18 of the Funniest Burns from the Week of December 25, 2023

He solemnly swears to get mad
18 of the Funniest Burns from the Week of December 25, 2023

Even if you’re not a sports fan, you’ve probably heard about the Detroit Pistons this NBA season. The once-proud franchise is well on its way to setting an unprecedented record: the longest losing streak in league history. While the team’s heartbreaking overtime loss to the Boston Celtics gave them the longest losing streak in a single season, one more loss will see them hold the record for the longest losing streak period. The Twitter timeline has been anything but kind, but can you blame them? Kindness usually goes out the window around the fifth consecutive loss, let alone the 28th. The Pistons next chance to snap the skid is against the Toronto Raptors. Because the only thing more embarrassing than being the league’s biggest loser is cementing that status at the hands of a team from Canada

Luckily for the Pistons, misery loves company, and so, they’re far from alone at rock bottom. Other sick burns this week included those about the gigantic, horrible, reviled baby who bought Twitter, the director keeping forgettable scripts in production and a legendary way to cheer up the short king in your life. 

Mike Ross @MCRossIsNotAPun 3d bf on phone just now: i think got tipsy on egg nog last night me: i know. my favorite part was when you were texting me about the tapir from the minnesota zoo bf: did? me: yes. you called him a weird dude bf: i would never call him a weird dude MONGABAY.COM What a weird dude 9:05 PM What a WEIRD dude 9:05 PM what a weird DUDE 9:05 PM WHAT a weird dude....i love him 9:05 PM What a weird duuuuuude! 9:06 PM 26 1.3K 24K 474K
Adriano Caporusso @AdriCaporusso 21h George Clooney whenever he reads the most forgettable script imaginable Adriano Caporusso @AdriCaporusso . 23h THE It's Rowin' Time! BOYS IN THE BOAT ONLY IN THEATERS CHRISTMAS DAY NW: 289 9.7K 542K 35
Tara @sweatylamarr 2d yeah I think he bought Twitter defleppardfan94 @lemonade_grrrl. 2d does anyone remember that gigantic horrible reviled baby from a few years back 6 428 6K 151K
ten second cam @camilli_amilli . 6d ... three wise men? three? be serious 133 19K 110K 3.9M
eve @impossiblyeve 2d ... bro did not have to cook me like this Tweet eve (^__^) @possiblyeve 21m anyone wanna send me $20 for no reason 4 9 del 204 Zay @z4yy_ Anyone wanna get a job for no reason 7:40 PM 12/26/23 from Earth 2 Views 13 408 8K 130K
Greg the Sorcerer @gregthes... 22h ... Short kings stay inside today I saw that eagle circling the forest again 48 3,325 29.4K del 816K
charlie @StyledApe 1d Trying to cheer up my shorter friend by telling him he could go for a Charizard look charizard height All Images Shopping Videos News Books In feet In cm And weight Comparison M Charizard ... Height 5'7 19 608 13.8K 549K
chris @chriismiddleton - 1 1d my dad when fox news tells him to be mad 33 1,280 27.9K 1.3M
ian karmel @IanKarmel 4d I have this theory that Jason Statham movies should just be called Jason Statham and then whatever number they are. I'm not super into seeing The Beekeeper but if I saw a poster that said Jason Statham 38 and it just had Statham and a bunch of bees on it... opening night. DO Dolby Cinema JASON STATHAM THE BEEKEEPER ONLY IN THEATERS JANUARY 12 R MIRAMAX AMAZON MGM STUDIOS 1.3K 23K 129 1M
@Afroslim_ 2d ... Dressed like Miles Morales @deanuyasha.2d Before you DM me, this is what I dress like YMMIL SEAL 46 557 10K 661K
 RAINEYTM @RaineyOvalle. 3d This ain't mac and cheese this is macaroni and then also some cheese. internetboy @jaquezmus 3d homemade mac and cheese #MerryChristmas 25 290 2.2K 170K
Dave, Jack of No Trades, Master of None @D_ll... 4d ... This is the Twitter equivalent of being a Japanese soldier hiding out in the jungle not knowing the war ended years ago Buzzsaw Louie @bartsimsonreal . 5d WE WISH YOU A FAUCI SCIENCE WE WISH YOU A FAUCI SCIENCE a a a alamy 79K 80 4.1K 2.3M
DJ @kingdj_5297.13h Washington Wizards player laughing at the Pistons Homeless man calling another homeless man a broke ass 140K views it Share 8.1K 37 Download Save kuz @kylekuzma.1 14h At this point its like dont be that team twitter.com/worldwidewob/s... 41 2.4K 30K 1.3M
Jeff On Sports @j_shao_ 1d JEFF ON Sports thank you for your service detroit pistons. don't forget the wizards are 3-19 in their last 22 too! THE HUMILIATING RIDICULE OF NBA MEDIA 0330 PISTONS 27 GAME LOSING STREAK SPURS 1-23 RECORD SINCE NOV 2 3.3K 151K 118
kos @kostancaaa_ 3d ... skip bayless vs the swifties is exactly how this year needs to end Skip Bayless @RealSkipBayless• 3d Chiefs imploding on the field and the sideline. Taylor Swift Effect??? Now on @undisputed 3 34 276 27K
maya @spdersfromarss . 2 2d ... emerald fennell is too good of a director to be working with writer emerald fennell FILM UPDATES Film Updates @FilmUpdates.3 3d 3 years ago today, Emerald Fennell's 'PROMISING YOUNG WOMAN' was released. m30ormE 36 841 13K 886K
The tumboy @TheTumboy 1d you wear a costume for Halloween not Christmas, dumbass DF DiscussingFilm @DiscussingFilm 2d Dwayne Johnson dresses in his '90s turtleneck & fanny pack fit for Christmas. 1:01 26 765 29K 675K
Evie @EverstoneEvie 1d 'EverstoneEevee' summer @summerahrens. 2d no baby i love how 26 you are 7 950 23K 650K
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