24 of the Funniest Tweets from Tuesday, February 20, 2024

It takes a certain level of intelligence to understand true haterism
24 of the Funniest Tweets from Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, The Beatles are getting the feature film treatment — four times over. Deadline broke the news that Sony Pictures has enlisted Oscar-winning director Sam Mendes to tell four interconnected stories from each band member’s point-of-view. The ambitious project marks the first time PaulRingo and the families of John and George have granted a studio full life-story rights and access to their historic music catalog for a scripted film. The studio promises an “innovative and exciting” release for the films, which are due out in 2027. In a statement to Deadline, Mendes says he is “excited to challenge the notion of what constitutes a trip to the movies.” 

Meanwhile, according to movie insider Jeff Sneider, a movie that already revolutionized a genre may be coming back for seconds. The InSneider himself shared that Project X, one of the most controversial movies of the 2010s, is getting a sequel that’s sure to rile up One Million Moms everywhere. Aptly titled Project XX, the sequel will have a female-driven cast that already has Twitter clamoring for the likes of Ayo Edebiri, Rachel Sennott and Molly Gordon. Admittedly, it’ll be hard to recapture the lightning in a drunken bottle that came with the unprecedented original, but it may still be able to shine a light on the way Gen Zers throw down when their parents aren’t around.

These movies, of course, are years down the pipeline. Thankfully, then, these hilarious tweets are readily available for your viewing pleasure right this very minute. Today’s funniest ones include those about the world’s luckiest shoe salesman, an ancient spelling bee and one baby’s totally tubular bedtime request.

THE 13TH DISCIPLE @unsanctifi3d - 18h  me: beetle, eye with eyeliner, scale, lotus flower.... and... eagle? spelling bee judge: correct 2 257 3.4K 68K
HP @amishestrogen 1d i'm an ethical hater. i'm hating on u from a nuanced and multifaceted standpoint 102 22K 87K 2.9M
cory @coolmathgame_.20h  shoe salesman: oh fuck yes 4 416 5.3K 120K
pragun @pragunwastaken• 9h LGBTQ (let's get biryani tonight queen) 38 1.7K 8.1K del 193K
gale na @poisonjr 15h  this is probably good asf for the gander 6 202 2.5K 64K
first name lexi @lexishaye_ 18h ... - what if they ran into each other in Peru 37 1.8K 28K 883K
joe bro'dib @jbromovies 11h First line gave me a heart attack MAMILTON Hamilton Watch @hamiltonwatch - 1d Hamilton X Dune: Part Two At the request of Director Denis Villeneuve, Hamilton worked alongside the film's prop master, Doug Harlocker, to craft a watch for another world that defies traditional watch norms. See #DuneMovie, Only in Cinemas #hamiltonwatch @dunemovie 203 13 5.5K 270K
Koco Caine's Straw @tyjnick . 6h OPEN THE SCHOOLS! Sara @tooyoungonvinyl. 2d Learning math with Harry 90° 5.4K 98K 1.9M 58
IVY @b_happp 22h you just decide to be grand on a random Tuesday Jay. @thepicklejuice . 2d How did you guys get over a break up? 53 2.8K 12K 673K
emily petrini @emilykmay 19h my 2yo demanded a skateboard song at bedtime (idk how he knows what a skateboard is ???) and i told him i did not know a skateboard song but he insisted and so i sang sk8er boi and he went straight to sleep. 67 887 30K 792K
Xaniken @Xaniken 1d Lots of alien discourse on the TL so I want my position to be clear. If me and the boys are the first people an alien meets on earth we are stealing all of the copper wiring from his ship for meth money 33 723 6.6K 185K
brandon* @brndxix 1d ... posting like this with no checkmark is true passion and dedication for the interaction game Azix @ilyazixxx 2d Your THIRD emoji is your response... Elon Musk now E | accidentally sent you $100,000... can you send it back? 186 2.6K 126K 11M
soggybroccoli @karinarosewhite 22h being a creep and a weirdo when i go down on him, call that radio head 1 457 1.8K 55K
@neshax_ 1d cause they getting your prison date together!!!! KING J. CARIER @lilbleetbitc... . 1d How all yall got a date &i dont IRS MENU Home / Refunds / Refund Status / Results Refund Status Results Return Received 2 Refund Approved Refund Sent We apologize, but your return processing has been delayed beyond the normal timeframe. You can continue to check back here for the most up to date information regarding your refund. We understand your tax refund is very important and we are working to process your return as quickly as possible. Helpful Information Please read the following information related to your tax situation: TaxTopic 152,Refund Information Please Note
mr. chef @rilomania247.4h ... today's Ringo John Lennon Movie Movie teens 4F DiscussingFilm @DiscussingFilm - 5h 4 separate biopic films are in the works about each member of The Beatles to all release in theaters in 2027. ... 49 2.3K 28K 933K
kc @powcampsurvivor - 20h i never understand the appeal of Al art until i remember the redditor who was moved to tears by this. then it all clicks STOP WARS STOP KOB 21K 3 51 1.3K
jessi @bibliojessi. 23h ... Her email signature is like: -Bridgit Mendler, BA, MBA, JD, PhD, CEO, Actress, Singer, better than you, etc POP CRAVE Pop Crave @PopCrave23h Bridgit Mendler is officially a CEO as she launches her startup, Northwood Space. Northwood aims to create satellite ground stations that are designed with mass production and customer flexibility first in mind. 149K 3.8M 55 14K
rat facts, PhD @shwauby.14h the 167:0.61 2 س 04 Pabot DELL KUP KUP ЖИР sacoac shadow bewy @itsbewyc. 2d making good progress. i can feel my jaw strengthening each day 26 2.1K 25K 689K
Trap Queen Enthusiast @marionumber4. 19h ... I'm putting together a team 7 - 2 ml Single Dose IV or IM Use 7 Fentanyl Cit com by USP 100 encg Fentant Exp. 12/1/2020 94 3.2K 46K 956K
xavier @dicnowder.2 21h Tony X. @soloucity 44m The goalie just said Fuck it and left? 741 834 Vancouver Canucks @Canucks.2 21h Final. LD 82 ?) NHLSHOP.COM 7 FINAL SCORE 10 6 415 13K 750K
Sex standards climate change desial crafo jackson @placed_onto 1d creek CEN DOAL derpi well document Facelites hart Happily accepting your request that I kick rocks, my to topos growthing by Jane) micro favorite, next you're gonna demand I take a hike, I could probably even do both at the same time 3 244 2.2K 50K
kenzi @kenzianidiot. 14h ... i continue to look for lizards in each of the potted plants because in 2003 i saw a lizard in a plant there and ive been chasing that high ever since Alex Kay @itsalexkay . 3 3d I stop right next to you at Home Depot... what do you do? CC MONSTER Red 44 I C Ca E WIN PAR I 110 2.4K 70K 2.2M
bethany @fiImgal 21h anatomy of a fall (2023) Courtney Howard @Lulamaybelle . 21h Worth repeating. I DON'T CARE WHO DIES IN THE MOVIE AS LONG AS THE DOG LIVES 9 1K 10K 460K
Eravo Dave Quinn @NineDaves 11h brown Housewives in their first and second season. Pete @PeteAscolese 19h This glow up is actually insane. 18 1.5K 13K del 666K


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