The 23 Funniest Community Notes of 2023

Readers added the context of a sick burn
The 23 Funniest Community Notes of 2023

The end of Elon Musk’s first calendar year as chairman of Twitter is fast approaching, and there are so many things he’s done (poorly) for the website. He flushed brand recognition and SEO results down the toilet by changing the name of the platform to “X” and flipped the (no-longer-Twitter) bird to dictionaries everywhere by letting “tweets” fall by the wayside in favor of the bland and generic “posts.” The two crucial identity changes have been largely ignored by anyone with a brain because saying that “you’re posting on X” is a statement that should put you on a government watchlist. 

Speaking of which, Musk rolled out a watchlist of his own with a subscription service that turned a once tried-and-true verification badge into a Scarlet Letter. He removed Circles, a widely-beloved feature that allowed users to share thoughts with a more intimate group of people within their own following, due to “nobody using the feature,” which is a fast way to let everyone know that you’re a loser who wasn’t in anyone else’s Circle. Musk also put the kibosh on headlines appearing in links because they were “ugly,” but you know what else is ugly? Misinformation. Most recently, outgoing links have been disabled, and surely it’s just some “bug” and has nothing to do with articles being disseminated about a two-million-vehicle Tesla recall

While Musk’s many changes to Twitter have been awful and created a hostile environment, there’s one special little place that’s maintained some sort of integrity: the hallowed halls of the Community Notes. The user-submitted fact-checker has been the site’s last line of defense and also a place where unwitting parties have been roasted into oblivion. 

From washed-up athletes to misguided politicians, here are some of the funniest ways people had their asses handed to them thanks to Twitter’s most brutal feature

Facili @FacilitaturFPS #1 PREDATOR IN THE WORLD. THEY SAID I COULDNT DO IT. GRINDED MY HEART OUT FOR THIS. IM BACK @PlayApex SEASON 2.55k زار 287k PLAY SEASONAL LEGENDS LOADOUT STORE CLUB (5) RESURRECTION 200 Facilitatur CONGRATULATIONS brainsy View Stats YOU'VE REACHED MAX LEVEL Lazurr DAILYCHALLENGES Exclusives Battle Roysle Non-BR Play 2 matches 70 Play 2 matches + Revenant 2/2 Deal 200 damage will shotguns 0/200 Get ail with Red -Tim weapon on Deal 1,500 damage 1500/1.500 DAILY-23h15m VIEW PRIZE TRACKER DEATH DYNASTY APEX PREDATOR 76654 LP CROSSPLAY 6h 15m RANKED LEAGUES KINGS CANYON READY Say SID 9043101800965297879 Readers added context they
lan Miles Cheong REBEL NEWS Follow @stillgray I'm glad shooting cops in Cyberpunk 2077 is completely optional. Never finished GTA5 either. Readers added context lan Miles Cheong has written up to 255 Gameranx articles covering GTA V, including descriptions of personally killing or evading (virtual) police in game's singleplayer mode. You rated as helpful Edit
Dr. Anastasia Maria Lou Follow ... @DrLoupis MEN cannot BREASTFEED. You can put on your shirts now. And call the MOTHER. 1/10 Readers added context These men are not attempting to breastfeed. They are engaging in skin-to-skin contact, a practice proven to be beneficial for newborns. Study:
Kevin McCarthy Follow @SpeakerMcCarthy I never quit. cc I'm going to work harder Readers added context Не just quit. Source:
Elon Musk X Subscribe @elonmusk Interesting. This Note is being gamed by state actors. Will be helpful in figuring who they are. Thanks for jumping in the honey pot, guys Imao! Readers added context they thought people might want to know Community Notes requires agreement from contributors of differing perspectives, as such it is highly resistant to gaming. The entire Community Notes algorithm and data is open source, and can be reviewed by anyone by following the links on the page below: Do you find this helpful? Rate it
Losses of the Brave and Pro... Follow @Transphobe_Ws why are her legs so hairy? ON/OFF osted by u/Fit_Acanthisitta9705 1 hour ago Girl dinner SOURCE Frito BRAND ВРЕХ Fritos The ORIGINAL COHN CHIPS The ORIGINAL American ELINE RINE PIPELINE PUNCH SELUTION 1 Comment Share Save Readers added context they thought people might want to know The reason is because women naturally have leg hair.
ParisHilton Follow ... @ParisHilton What are 17 years ago, I invented the selfie the most iconic selfies of all time? l'll be the judge, since I invented them #ThatsHot Readers added context they thought people might want to know Selfies or photographic self portraits have been made since the 1830s, the first one by Hippolyte Bayard. We have selfies going back many decades, ms. Hilton didn't even take the first one with a mobile phone. She also didn't invent the word. m...
Dr Charlotte Proudman What a beautiful photograph of white male privilege and entitlement. Sums up who rules our country. Readers added context they thought people might want to know For 134 of the last 200 years the head of state of the United Kingdom has been a woman.
KEEM Follow ... @KEEMSTAR Taylor Swift has 52 Grammy nominees But 53 ex boyfriends at age 33 Readers added context Taylor Swift has had 11 ex boyfriends.
Dua Lipa Charts @ChartsDuaLipa 12/3/23 .@DUALIPA and Omar Apollo are dating! Readers added context Omar Apollo is gay. Do you find this helpful? Rate it 13M 419 4K 5.5K
Missing Information Sh... Follow @missin4mation Margot Robbie is trending. This is a DUDE. You can see that right? #EGI. #MargotRobbie Readers added context Margot Robbie is a cisgender woman.
Christopher Wallace @Wallace_Chris12.11/20/23 ... DeSantis is our generations JFK He's - А family man - Faithful to his wife -Young gun who brings energy to the party I see no reason why we shouldn't nominate DeSantis Readers added context JFK was not faithful to his wife. Do you find this helpful? Rate it 3.9K 3.6K 2.9K 24M
Robert L. Dabney @DabneyRL 12/6/23 Man for man, the greatest fighting force the world has ever known. The soldiers of the Confederate States of America. Readers added context The soldiers of the Confederate States of America fought one war, and lost that war.
Pop Crave Follow POP ... CRAVE @PopCrave The internet is going crazy over ALX Fike, Dominic Fike's brother, after his recreation of a Calvin Klein ad for his new single, Famous. calvinklen Readers added context The internet is going crazy over ALX Fike appears highly speculative, given that only 47 posts were made prior to Pop Crave's coverage of ALX Fike, with 96% of them being replies to an account having a similar name. Do you find this helpful? Rate it
TMZ ... TMZ @TMZ The former NBA star made some controversial claims during an interview with Fox News. ATLAN OCEA Buy Arabian BRAZIL INDIAN OCEAN SOU ATLANT OCEAN Enes Kanter Says He'd Average 60 Points, 30 Rebounds Per Game In WNBA Readers added context they thought people might want to know Enes Kanter Freedom earned zero accolades over his nba career, including no all star selections
BENG BJERRY'S Ben&. Jerry's Follow @benandjerrys This 4th of July, it's high time we recognize that the US exists on stolen Indigenous land and commit to returning it. Learn more and take action now: THE UNITED STATES WAS FOUNDED on STOLEN INDIGENOUS LAND. THIS IS STOLEN THIS FOURTH OF JULY, LAND LET'S COMMIT TO RETURNING IT. Readers added context Despite Ben and Jerry's supposed commitment to returning land they feel was stolen, they have yet to reach out to the tribe whose land their HQ is on, and arrange a return of the land to them. Do you
@KenAlanJ... 1d ... KeNAFO Jones You are a convicted pedophile, what does that say about the people that agree with you? 774 14.2K 30 21 ARMAME The PERESTROIKA Scott Ritter @RealScottRitter - RITTI Except I'm not. What's that say about you? Readers added context they thought people might want to know Scott Ritter is a twice convicted pedophile. Не spent 2 years in prison. Do you find this helpful? Rate it
PETA @peta 1d ... PeTA The same people who claim that humans are so much smarter and superior to other animals still keep repeating the same tired arguments. Compassion isn't a difficult concept to understand. Readers added context PETA has killed over 47,000 animals since 1998 with a kill rate of almost 95%.
Cenk Uygur @cenkuygur 18h If Biden refuses to drop out, since he is a guaranteed loss, it'll force me to just flat out beat him. Не is the weakest major candidate I have ever seen. If no one else gets into the race, I will shock the world and catch Biden. Readers added context The US Constitution requires that any candidate for President be a natural born citizen of the United States. Uygur was born in Turkey and was not a US citizen at the time of birth. Не is not eligible to run and has already been denied ballot
SpaceStuffandThings @SpaceSan... 1d Year This is NOT what community notes are for. Buts it's very very funny. Sam Hidely @peepeelaugh Tim isnt even bald Imao, nice lie though Readers added context they thought people might want to know Tim Pool is bald. Do you find this helpful? Rate it Readers added context they thought people might want to know This is exactly what Community Notes (amongst other things) are for: Correcting factual errors.
David Wolfe @DavidWolfe.21h You'll Never Eat Chicken Nuggets Again Cá ل TikTok @ annatuthat 2:14 Readers added context they thought people might want to know This is manufacturing of rubber bands, not chicken nuggets.
tyler ... @tyler02020202 people on here be like cigarettes are bad for you. source: the FDA Readers added context they thought people might want to know Cigarettes are bad for you. Source: the FDA. Do you find this helpful? Rate it
Lepanto Institute @LepantoInst.6d Replying to @Emma506131772 Really? The pope is a dictator who has the authority to exercise unlimited power without due process? Readers added context Yes. Show this note
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