Today’s funniest include those about the secret to making Madame Web, the world’s worst trip-sitter and someone who knows that math problems belong on LinkedIn. 

JoJo Lee @jo_leeeee 17h ... Airport: come like 3 hours early Ok what gate do I go to Airport: not telling until last minute 53 3,245 48.6K del 1.5M
brittny pierre @sleep2d... 18h ... This is the type of inside information I live for COM PLEX Complex @Complex 18h Bradley Cooper Says Jay-Z Was Watching 'Judge Judy' When Не Was at Beyoncé's House for 'A Star Is Born' Meeting DATTA E FILM AWARDS ЕЕ E BA TA A AWA DS 101 5,859 98.8K 4.5M
worst case Ontario @su... 20h ... when Linus was just a baby we took the bus to his first vet appointment and I didn't realize he was doing this until these ladies behind me started cracking up lol 48 2,746 44.4K 589K
bailey moon @Baileymoon15 14h i'm always thinking of that tweet that said mr beast is kidz bop jigsaw MrBeast @MrBeast. 4d I found 100 people ages 1 thru 100 and trapped them in cubes. Then they competed in mental/physical challenges for $500,000 to see which age is the best t :D 24:56 3 210 3.1K 175K
deborah vance @l1z4rdk1ng.1 18h one culkin sibling for each bald ann dowd @ali_sivi • 18h they only need to hire one actor. that's all the same guy 25 31K 1.4K 1.1M
E GONE? ringworm @prawn_meat. 16h ... WHITE 54 EINE? someone inside this tunnel calling my name softly. gonna go in and check out what's up 1923 32 189 3K 71K
Ben Dover @BenDoverNY42069-19h ... Wearing a call sheet at the bar this weekend your major That's ewesane my mom 15 c nuck Dive 43 or ول What school do you go <<4 Collec GG 47 587 13K 1.1M
Tai'yana @_Ali_Bomaye 1d These had to be the Wings Maxwell was singing about. Manetastic Mr. Fox @TdashGlaze 1d It'a been too long 88 4.4K 30K 1.2M
Lover Alex @hannahtheebaker 13h ... this family just put never going to olive garden again their baby on the floor?? 1.1K 7.3K 106K 5M
The Bombastic Clown @IRodC1 - 18h BRING BACK MADDEN EUGENICS 4GLT 8:29 29% DNA Best Position Choice: RB Your dad was a NFL RB who started tor years. Your mother is a supervisor at a large company. Your father has an average IQ. MY FATHER MY MOTHER NFW Starting NFL RB Supervisor Treasure Hunting Board Games IO is 108 IO is 102 EA SPORTS Superstar Help Try Again Main Menu NFL Bruce Matson @MetricScout . 2d R GIANTS I miss changing hotdog prices on STADIUM AT THE MEADOWLA Madden. OUTDOOR/GRASSY M TYPE TENDANCE N/A $- 11.75M IT ASSETS PRICE vs EXP DOGS $8 $5
Chris @ThisIsCreation 15h Mickey 17 has been pushed back again? If they push it back any further, Mickeys gonna be 18 4F DiscussingFilm @DiscussingFilm - 17h Bong Joon-ho's next film 'MICKEY 17', now release on January 31, 2025. Starring Robert Pattinson, Steven Yeun, Naomi Ackie, Toni Collette an... 6 291 6.7K 216K
neptune/nikk the pronoun freak @ne... 1d ... he can't be both bob dylan and george harrison what's he going to do, fuck himself? eduardo is NOT baby @itsjustfand00.1d  Actor Timothee Chalamet is set to play George Harrison! x.com/discussingfilm... 765K 36 616 13K
trixie @capableofluv. 18h incredible things are happening at pinkpantheress's capable of love tour.. 36 2.7K 39K 891K
Le owl @ponzischeme9.20h CC 124 479 4.4K del 41K Cree Follow @HakarisupremaC Please come to Kalamazoo Michigan 5:42 PM 2/20/24 From Earth 3 3 Views 118 2.3K 43K 1M
cabby @cabby 1d ... how did you and your wife meet? me: THATS OOMF 25 1.4K 5.5K 121K
jana @durdensvline. 8h ... saw someone download letterboxd for the first time during my lecture. i witnessed a life that's about to change forever. 4 86 2.7K 57K
not matt @PanasonicDX4500 1 1hh PEXL once you turn like 28 eighty percent of your life is just J saying it feels like a  over and over again until you die 5 7 188 7K
Mollie Goodfellow @hansmollman 6h I put this in my calendar like two years ago as a joke but boy < March a + M T W T F S S 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Tuesday 5 March 2024 all-day Process trauma (pandemic) 01:00 02:00 03:00 47 3.1K 54K 1.2M
Pat @pattbb8.22h ... Me and the boys still going to the movies in our 70s high as hell and logging them on Letterboxd after AND THE OSCAR GOES TO MARTIN SCORSESE THE DEPARTED FOR 704 16 8.3K 245K
hood_cashflow732 @hoodcas.... 1 17h ... I don't even give a fuck Massimo @Rainmaker19....1d How many cubes are on the trailer? HOW MANY CUBES ARE ON THE TRAILER? SIDE BACK TOP 394 9,293 122K 5.4M
Dr Laura Eastlake @Victorian... 21h ... The big bottle of soy sauce is empty. Inner chaos-voice: Fill it full of Diet Coke and casually sip from it in staff meetings, just to freak people out? ALL-PURPOSE SEASONING KIKKOMAN NATURALLY BREWED Soy Sauce 1 LITRE e OVER 300 YEARS OF EXCELLENCE ALT 114 776 14.1K 350K
your bestie brian @lusciousb... 22h ... imagine meeting michael jordan and asking him to sign this Visit the Amazon Basics Store 673 Amazon Basics Basketball amazonbasics 61 2,446 78.2K . 1.5M
em @cbcradio2 2.16h I'm walking to my boyfriend's house thinking about 2 specific things he's said in the past 6 months that I'm actually really upset about. Can't wait to tell him. 8 4 451 18.4K
Arthouse Shawn Levy @firaga... 11h ... My date immediately after leaving our Madame Web screening: how did that even get made Me, eager to demonstrate my film knowledge: I believe they used cameras 6 764 11.9K 252K
Harrison Weinreb @harriweinr... 12h ... I don't think either person should pay for the first date. It should be on the house 2 113 2,331 41.5K
kc @powcampsurvivor • 18h it's important to be a good friend i ate some shroom chocolate and im really freaking out can you send me something nice A THOUSAND CURSES UNTO THEE Read 6:06 PM 7 197 4,061 87.3K


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