18 of the Funniest Tweets from Friday, February 9, 2024

18 of the Funniest Tweets from Friday, February 9, 2024

It’s been over two decades since their last new category introduction, but the Academy of Motion Pictures Art and Sciences has decided it’s time for some new people to receive recognition. While many have long advocated on behalf of stunt coordinators, it’s not yet their time to shine. Instead, another oft-overlooked role is being awarded come 2026: casting director. The Best Achievement in Casting category marks the first addition to the ceremony since 2001 when the inaugural Best Animated Feature statuette went to Far Far Away and Shrek.  

If the film translates well, one of the first contenders for the award could very well be Chris Rock’s take on the 2020 Danish film Another Round. News broke a few weeks ago about the comedian hopping on board to direct an American remake of Thomas Vinterberg’s film, and there’s speculation that Rock may also star in the leading role that Mads Mikkelsen played in the original. Either way, he better get the remake right, as Vinterberg admitted to Danish magazine Soundvenue that “the choice of Chris Rock is exciting,” but he warned that “if it’s shit, he’ll get slapped again.” 

As those on the timeline patiently await The Slap 2.0, they’re filling their time with some tweets of their own that slap. Today’s funniest tweets include those about new election guidelines, the working man’s parlay and neighborhood-defining art.

lil arab @sweatyhairy 23h I imagine ur driving ur girl past lickinghole brewery in goochland and her wifi automatically connects Richn BiZSF Richmond BizSense @rvabizsense. 3d Lickinghole brewery in Goochland closed indefinitely while owner deals with health issues richmondbizsense.com/2024/02/06/lic... @LCCB_FarmBrews 2 88 1.1K 100K
lev @lisco_2000 1d every job should have a trade deadline day like imagine finding out your coworker got traded to a Burger King in Oklahoma 67 2.3K 30K 1.4M
vo @vanillaopinions. 18h they're soft launching her President Biden @POTUS 1d We are so fortunate to have a real leader, a true friend, and a historic Vice President in Kamala Harris. We couldn't do this without you, Kamala. ALT 198 4.8K 96K 5M
a dirk diggler fan @cocococobun - 1 19h realized that when i get closer to finishing a show that's when i stop watching it This has to be some sort of trauma response 698 27K 134K 3.2M
7/11 Truther @DaveMcNamee3000. 1d  yes I remember you, you're my grandson! afil GROUND News afit VIAGRA® Mnf 100 mg sildenafil Tozyf VIAGRA® Onzer 100 mg sildenafil RA® Pfizer a rizzfld VIAGRA® Phz 100 mg sildenafil VIAC Lot: 100 mg sila nisa Pfize VI 10 Pfizer Trending Health 20 sources Viagra reduces 100 the risk of developing Alzheimer's by 18%, study suggests L 40% с 55% 14 232 64K 2.5K
america's lounge singer @KrangTNelson 16h every once in a while I submit fake stuff to celeb gossip sites and it's honestly so rewarding when one of them gets published DEUXMOL 1/10 Jennifer Garner put my shoes on for me after I went through the TSA checkpoint! DEUXMOL DEUXMOL DEUXMOL DEUXMOI. DEUXMOL 4,427 likes deuxmoi PART 2...We asked our readers to submit Has a celebrity ever demonstrated a random act of kindness towards the of their annwaral 109 3.6K 95K 2.6M
Chis @turbochis 1d does this look boring to you? virgobaby @maybeeevirgo . 3d being a boy must be so boring... Dior 374 17K 149K 7.8M
Frank Lloyd White Boy @rustbelt_ 3h ... public art not only allows a city's people to reflect its creative abilities onto the built environment, but uplifts the spirit of residents and visitors alike CHAIR SEATING AREA. UREMENTS ARE LOCATED BELOW THESE SEATS ARA SILLAS DE RUEDAS SEGUROS DE ENCUENTRAN AJO DE ESTOS ASIENTOS 14K 49 1.4K 397K
Ken Klippenstein @kenklippenstein 13h Instead of an election let's just see who can draw a clock better 60 819 7.7K 233K
i like food @messedupfoods.2d ... Tell your Dad I've got his Crunchwrap Supreme and I'm on the way to pick him up TVD 11 We broke up 4 months ago why do you still get Taco Bell with my dad? Read 5:06 PM Just two guys eating crunchwraps and watching football Is that a crime??? 130 3,387 109K 2.9M
Teddu @diyfieri. 1d ... Drinking cough syrup until I can not only understand the minions language, but their motives 34 4,177 40.2K del 1.2M
ozu enjoyer @standardspeeds 1d ... if Larry David had tried that shit with Grover it wouldn't have gone down the way it did. there would have been a lot of blood in that tv studio 14 254 2,974 86.1K
Cian @nodrectionhome. 4h ... dumbest filmbro ever: Of his whole oeuvre, Anderson's artistic sensibilities, particularly his use of religious symbolism, are at their peak in his 2007 magnum opus There Will Be Blood. guy with 5000+ films logged & a masters in film studies: Imao chekc out jaws 3d.. awesome 24 336 4,138 131K
zach silberberg @zachsilberb... 18h ... what the hell PLURIUS UNUSA It is now illegal to be a swagged up white boy in America. SIDENT OF THE U 19 413 5,772 280K
Henny Riefenstahl @Race... 20h ... You should be able to call out of work if you go too hard at lunch 11 173 2,295 102K
lonnie b. fly i'm mariah's... 21h ... She's said no. More than once. It's creepy now. Stop trying to make her a stepmom to 159 people. Jasmine the BRAND theJasmineBRAND @theja... 1d Nick Cannon On Whether He'd Reconcile With Mariah Carey: 'You Gotta Ask Her' dlvr.it/T2VOd2 T the Jasmine BRAND 82 4,062 41.2K 1M
huffy @sulkingtime 20h just received the most threatening notification imaginable Amy Klobuchar now getting closer by the minute M 76 816 16.5K 819K
justan @magiicalnegro 21h ... they made a show about it - ORIGINAL BEE CHICAGOLA nightskin angel @ARIA2X... 22h i never see yt pple hang out with they cousins 78 8,696 122K 5.3M


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