21 of the Weirdest Questions People Have Been Asked

‘Can I smell your feet?’
21 of the Weirdest Questions People Have Been Asked

“Why aren’t you black?” becomes more unanswerable the longer you think about it. To the credit of the child who asked this bizarre question, its complexity should be studied in universities across the globe — not to figure out the answer, but to understand what real interrogation looks like. To that end, Redditors have submitted the weirdest questions they’ve ever been asked, and boy is this a smorgasbord of quirked-up examination. 

jimmyjohnjohnjohn . 1y I was once approached by a total stranger in a gym shower and he asked me, are you circumcised or not? I can't tell. ... 488
 . 1y My wife and I have adopted four kids. In front of a group of people one woman asked: So which one of you has the problem? Why can't you have kids. ... 736
beezholio . 1y At the grocery store picking out some lunch meat (not from the deli, just some plain ole Oscar Meyer) when a man sidles up uncomfortably close to me and after a moment says, So....what do you think about the ham? ... 2.5k
Probablyprofanity . 1 1y I have no sense of smell, and multiple people have seriously asked me why I have a nose. ... 4.4k
wilddcard . . 1y A colleague asked where I go tanning. My ethnicity would tell you I was born with brown skin. ... 722
ilovedtransylvania - 1 1y why i i havent killed myself yet. not how have you not, why. like they were upset i i havent yet Imao. ... 536
la_petite_mort63 . 1y You know you have a hole down there? Asked by my then boyfriend while he was fingering me. I was like, it's my vagina... Не meant my tights. I had a hole in my tights. ... 2k
Agreeable-Kangaroo13 . 1y if you got pounded in the ass by a man in your dreams and you liked it, does that make you gay?. Not the first thing you hear on a date but ok ... 2.3k
yokononope. 1y You look strong, can we wrestle? - a man in the grocery store ... 4.1k
 . 1y So you just play with rocks all day? I'm an environmental hydrogeologist. ... 1.2k
fatguy747 . 1y Do you want to marry someone pretty like your sister? ~My grandmother, while all of us were in one room together ... 2.7k
SoylentDave. 1y My wife is anosmic, and has had legit had so if you were in a room full of poisonous gas, you wouldn't die? because apparently it's the smell that kills you in that scenario. ... 2.3k
Nobody_Wins_13 . 1y I have wide shoulders and large breasts and a guy sitting next to me on a flight, after he had a couple drinks, asked, Home grown or silicone? I told him I carried extra sanitary napkins in my bra in case I got my period. 1.6k
TheRealOcsiban . 1y I was working in a call center doing tech support for a cable company. I fixed a lady's cable and she was so happy she asked me if I wanted to marry her daughter. I politely declined I've always wondered what if... though.. ... 5k
TheNextFreud . . 1y Within minutes of the start of a first date with a lawyer, I googled you and your parent's divorce trial came up. Don't you think the court should have sealed those records because you were a minor at the time? ... 828
Slasher_of-Prices . 1y A fella started working for my old company and first day, within 10 minutes of meeting him he asks What's the worst thing that's ever happened to you?. Had no idea what to do with that one. Apparently his wife died in his arms, which sucks.. don't get me wrong but.. I dunno maybe don't lead with that. ... 1.2k
its_garden_time_nerd . . 1y When I was about 13, my mom and I were watching a parrot demonstration in front of a Rainforest Cafe. Another woman watching turned to me and said, May I? Immediately, with no further explanation, she took a strand of my long hair and held it out to the bird, who bit it. I was just standing there with my hair in a bird's mouth. We didn't know what to do. One of the weirder things that's happened to me. ... 1.9k
hakuna_frittata . 1y i taught in south memphis for a while and i was the only white person in the building. i had multiple kids ask me when did you turn white? and when i got pregnant, when my baby would turn black like she's supposed to. for the vast majority of them i was the first white person they'd ever encountered. ... 911
Bells87 . 1y How come you're not black? A 5 year old asked me this while I was teaching preschool. Не was black. My assistant teacher and his one-on-one were also black. They both started laughing while my brain reset itself trying to think of a good answer and also trying not to laugh. ... 2.7k
Daniel0909 . 1y Can i smell your feet? Asked by an elderly Japanese man in a subway station at 7am on a Tuesday. Не went on to offer me money after I initially declined. ... 429
jacintamlh. 1y Kinda awkward, also kinda creepy. When my niece was young, we were talking one day and she agreed me how old I was, I was 18 at the time, so I told her that, she replies with wow, you're old, you're going to die soon. Can I have your car? I had no idea how to answer that one ... 1.3k
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