25 of the Funniest Tweets from Tuesday, January 23, 2024

At least he’s self-aware
25 of the Funniest Tweets from Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Flags are at half-mast at Letterboxd thanks to this year’s Oscar nominations. Many cinephiles were prepared to wake up to today’s announcements to hear a Charles Melton snub, but little did they know they’d also be waking up to learn that a pair of Gretas (Lee for Best Actress and Gerwig for Best Director) and four mutant turtles with Renaissance names would also be shut out. And then, in the most “missing the point of the movie” move ever, Ryan Gosling nabbed a Best Supporting Actor nomination for Ken as Margo Robbie was left empty-handed. 

That said, there were some historic nominations to celebrate. Lily Gladstone became the first Native American woman nominated in her category, and she was directed by the man who is now the most-nominated living director as Martin Scorsese earned his 10th nomination, surpassing Steven Spielberg. And the nominations for Colman Domingo and Jodie Foster marked the first time two openly queer actors were recognized by the Academy for playing queer people with their depictions of Bayard Rustin and Diana Nyad respectively in Nyad. As expected, Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer garnered the most nominations with an astonishing 13 overall. The ceremony returns to Hollywood’s Dolby Theater on March 10th with Jimmy Kimmel unfortunately on the mic. 

In an entirely too-early-to-call prediction, Will Ferrell might make his way to the ceremony next year thanks to a documentary that premiered at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. One might expect the doc to be about Ferrell’s ascent from Saturday Night Live cast member to powerhouse producer, but it’s a much more intimate affair. Instead, the doc navigates Ferrell’s friendship with writer Harper Steele and her recent transition. Will & Harper takes the pair on a two-week cross-country road trip as they visit diners, sports arenas and biker bars all while discussing Steele’s decision to live her truth, which she announced to friends and family via email back in 2022.

Anyway, once you’ve processed this year’s Oscar noms, surprises and snubs, we’ve got some hysterical tweets to cleanse your palate with. Today’s funniest ones include those about your average Bachelor hopefuls, empathetic gamers and the world’s strongest comma. 

Hispanic Shaun King @okims... . 23h ... Back when our hedgehog died, my wife went in the backyard to dig a grave and while i trying not to cry in the kitchen I get this text from her and it made me giggle. Stacey 6:23PM > S Hole is ready 79 5,371 125K 3.8M
disderbia @tribbingpoint· 1d ... burst out laughing and woke the cat up 61 Taiscéal Cairae LIVE Ag leanúint Duit Paramount+ Part 1/5 Girl abducted in plain sight 560 tráchtanna x Reuben Mullen Where can you watch it 3d Freagra 21 Paramount+ UK & Ireland Guess 3d Freagra 573 Féach 24 freagraí 39 7,246 211K 2.6M
MOVELLA S @leoninethings. 8h Professionalism sucks i wanna put<3 in my emails 2 4,632 21.2K 389K
Beckaroo Banzai @beckyjane02.1d ... fartcheeto @fartcheeto. 1d Wait, are you guys serious about this whole Communism thing? I was just doing it to get laid... i don't actually have to read all those fuckin books,... 91 10.7K 116K 4.9M
suzy @jagarstyle 16h ... Do you ever drive behind someone who's going very slow and you think to yourself fuck it I'm not in a rush either... Let's just cruise baby.... 4 3,077 31.5K 723K
lilia marie ellis @LiliaMarieE... . 1d ... wow you're so brave haha thanks do you want to know what the alternative was 12 1,597 5,528 132K
Oliver Darkshire @deathbybadger . 2 22h my editor: you need to make this part clearer me: no I think we can trust the reader to interpret, I don't think we need to baby them the reader: @DOROG4YA 1d jan م و I FREE y'all im 40% into this book im reading and this whole time i thought one of the characters was a horse. he is a man. 12K 5.5M 152 134K
@queeenthang.1 1d sunny в Delete PrizePicks? Deleting this app will also delete its data. CH ВО Cancel Delete PrizePicks @PrizePicks. 1d Replying to @NBA bron bouncing off that wood 15 1.2K 8.4K 887K
Amy A @lolennui 12h The Bachelor is like Meet Savannah from Brooklyn, Madison from Savannah, Brooklyn from Madison 4 83 1.8K 73K
Khan @Khanstillday 1d Now imagine punctuation didn't exist Shegun @ShegunTweets-1 1d my brothers, ass is delicious 562 9.4K 69K 5.2M
kim @therealkimj 1d when they ask me what i want on my sandwich at jersey mikes Oscar @Dream_Forevr 1d Dress it up and make it real for me. Whatever that fuckin means 6 1.6K 16K 815K
joe bro @jbromovies . 21h ... I'm sorry, a what year old MR Jacob deNobel @Jacob_deNobel. 23h I still say making the Evil Dead is the coolest thing a 20-year-old has ever done on this godforsaken planet twitter.com/GrindhouseFilm... 88 662 15K 1.3M
adi @folieadieux.1 18h asexuals: Cris @sIug_bug1 18h In n Out is not worth the hype 17 511 5.9K 264K
(tonesetter) @K... . 1d sports tweeter Matthias ... Swifties are locked in I'm crying @RRadRyan 1d Ryan Radical @ Wait a minute We are not so different, you and I bioBre90 . 2 min. ago Why are we still handing Hardman the ball!?!? Bench his ass Vote Reply Share ... 21 1.7K 35K 2.5M
Grand Admiral Nemo @GrandAdmNemo 1d Vitally important to win the swimsuit portion of legal proceedings. Mrs. S. @hshLauraJ. 1d This is Trump's Lawyer Eat your heart out Biden. 719 2K 50K 4.5M
jordan @JordanUhl.21h POLICE - Inc. AZ by STANLEY - - STAMLEN STANDING DAILY BEAST The Daily Beast @thedailybeast.22h A northern California woman's Stanley cup shopping spree ended in arrest over $2,500 worth of allegedly stolen merchandise. trib.al/FYpZYsV 34 2.2K 31K 1.3M
President-Elect Toguro @PresidentToguro 13h ... how those little boys on xbox parties always know what slur to call you + 3306 comments x souroxalis theyre empaths 22,7K Liked by creator 2 39 751 23K
1d @ghoulhag اقراء ... sneezed like 5 times really loudly and my neighbour said shut the fuck up behind the wall next to my bed GIF 46 2.8K 78K 1.6M
mikey reid @mrmikeyreid 1d Me five hours into an edible that was too strong for me Peanuts Out of Context @PeanutsNoCont. 1 1d Linus of the Day I DON'T WANNA BE STONED!!! 55 4.4K 44K 3M
Xian Bell @Xian_Bell 1d Bitches be lying. Y'all live together and she come to bed dressed like a damn Franchize Boy z. @femininaura. 1d What my man sees before bedtime. No t-shirts and shorts, sorry. 661 9.8K 53K 6.6M
bailey moon @Baileymoon15.14h ANAL!!!!!! ET Entertainment Tonight @etnow. 23h Travis Kelce is planning something special for Taylor Swift as the pair get ready to spend Valentine's Day together. A source tells ET, Travis is focused on Valentine's Day and wants to do something fun and special for Taylor. ET NFL A 87 LH ALT 354 4K 67K 6M
flower face @flowerfacemusic 1d this is what it's like having male friends Today 8:20 AM i'm sad Today 11:13 AM I'm not emotionally equipped for this Have you tried getting a job? 30 1,168 13.8K 373K
@Whotfismick 15h ... me when I'm on a call with someone Fubu 623 33.9K 352K 11.4M
stunna wunna @stuntx10 19h how you gone smoke the blunt tied up freak isan @xoisan_ 1d this and a blunt 52 620 9,177 324K
uncouth @whoresthedog 1d ... Why doesn't the big little liar eat the little little liar fineart 7 316 4,267 . 118K


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