The 30 Funniest Names People Have Ever Heard

The ‘George’ is silent???
The 30 Funniest Names People Have Ever Heard

Some people refuse to bring another “James” or “Brittany” into the world, and opt instead to do the craziest things possible with the name of their offspring. And while yeah, certain names have really worn us down, you have to wonder what was going through the minds of the those who came up with “Jageorgeson.” Before you even attempt garbling your way through that one, just know that the “George” is silent. Don’t be uncivilized.

Redditors have had a giggle at the funniest names they’ve ever heard, and it’s a little scary knowing that this might inspire some of you to get real weird with it. That said, maybe the world needs more Jageorgesons?

Stinkysnarly. 8y I feel sad for these kids as adults. I one spoke to a high up banking official by the name of Pixie Bounce. It's just not a name that fits well with prudent financial decisions. ... 115
loSonCalaf . ! 5y I worked with a girl named Toshiba and another one named Suname (pronounced like tsunami) ... 457
bukanir . 5y Dovakhiin, I shouldn't judge but... Was it worth it? ... 142
wildlymild1 . 5 5y Girl I went to high school with. Last name was Meadows, not too wild. First name Heaven. Middle name Lee Cue eye roll ... 250
 . 8y Met a kid straight up named Skyhawk, I'm pretty sure his parents were hippies ... 654
chips_n_dicks . . 5y A friend of mine called his daughter Stevia, as in the natural sweetener. When I told him what stevia actually was his response was Ohhh fuck... oh well, we'll just call her Stevie ... 101
 . 8y A friend told me about her sister working at a daycare and there was a kid named Derek. Only thing was that it was spelled D'riq ... 901
 . 5y I had a neighbor named Clurtis. ... 1.4k
 . 5y Soya like the bean. His mum said she liked the name Sawyer, but since she was a vegan, she wanted to celebrate it. Thus Soya was born. Sweet kid, dumb name. ... 166
Jmann356 . 5y Jageorgeson. Pronounced Jason, the George is silent. Have people not heard of middle names ... 436
throwawaycausewtf700 . . 5y Growing up there was this girl who rode the same bus as me named Lasagna. No fancy pronunciation just straight up Lasagna.
sweaterfuzzy. 8y My friend's SIL named her daughter Tetherly. ... 117
 . 8y It's not ridiculous but rare to me - Spurgeon. ... 418
murderofcrows90 . 8y I saw a girl on the news named Kim Wimberly. Kimberly Wimberly. ... 2k
Damzil . 5y There was a goth couple at a flea market I often visited. They had lost their son and they were yelling out Alucard! Where are you! Alucard is Dracula backwards. ... 46
reddi Stabyouup666 . . 1y I know someone who named their kid Chozyn. The kid wasn't adopted either. ... 3.2k
adcable2018 . 5y L&D RN here. Doing my rotations in nursing school, took care of a baby named meconium. Meconium is a big word for a shit a baby takes, basically. Hadn't picked a name, heard a nurse say it, thought it was pretty. ... 149
 . 8y My son goes to school with a girl named Tyranny. Tyranny. ... 680
QuestionSeven . 5y My girlfriend knows a woman who she's described as a hippie crackhead ended up naming her baby Solario Eclipso because she had the baby last year on the day of the eclipse last August. ... 326
creepysnowflake . . 5y We also had a girl named Fantasy deliver a baby girl she named Reality. : 369
 . 8y Cousin named his son Anchor and his daughter Avalynn. We all thought it was kind of weird, but hey it's his choice. ... 205
 5y I know someone who named her baby D'Artagnion because she like the three musketeers and I knew someone who's name is spelled Stay-C ... 131
vignettethrowaway 5y Server at a McDonald's was wearing a nameplate that said ABCDEF. I just assumed she was new and it was a placeholder, but my friend made note and the server was just like Yup. Absidef. Wild ... 361
JaniePage 5y Stand down, everyone, I've got this. I used to work as a midwife, and one of the things you perfect is a poker face, especially the one you have to pull when someone tells you what they are going to call their baby. We are of course in the golden age of people naming their children the sort of names that will get them beaten into unconsciousness on a semi- regular basis in the playground, so I got to pull that poker face out all the time. My go to response would usually be, 'Wow, what an interesting
allygraceless . 8y Xzibit. A father came in with his 8 year old child named Xzibit. Yes, like the rapper Xzibit (which isn't even his real name...) .. 182
 . . 5y Natethan. Not Nathan. Nate-than. ... 484
 . 8y Parents of one of my organ students named their most recent child Pipedreams because they love the organ in church. ... 294
CaptainTittysprinkle . 8y A boy named Coast and the younger sister was named Tide. ... 63
ginger_ninja 5y My friend is a doctor. She was doing her OB rotation. Walks into a patients room, compliments them on their new son, asks if they've picked a name. Yes, they say. We've named him Gooey. Gooey? Yes, Gooey. Thats different. Where did you find it? In the baby name book of course! Oh. How do you spell it? G-u-y. ... 656
reachingforthestarss ОР . 5y l'll start, my friend works in the NICU and treated a baby named Ssss't (pronounced Forrest). ... 687


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