15 Hilarious Mistakes People Made While Cooking

Someone ended up with cauliflower custard
15 Hilarious Mistakes People Made While Cooking

There are few things worse than messing up the food you’re cooking. Not only is it a waste of time, ingredients and effort, but then you’re stuck either shoveling the horrible slop into your mouth or reckoning with the fact that you’re still hungry after such a lengthy ordeal

Reddit’s amateur cooks have offered up their recipe cards for the hilarious kitchen blunders that would make Gordon Ramsay call them idiot sandwiches, and the person who accidentally put steak seasoning in their apple crumble will forever be kept in our prayers.

Going_the_tonk . 6y Came home drunk and decided to make myself a nice cheese omlette once...tasted pretty bad and I realised I forgot to take the plastic wrapping off the cheese before I greated it. Also once made a chocolate cake but instead of using cocoa powder I used gravy powder. 0/10 would do it again. ... 245
OdinsonALT . 6y At my Nana's house for dinner, she had made cheese sauce to go with the cauliflower because drowning in cheese was the only way I would eat most vegetables as a child, she also made custard to go with the dessert. She was having an animated conversation with my Mom while plating, guess what ended up on the cauliflower? ... 7
Wschmidth . 6y My mum left the bugspray right next to the oil spray. I accidentally poisoned some very good fish. ... 31
Veritaserumtravel . 6y As a kid I spent the weekend at my Grandma's house and she taught me how to make apple crumble (cobbler). I returned home excited to make it for my family and made sure mum bought the ingredients for me the next time she did the groceries. In Australia, for the most part all spices come in the same containers with the same coloured lids from the same brand. The recipe called for cinnamon and I didn't realise until the crumble was in the oven that I had instead put steak seasoning in, quite a large amount.
CaptStegs . . 6y I thought it would be a good idea to sauté cucumbers when my parents weren't home. I seasoned it with lime juice and peppers. It was bad. ... 81
ozf . 6y Making mashed potatoes, and used all the potatoes because I didn't think they were big enough. I think my so ate mash for 2 days. ... 1
Raidden 0 6y My husband texted me to ask what a good substitute for milk would be. I was at work and couldn't reply in time. Не said he used melted French vanilla bean ice cream....for his hamburger helper. Не decided it was gross and didn't eat it but our roommate tried it and spent a very long time in the bathroom after. ... 15
 . 5y I was making chili. I had one of those grinder pepper things. I taste tested it and it need just a little more pepper. I go to grind a little bit in, and suddenly the cap just pops right off and dumps an entire cup of peppercorn in it. My wife tried to help me salvage it, but man there was so damn much. ... 8
llcucf80 5y Tried to make meatloaf once but I didn't have any crackers or breadcrumbs. Looked and looked what else I could use, ah ha, I have oatmeal. You can use oats as a binder. But the oats didn't absorb much of the liquid, so I added more. Still didn't bind, so I added more, and more, and more. I think in the end I ended up using half the container. It still really didn't bind that well, but I didn't know what else to do. Hopefully it'll come together as it bakes. I didn't have meatloaf I found out.
T90Official 6y Oh boy one for me! While cooking one day I was watching some youtube videos on my phone. My phone was sitting on the counter and I watched as I prepped my meals. I was in the process of cooking chicken and veggies on the stove top. I also wanted some rice, so I got my rice cooker out and prepared for greatness. I placed the rice cooker next to my phone and filled it with chicken broth, and wisely decided it would be smart to move my phone away from the danger zone. I grab my phone
Flynot 6y One of my favorite stories I've ever heard my Mom tell: Around the time my parents met, my Mom's roommate was also dating a new guy. For their second date she was going to cook for him at the apartment. She really liked this guy and wanted to impress him, so she asked around and somehow heard that he loves baked beans cooked in the can. That sounds simple! So she buys a couple cans of beans and puts them in the oven to start cooking just before he shows up. They are sharing some drinks and hitting
taeng97 . 6y I was meticulously prepping and making a particular cookie recipe I was dying to try. After a few hours, my first bite tasted like pure salt. Turns out I swapped brown sugar for mushroom powder. I don't even know why I had mushroom powder. ... 66
Midnite_StOrm . 5y I cracked an egg but hit it a little too hard so instead of slowly dripping out of the shell the shell shattered and the egg exploded all over me. Didn't get one bit in the bowl. Not one. ... 8
punkwalrus. 6y Was out of sugar, so I used honey to sweeten Kool-aid. 0/10, would not recommend. ... 2
Lookitsmonsterki . 6y When i forgot to put holes in my potatos and they literally exploded ... 29
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