24 of the Funniest Tweets from the Week of February 12, 2024

Ah, if only…
24 of the Funniest Tweets from the Week of February 12, 2024

It’s been an eventful week. Not long after a Pop-Tart was publicly executed on live television, the man behind the pastry treat passed away at the age of 96. New superhero films were announced, which set the stage for yet another box-office battle between rival studios. A new Super Bowl victor was crowned, and it gave everyone déjà vu. Some $85 million truths came to light about why the Road House remake was sent straight to streaming instead of movie theaters. And Jon Stewart made his much-buzzed-about return to the Daily Show desk for an election-cycle late-night residency. 

But all of this news couldn’t distract the posters from blessing the timeline with another windfall of hysterical tweets. This week’s funniest ones included those about Temu crowdfunding its Super Bowl spots, the unlikely intersection between Quentin Tarantino fans and devout Christians and someone who desperately needs a good night’s rest.  

Classical Studies Memes for Hellenistic Teens 11h ... Finally, Greece is embracing homosexuality, something which has never, ever happened there before at all no sir 32 1.4K 11K 212K
vts - Harry Mac @bbharrymac 4d Single most insane prop bet I've ever seen Proposition Game Broadcast To +100000 Will Be Interrupted By Arre Live Images Of Gam 2/11/24 Patrick Mahomes Sr 5:30 PM Driving A White Ford Bronco 68 2.9K 70K 4.1M
Dame Fagatha Christie @FagathaGagatha 2d Kamala when confronted about Biden's cognitive decline Ese Grinch 1d It's old. But it still bark!! @ttakvomes 4skin3 284 24 6.4K
new jersey facts @brokebckmtn - 5d Ethan... the Entity has uploaded you onto the Las Vegas Sphere. Mission: Impossible @MissionFilm . 5d The biggest action franchise. The biggest screen. The biggest game. @SphereVegas CC Paramoune Paramount 0:13 20 1.1K 19K 1M
doja tapp @tapptastical. 1d god forbid i rob a 7-11 @urfaveniggee . 3 3d Club close at 2am.... She get home at 4am 7 1.6K 16K 628K
EST Bee @TheBSharpJr -1 15h Verizon prob got $13 left in they account after paying Beyonce 200 9.2K 87K 6.7M
Chris @citehchris 17h - em if usher wants a truly memorable halftime show he'll bring that pop tart out 59 3.8K 57K 3.2M
meesh @mishricci . 1d this superbowl means nothing to me but i do love when people gather to eat little treats and scream at the tv 2 692 7.1K 141K
gail @yungmtngoat.1 1d ... huge day for people that love appetizers (me) 6 569 4.4K 149K
Kylie Brakeman @deadeyebrakeman 1 17h My bad. Didn't know about the foot stuff, will go back to church 14 965 18K 742K
Rolls Reus @D9N9ABI9 1d I lied there's no sex put your clothes back on lets play wordhunt 37 2.6K 16K 524K
Louis Virtel @louisvirtel. 16h Usher is like the Juilliard of birthday strippers 6 229 4.2K 165K
Lucy @LucyXIV1 17h ... scathing indictment on the Democratic Party Elmo @elmo 19h When both teams are red, it's hard for Elmo to pick which team to root for. Elmo will cheer for both! 23 6.9K 63K 2.2M
noah hockey stick emoji @capsboybebop 19h remember the super bowl where mr peanut fucking died 102 7.3K 109K 3.7M
kida @kidasnow. 1d 24 is a great age bc you survived 19 AND 23 252 8.8K 59K 2.3M
eve @impossiblyeve 21h ... they should invent a kind of sleep that leaves you refreshed in the morning 52 12K 91K 1.6M
Aditya Sood @adityasood 15h Honestly shocked they're hiding that TWISTERS is a musical. 23 214 1.9K 104K
F#A# , fka @coopercooperco • 17h Twister 2? No sale. Fuck off. Not interested Twisters? I'm there day 1. The birth of my beautiful son Lance can wait. I've got a movie to watch. 19 201 3.1K 136K
Tay *redacted* @tayredacted 16h Temu used y'all's credit card info to buy two Super Bowl ads 417 28K 248K 6.9M
Jamie Lee Squirtis @_catamar... 16h ... My friend got lasik today and I'm sending this to him How'd your lasik go??? 104 3,537 86.8K 1.8M
Brandon Streussnig @BrndnS... 17h ... Не should cast the Iron Claw boys in this. They should just keep playing famous trios. Three Stooges after that. FILM UPDATES Film Updates @FilmUp... .1 17h Ridley Scott to direct 'BEE GEES' movie. (deadline.com/2024/02/ridley...) 45 1,806 31.8K 1.6M
mel @memegodmel. 19h the way them ancient #freeks was moving I assumed it's been legal POP CRAVE Pop Crave @PopCrave.1 19h Greece has officially legalized same- sex marriage. 70 6,626 92K 3.1M
Hispanic Shaun King @okims... 22h ... Somebody just tried to explain cricket to me and they pulled this insane graphic up. There's no way this is real. Be serious. Long leg Long stop Fine third man Deep third man Deep fine leg Straight fine leg Third man Square third man Fine leg Short third man Short fine leg Square fine leg Deep backward point Fly slip Slips DBSL Leg slip Leg gul y Backward Backward point Gully 4s 3g2s1s square leg Deep point 9s WK DSL SL-UMP R Point Square leg Short leg Silly point B-S Forward point Forward square
Hispanic Shaun King @okimst... 17h ... Ryan @Integrity_Guy Imagine Dragons' job is to come up with music that will get your cousin to join the army 11/10/18, 6:29 PM 3,911 Retweets 26K Likes 4 416 8,269 161K


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