25 of the Absolute Worst Experiences People Have Had Online

‘It turns out that she wasn't 24, she was mid to late 40s’
25 of the Absolute Worst Experiences People Have Had Online

When Al Gore gave us the internet, he had no idea that a mysterious guy named Tynan would use it to stalk a woman and tag her in creep shots of herself on Facebook. That’s the sicko reality we live in. And while the world wide web has done a lot for us, there’s nothing wrong with also admitting that it was, in many ways, a huge mistake. 

Redditors have shared the worst times URL experiences translated into IRL horror stories, and all I can say is that they’re very brave for continuing to log on.

HellaNahBroHamCarter 7y Once looked at porn on my phone while still connected to the Bluetooth stereo in my parents living room. They were in the house, & must have heard it before I did & turned the sound off. We've never discussed it ... 1.1k
Tordenskjold . 1 12y I went on a date with a charming young man from a dating website, who only wanted me to model for his porn website. Being way too nice, I actually rebuilt the site for him. ... 87
Barstow123 . 11y when i was in the 7th grade i got signed up for a gay dating service. i received text messages regularly. ... 10
thetinnishflash . 11y I did nude modeling under my real name for a few years. Which wasn't really bright. I've finally got all the boobs off the first page of google image results. sigh ... 6
 . 1 11y I was using OKCupid for a while. Some 40-something guy told me I looked really fertile and we should meet to share an experience. Haha, no.
Polkadot_moon 1y Me as an 11 year old girl first getting interested in skincare. In a magazine I saw diy recipes for facials (honey, strawberries, banana, etc) and wanted to find more on the internet. 11 year old me went to facials.com ... 4.7k
 . 11y Back in the early 90s when i didn't know shit about the internet, i went into a html chatroom and it showed people's ip. Someone traced mine after i was being a jerk and told me my isp which was the company where my brother works. I freaked out and thought it was sorcery, turned my computer off and didn't turn it back on for a week. ... 43
kionih . . 7y I gave someone my Runescape password so he could give me 99 levels in everything. All I got were 99 levels of lies and a lost account. ... 884
devil_cat2 . 4y I used to play a war game and I was friends with this other person (was a guy) and we became good friends and talked and all then out of the blue he asked me to be his girlfriend (he was a truck driver in the USA and I was only 12) it freaked me out a lot and I ghosted him. It was a terrifying experience and a real eye opener for me. ... 2.1k
 11y years ago i was really big into runescape and stupidly gave some guy on the internet my home phone number, then he turned into a creeper and started calling my house... i freaked out and in tears confessed everything to my parents
periwinklemoon . 11y When I was younger, I must have put my credit card info into a scam site. I ended up receiving months of girls gone wild videos (along with other porn) to my house. Had a fun time explaining that one. And it was actually REALLY difficult to stop the subscription. ... 19
hihi_birdie . 11y I don't really have any horror stories, but recently someone made a throwaway on reddit whose username boiled down to SeXe for the sole purpose of telling me that the way I eat soup is cute. I had been eating soup in chem lecture that day. Hmm. ... 0
Gavinardo . 11y Some years ago, maybe 2002 or so, I once was playing Yahoo Pool against a man from Yemen. Не typed only one question in the chatbox, asked me if I was afraid of terrorists killing me. I said no. Не didn't say anything else. I just left that game. ... 1
rollingforcolumbine . ! 9y When I was 14 I ordered 5 DVD's off a site that said they would sell them to me for a dollar each. They sent them, two of them worked and I never paid them because 14 and no credit card. They charged me a 300 dollar cancellation fee. ... 1
Clozaril- . 1y Me as a 7 year old being bombarded by pop up porn sites from a virus acquired by my father watching porn on the family computer. I was just trying to play Neopets :( ... 418
 11y I used to frequent Habbo Hotel as a young teen (12-13 years old). I got addicted to calling the number and buying Habbo Credits. I bought enough credits to run up a £200 phone bill in a month. I used the credits to create a huge Mafia HQ, and I had a Habbo Girlfriend too. She seemed nice, attracted and was a VIP member. Shit was cash. I was so besotted by her that I gave her my password as a romantic gesture. Turns out she was a guy who hacked my account and stole everything. The Mafia
InferiousX 11y Someone with simply the name Tyzan added me on facebook. I accepted the request. There was only one picture of the dude (I'm assuming it was a guy). It looked like he was sitting down looking off camera. But I couldn't really tell, because the picture was very dark and shadowy. I went to look at the profile, and I was his only friend. Weird. Also, very few parts of his information were actually available even though I was a friend on his list. I completely forgot about him until several months later. I get a facebook notification
MaybeGenerous 9y I live in a rural area of Australia. When we got our first computer I was 10. I was using it to play Solitaire or some shit and then something popped up on the screen. Congratulations! You're our 1,000,000th visitor you get $1,000,000!!! We were taught no computer skills at school and I had no idea about the internet and virus' so I freaked the fuck out thinking we were rich. Ran to show my Dad who also was a derp with computers, he clicked around for a bit before realizing it was fake. I was crushed. ...
 11y Back when I used nexopia as a teen, I frequented and modded a bunch of different forums. Somehow someone got into my photobucket account and posted the most scandalous picture they could find all over the place...joke was sort of on them, cause the only semi suggestive picture they could find of me was of me getting dressed for my sisters wedding. I am in a bridesmaid dress, the back unzipped, looking over my shoulder smiling. No butt, no boobs, just bare back. The fact that someone went to the trouble of DOING that though scared the shit
 11y Meet guy through writing group. There's a distance problem, but he and I are on the same fucking wavelength all the time; he asks me to try internet dating and I'm thrilled. Just got out of a bad relationship so I'm a bit frigid, but after a month or two I'm warming up to him and feeling... feelings. Не falls in love with another girl. Girl is also apparently in love with me. Asks me to try poly. I do. It doesn't work. They seem to not have many distance problems, because they met and banged on New
 9y Years ago, I was a veritable queen on Neopets. I bought and resold valuable items, played the most lucrative games, my neopets were all fabulously powerful and painted with the rarest of brushes, and my neohouses were all filled with the most glorious of furnishings. I had millions of neomoneys. Then one day I got greedy. There was a site that said click here and we'll give you millions of neopoints. I clicked there, and it just took me back to the neopets sign in page. Oh well, nothing there I guess and I signed into my account
rsvr79 11y When I lost my virginity. I was 20, had been talking to this 24 year old for about 10 months. Long distance internet relationship, constantly talking to each other, etc... I'm sure a lot of people are familiar with that. Finally worked things out to fly out to meet her. I was in Georgia, she was in California. I flew out there for two weeks. It turns out that she wasn't 24, she was mid to late 40's. And she hadn't aged well. The pictures she had sent me were of her oldest daughter. Who was 17, so
CopRock 12y Friend of a friend met a girl online, they chatted for a while, and she made plans to visit him. When she go there, she was apparently a huge drag: boring, didn't want to do anything, and much heavier than her picture. They had nothing to talk about, and he just counted the days until she left while sleeping on his couch. The day he thought she was supposed to leave, she confessed that she didn't have a return ticket; she thought she was just going to move in with him. Не called her mother to get her
 11y Talked to a woman that wanted me to dominate her over instant message. She was very meticulous and wanted everything her way but her biggest hangup was if I used the word pants instead of jeans she would flip the fuck out and go on a ten-minute tirade about how they're two different things and I need to never make that mistake and if I can't get it right then we should just stop talking. ... 18
The_PwnShop 7y I had been crushing on a girl in my group of friends for years. She and everyone knew it. I ended up becoming a hermit and not hanging out with anyone. Went to look her up on facebook. Typed her name into the post box instead of search box. Posted her name to timeline. Took me a few minutes to get it off. No one ever said anything. Not horrible, but I was cringing. ... 472


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