33 of the Funniest Tweets from Tuesday, February 6, 2024

No, yeah everything is fine otherwise
33 of the Funniest Tweets from Tuesday, February 6, 2024

If you’re expecting to see splashy blockbuster trailers during this year’s Super Bowl, you’re going to be greatly disappointed. Several major studios, including Warner Bros., Sony, Netflix and Amazon, have allegedly opted out of showcasing any of their upcoming films. That means no new Ghostbusters or Kraven the Hunter trailers and no exclusive look at Venom 3 or Bad Boys 4. That said, movie lovers will still get their fix as the CBS-hosted event will serve as a highlight reel for its parent company Paramount, which is expected to release trailers for John Krasinski’s post-apocalyptic prequel A Quiet Place: Day One, the Idris Elba-led Sonic spin-off series Knuckles and, of course, what everyone has been waiting for: a glimpse into the new season of The Family Stallone.

In a few years time, the Super Bowl might be home to the trailer to the third installment of Avatar… and the fourth… and the fifth… and the sixth… and, you guessed it, the seventh. Despite the fact that the currently untitled Avatar 5 sequel won’t hit theaters until 2031, the blockbuster visionary behind the series already has ideas swirling for future sequels. During the Saturn Awards, James Cameron told People that it’s hard not to come up with more and more story ideas as he spends time fleshing out the world of the Na’vi people. He also told the magazine that his commitment to the franchise stems from the fanbase that’s developed a deep connection for the human stories at the center of the Avatar’s sweeping narratives. 

As we count the minutes to 2031 and Avatar 5, the timeline has us busting at the seams with some of the funniest tweets you’ll ever see. Today’s most hilarious ones include those about the Catholic guilt at the center of spicy food, the myth of retirement and one woman’s crusade against jam bands.

coffee bae @iamsashakae.1 1d ... I will never forget when Miley got on stage talking about free britney! I'm sorry but we got to free this bitch. it's stressing me the fuck out 162 13.6K 184K 8.4M
alasdair @alasdair_gbs.22h back in my day, people could stop working when they got old! sure sweetie, let's get you back to your desk AddresStock #7608719 Guardian news @guardia... 1d UK state pension age will soon need to rise to 71, say experts dlvr.it/ T2JtTq 32 6,263 50.1K 1M
Chase Mitchell @ChaseMit· 16h Urging him to do a tell-less Page Page Six NEW POPE THE Six @PageSix . 18h Justin Timberlake considering tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey amid Britney Spears drama: report trib.al/ JapULST CLIPPERS VUITTON 73 4,120 71.5K del 2.2M
chekov @notbigracks. 17h the tortured poet's department is essentially the same as certified lover boy in terms of album titles that sound like parodies making fun of the artist 35 1,510 26.4K del 711K
Grug @GRUGCEL .20h ... i'm pretty sure my coworkers were hired by the CIA to get me to kill myself 90 9,591 74.7K 2.2M
RAMSEY @rumsey_lol.2 21h ... I'm a little upset about every decision I've ever made but other than that I'm doing well 9 8,067 37.8K 826K
laurie saw jbesus. @son... 8h ... so do lesbians actually...? 67 1,689 16.1K 255K
Adam @adamgreattweet 1d ... what my pizza rolls see from the inside of the microwave 13 134 1.2K 57K
JayPal617 @Hamanicart617.21h Those soda cans used to sound like Mankind being thrown off Hell in a Cell. @Nost... . 22h Nostalgia From Your Childhood big old clunky soda machine buttons diet Coca-Cola Coke CLASSIC nato Konew 7UP PEPSI Sunkist Peppe ONE CALONE DIET PEPSI 67 3K 22K 1.3M
Michael Mouse Q Free Palestine @Mi... 1d ... Looking through doordash, ran across this restaurant with egregious Al burgers. Here are some of my favorites 71% 5.44 Uber Bacon Cheeseburger 8 oz. fresh and juicy all-beef burger patty topped with crispy bacon and melted American cheese grilled to order. Includes lettuce, tomato, onion. 25 300 1.2K 129K
(Charlie Fang SUPE... 1d ... growltiger the pirate cat this is my work uniform. i put this on and go up into the sky at night to shine really brightly for u guys but no one appreciates me. @dsao... 2d дса православная какус Instagram really wants me to buy this 4 56 13K 75K 2.2M
Ocalypse @ocalypse_ 1d ... Mr & Mrs Smith is kinda good. MADE POPCORN 78 3K 16K 722K
Uncle Duke @UncleDuke1969 1d ... some shit is about to go down 73 358 2.1K 62K
Lance @BornAKang 12h What it mean if see Bob Marley Gavin Thomas @gavinthomas2015-17h Apparently, if you can see an orca whale, you're left- brained, and if you can see an alien, you're right- brained. What do you see in the bananas? 1.8K 27K 291K 16M
Jack Forge @TheJackForge 1d It's 2024 and this is still the greatest thing a web developer has ever built. DOMINO'S TRACKER® Know the status of your order, from the moment it's placed to the second it leaves our store for delivery or is ready to be picked up. ORDER PLACED PREP BAKE OUT FOR DELIVERY QUALITY CHECK WE'RE FIRING IT UP - Reilen began custom-making your order at 2:50 PM. ALT 7.1K 460 112K 7M
looks like a fish @_drpepperswife. 20h ... hes a closeted alcoholic from the 70s whos first screenplay was for a sidney pollack yakuza movie of course he has swag Austinheimer @awoodustin . 22h Most shocking revelation of my life is that apparently Paul Schrader had swag 6 2.3K 153K 145
mike @rickdank_o 1d Which way, western man NOW AVAILABLE NOW AVAILABLE Find Black See Mission Mental Health Impossible at Home Support 26 890 20K 769K
David Krumholtz @Davidkrumholtzy 17h The reason I've never done cocaine is because I owned a Fondue restaurant in Queens when I was 17 and no one wanted to eat fondue there, but EVERYONE did cocaine at our bar and it became a coke den, in Queens, in the 90's, and it scared the shit out of me. Yes. I owned a coke den 74 143 2.8K 352K
archivist barbie @daiquiriheiress . 1d going on reddit for me is like going into spencers in the mall. i need to find something very specific but im uncomfortable the whole time and dont want anyone to know im there 46 7.1K 86K 2M
DANTE @steelydante 22h ... PTT 140.85 MEM. TUN M Y NUDES - IN в I O 16 3.7K 23K 555K
Rep. Groom Santos (R-NY) @aspirintylenol - 1 1d It's Charli Baby Apple Vision Pro Miller High Life 12 pack Miller MIGHLINE -f There 12 12:33 Miller EST 1983 HIGH LIFE Miller Champager The HIGH LIFE g Beas YAKU The Champagned Bees -$10.99 -$3499 -12 of them -Looks dumb -pretty much always in stock -can share with the boys -Tech overlord worship -don't look like a dork holding one -Scaring the hoes -timeless classic -Weird tanline -Instantly outdated 8 1K 12K 779K
Peter Raleigh @PetreRaleigh . 1 1d Is that not just Paul Schrader @Taranti... 1d Quentin Tarantino Universe Quentin Tarantino describes his final movie, 'THE MOVIE CRITIC', as Travis Bickle if he were a film critic. KE 2007 CantainM MORE A We Are The People 30 428 480K 6.8K
@RobertMSterling 1d Robert Sterling I noticed you didn't log in to Microsoft Teams Metaverse RE until 8:03 this morning. Let's not make a habit out of that, champ! 99 1.2K 20K 1.2M
james @weezerfan001. 1d finally Gayest Sex First Discovery 76 5.2K 62K 950K
no name @pradaice 22h When your card declines in therapy so they bring out the dude you dated when you were 19 269 15K 109K 4.2M
@oliviatheehye 1d ... it probably feels good asf for the phone when you delete these games rae @furinagfs. 1d when the fuck did hsr suddenly get as big as genshin Genshin Impact 33.49 GB > HOVOVERSE Last used: Today Honkai: Star Rail 31.65 GB > Last used: Today HOVIVERSE 78 6.2K 60K 1.6M
Striggity @35mmPapi 1d ... Have you had cheese? And have you met STRIGGITY Americans? Darla the Darling @DarlaTh... 1d I swear Americans like cheese more than they like each other. 28 1,678 10.8K 564K
@Whotfismick-22h ... do u remember when? Fulbu me: 752 59.5K 333K 14.1M
Ana @_motherslug 1d Just remembered that time Philip Seymour Hoffman was on Arthur, during which he portrayed a famous theater director named William Fillmore Toffman. 21 963 16K 571K
bЯyan @m... 18h ... This guy's wife rules r/jambands Join u/jhwn8c480 4y Love my wife, but.... Discusson My wife thinks all Jam music is composed. Any suggestions on how to convince her what some of these guys are actually doing? Took her to Phish...her response yeah, that was good, but you can tell it was all planned out. I'm like what the hell? Tried playing different versions of songs back to back. She still says thing a like, you can tell they decided to play X bars in that one. This obviously isn't ground for divorce, but damn I wish
FREE TAXSTONE! @Muvaof....18h ... It's definitely not a set forward. fearlesslor @Fe... 1d A child IS NOT A SET BACK! 410 9,722 52.5K 2.7M
Rory McCarthy @roryisconfused 1d ... Always feel like very spicy food is good for me, in the same way I feel freezing cold showers and long runs are good for me-if I am suffering, there must be some sort of meaning to this. I was raised Catholic, if that helps 17 1,439 17.6K 506K
Nick Newman @Nick_Newman .23h ... Can't ever totally adjust to Curb Your Enthusiasm in crystal-clear HD with traditional shots. Wish it still looked like a hostage video. 33 356 7,856 448K


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