21 Insane Stories from Chuck E. Cheese Employees

‘A child’s finger got torn off’
21 Insane Stories from Chuck E. Cheese Employees

The hellscape that is Chuck E. Cheese doesn’t become fully apparent until you’ve completed your transition into adulthood and can no longer look at the playplace through the eyes of a child. You can now identify the glazed-over stare from employees and know that they’ve experienced things that no human being should — like poop in the ball pit, kids sneezing on the salad bar, an old guy dying in the sky tubes… The list goes on and on and on. 

Former Chuck E. Cheese employees accepted our tokens in exchange for revealing the worst scenes they’ve witnessed in the place where a kid can be a kid. And rest assured, that animatronic rat will pay for his crimes. 

hermantioush . 5y The worst part was wearing that rat suit after this this one dude was in it. Не took it serious and would get up on the prize tables and get the kids to chant CHUCK E, CHUCK E....I could freakin hear it back in the kitchen over the noise and music. Dude was butt ass naked in the suit. And he sweat, alot. I probably have hepatitis.
stownerd . 9y I knew a girl who worked at one, she said never EVER eat at the salad bar. Shes seen people sneeze in it among other disgusting shit ... 174
get_it_in_get_it_out .  5y I have a good friend who used to work at Chuck Е. Cheese. Him and his fellow co-workers conspired over the span of a few months to steal the various piece of the suit. They would claim that this part got ripped or some kid messed up this part and we had to throw it out, untill they had a full suit. For what reason you ask? Literally just to take turns showing up to parties in the full suit to make a bunch of drunk people super stoked. ... 2.9k
 . 9y Coworker got fired. Не was not too happy about it. In his last act of defiance, he took a shit in the Chuck-E head and left it in the break room. ... 884
KetoCatsKarma . 9y The worst being the parents letting their children punch and kick you when your in the chuck costume. Yeah I pushed your kid down when you weren't looking, they were punching me in the nuts! 1.3k
mastersword83 . . 9y Poop in the ball pit ... 801
bonjour_yo . 9y It was my night off and I was waiting for my friend to get off her shift. One of the older guys that worked there came in for his shift tripping on acid. It was ok for a little while until he had to get in the Chuck suit, and he started throwing candy at an entire party. That was probably the craziest. ... 1.1k
hot_oil . 5y Cleaning puke out of the sky tubes. The smell was horrifying. ... 4.2k
GatorGood15 . 5y Walked in on this 40 yo man jerking off. Our eyes met and we kind of just stared at one another. Most awkward 10 seconds of my life. ... 5.3k
brandon_f221 5y Got mono from wearing the Chuck suit... ... 69
Loudloud 5y I can actually answer this one. The amount of kids that put jello in their mouths then spit it back out at the salad bar is incredible. It's also not uncommon for a kid to throw up in the sky tubes or pee down a slide. But the best one I saw during my time there was a girl maybe four years old eat her body weight in pizza and soda then run around for an hour. At one point she got very pale and puked more than I've seen any grown man puke in my life. Her
Palifaith . . 5y Not a former employee but one time I saw two families going at it, throwing punches, cursing and spitting because one of the kids took some tickets from one of the arcade games that didn't belong to him. Cops had to be called and both dads got arrested... ... 1.4k
Phicova22 . 5y One time at Chuck Е. Cheese when I was working there some food fight broke out and one kid chucked his entire cake straight at chucky and the he cried about how he didn't get a cake. The kids mom went into the bathroom and she was in there for a good 15 minutes, I went in there to ask what was up and I saw her having a mental breakdown, turns out she spent hours making that cake special for him, and it was all ruined in about 30 seconds
ThreeEyedCrow1 . 5y Oh WOW, an AskReddit question I can actually answer. I worked at Chuck Е. Cheese for a year in high school. It was the worst job I ever had. The absolute worst day was having to clean shit and vomit out of the skytubes. Two separate occasions, several hours apart. I've never been the same since. The funniest thing, though, was the coworkers who had a threesome in the closet where we kept the Chuck E. costume. Guy asked me cover for him during closing and took two other coworkers into the closet and banged them. Thing
kirkyjerky 5y Yessssssss. Finally somewhere to dump my Chuck Е. Cheese stories for delicious internet points. Grandpa goes up into sky tubes to find grandchild. Children start coming down saying that there was an old man sleeping in sky tubes. Со worker goes up, dude is straight cardiac arrested. Have to close the restaurant to allow paramedics into sky tubes. Не didn't make it. We had this obese couple come in every once and a while who would order a pizza and then sit in one of the booths and make out aggressively between bites of pizza. Some sort of
killimonjaro . . 5y I watched someone pick their ass, smell it, and wipe it on the back of some random kids shirt. ... 397
SunfireCape2g . 5y I was the technician at a Chuck Е. Cheese in high school. One day i was covering someone and I had to wear the suit and do the show. On my way back to the room, a little kid runs up to see Chuck E, and stabbed me in the ankle with a pencil as hard as he could. I rushed into the back room and took off the pants portion of the suit, pulled down my sock, and a bunch of blood poured out. Didn't even go home early, boss just had me stand at the
Feezed 9y While my friends worked there, a child's finger got torn off. ... 13
BigBearBeer . 5y Had a complaint that a kid was dipping toilet paper in to a women's toilet then eating it. Не was. Same kid beat me mecrillessly while I was wearing the Rat in Hat suit, while screaming MAN IN SUIT! The best was a complaint about the same kid eating from other families tables. Не was, and he looked them dead in the eyes while doing it. These were all different days. .. - 10.3k
Electronic-Spare-537 . . 1y Got ringworm In the ball pit and another skin infection that took 2 years to get rid of. Still don't know what the latter was ... 2
OmnipotentSir . S 9y Some dumb ass kid brought a shard of plastic and stabbed another kid in the shoulder.


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