21 of the Craziest Things Found at a Garage Sale

Cockpit, anyone?
21 of the Craziest Things Found at a Garage Sale

Imagine perusing a garage sale in your neighborhood and finding an O.J. Simpson trial board game nestled between the discarded Barbies and moldy Pokemon cards. While possibly in poor taste, that’s a piece of history that you may consider taking home with you — not just for the wow factor, but because anyone you told later on would be pissed that you didn’t buy it. Or, on the other hand, maybe you see something insane — like a Boeing 747 cockpit — and buy it (again for the wow factor) and people (read: your spouse) get pissed anyway. What we’re saying is, someone’s going to get pissed no matter what. 

These are just some of the wild things Redditors have stumbled upon during their rummage-sale adventures, and practical or not, couldn’t help but fork over the cash for.

InsertBluescreenHere, . 3y cockpit for a 747. Guy was a piolit, bought to make a simulator, wife wasnt happy he bought it as he attached it to the back of his garage haha. ... 69
Chowderhead1 . . 11y I found a shirt a t-shirt that said I <3 ANUS The Monster Watcher. I kick myself for not buying it, and still don't know wtf it means. ... 258
ChemistrySet. 1 11y I found a taxidermic frog sitting in a tiny rocking chair. I bought it and mailed it to a friend. She has to keep it, it was a gift. ... 775
 . 3y I bought a huge box of new unopened 1990's era floppy discs for $3. Sold it on ebay the same day for $300. ... 168
pseudotoast. 11y I found a clock with Conway Twitty on it for $3. It now hangs on my basement wall. ... 69
testburner13 . 3y a homemade costco sign ... 7
grotesquechicken . 12d human skull ... Reply 1
justiceserenity . 3y It was an OJ Simpson Trial board game. ... 13
clee5 . 3y This old chair you sit in at the gynecologist. Like wtf ... 32
der_riddler . 3y A fully operational bazooka (without ammo though). ... 10
2LittleWheeks . 3y a single earring that was the exact match to a single earring i already owned. was it my missing earring? did we have the same pair and both lost one? ... 7
fmlolmao . . 11y Not really strange, but I found 200 dollars stuffed in to a little ceramic bear. Yes, I took the money and bought the bear... . . in that order. ... 500
 11y I found a little trophy with Best Float 1969 engraved on it. It has sat on top of every toilet I've had for the last ten years. ... 1.4k
Wenchtastic . . 11y Haha!!! My parents have the black metal jesus picture. Its really creepy, cant tell whether the eyes are open or closed. The weirdest thing i found was a mink stole. 6 minks, heads tail paws everything. Bought it for a dollar. ... 119
theholeinmylife . . 3y A pair tweezers made from a single peice of looped steel wire , the guy reckens they were from 200 years ago but I'm certain steel wire was an industrial Revolution thing ... 10
BZH_JJM . . 5y Years ago, my dad got what he thought was an apple press from a garage sale. Tried to make cider with it and it turned out horribly. Turns out it was actually a sausage press. Since then, we learned how to make sausages and have learned how to make a few that aren't generally available in our area. ... 133
Metalgrowler . 1 11y cyanide I don't know what it was supposed to be but it was a jar with some weird brand name and the only other writing on it was warning very poison contains cyanide ... 89
PhyrexianSpaghetti • . Зу Not particularly crazy but a sealed luggage that only had Sega handwritten on it. 10 bucks just for the mistery luggage revealed that it contained two complete master systems, both in perfect working order. I never understood why or how that ended up being there ... 77
nayrlladnar . 1 12d An urn. It looked nice, but when I picked it up, it felt heavier than I expected, leading me to believe it was not empty. It didn't have a price sticker on it, but was definitely on the table with the rest of the stuff being offered for sale. I set it back down and pretended not to notice. ... Reply 1
kmillionare. 11y I found (and bought for 19.99) a painting of two men riding through the old west on horses with revolvers being chased by a somewhat distant group of lawmen or bandits. The best part: the two men are Tupac and Bob Marley. Found in Slidell, Louisiana. III try to get a picture up, its at my friends apartment now, I totally forgot about it until this post.
 . 3y A copy of The Joy of French Cooking where someone had kept a very tightly written diary around the margins and between lines of text. The diary discussed at length the conspiracies against the author and frequently mentioned the existence of the last police officer I can trust. At 50 cents, it was a steal. ... 227
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