25 of the Funniest Tweets from December 6, 2023

25 of the Funniest Tweets from December 6, 2023

King Charles III may have lost to record-breaking hitmaker Taylor Swift for TIME’s highest honor as Person of the Year, but he’s found other ways to make headlines—by not being very bright. While making a pit stop at Andy Cohen’s clubhouse on her May December promotional run, Natalie Portman shared a humorous exchange she had with the would-be king at The Phantom Menace’s London premiere in 1999. Portman recalled that the monarch asked her if she was in the original Star Wars… a trilogy that concluded when the Oscar-winner was fresh out of the womb. 

Meanwhile, the affair that shook up daytime television has allegedly taken an unhinged, IRL Wife Swap turn. While former GMA3 hosts Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes have brought their love for each other to a podcast in their first post-firing gig, their spurned exes are said to have forged a romantic bond over the traumatic situation. Now all that’s left is to see how the real life events make their way into the next season of The Morning Show

Our love affair with the timeline burns as bright as ever so long as they keep making us laugh. Today’s funny tweets include someone led astray by Ratatouille, the MTA unintentionally making an Olympic sport out of turnstile jumping, and a few people who will be unwrapping text messages on Christmas morning. 

talk big t @dontfacetimeme 15h ... when i first got my car i used to send pics of my full gas tank to my siblings cuz in my 22 years of life i aint never seen a full tank in they car 70 120 PARK 60 140 EDOE 50 mph ID 160 40 30 1/2 20 10 ta girl fuck you T Weirdo t Nobody give a fuck really T 32 1,510 23K 490K

the blonde ichiban @niaws_t 16h ... the bouncer: y @ysmammri 1 1 1d i did not know you can get banned from a club for falling asleep LMAOO my bad! 19 2,193 13.2K 580K

rat facts, PhD @shwauby.2 20h ... WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DONT KNOW HOW TO COOK RU 60 6,151 54.3K 1M

@marksnotnice. 12h Ideal setting to be shown 2-3 youtube videos that aren't that funny Midward @MidwardTentacle-2d The coffee table out of frame twitter.com/cfbrep/status/... FLATIVERS bar R CLUCKY 5 104 2,172 132K

colin @cheeserburger 12h < Notes ... June 20, 2023 at 4:25 PM i think you should be allowed to sports bet on people's marriages. Tahira @IsitTahira 4d Quote with anything from your notes Notes 21 1,460 16.4K 827K

kolb @Kolbsterr 17h go get yo CDL right now i'm not even joking b @6i5... . 1d By me FENTANYLL 130 5,474 34.8K 3.3M

20h ... you or someone you love heard secondhand that my friend's wife is obsessed with bats. for years I've been sending her cute/funny bat content (+ as a result my algo serves a lot of it) and she always responds  or omg or whatever. today I learned that it was a different friend's wife who loves bats 67 1,392 39.1K del 1M

@halomancer1. 19h jenny_tightpants glad to see they still make these guys for each new GTA release evan @esjesjesj.20h *seeing a woman standing* WHAT THE FUCK Rev Laskaris @REVMAXXING-16h ... WE NEED TO BAN GTA 6. IN A WORLD OF ONLYFANS AND RAMPANT PORN, THIS GAME IS GOING TO MAKE YOUNG PEOPLES MENTAL HEALTH MUCH WORSE! #BanGTA6 1,184 1,090 4,735 434K 37 295 8.7K 192K

charlie (furby enthusiast) @sapphoimscared - 2 23h A24 this, A24 that... some of y'all need A24 hour psych hold & evaluation 21 2.4K 18K 533K

JULIE @ladyparasitic 15h me when im happy: im gonna throw up me when im sad: im gonna throw up me when im angry: im gonna throw up me when im confused: im gonna throw up me when im scared: im gonna throw up me when im excited: im gonna throw up me when im surprised: im gonna throw up 58 9.6K 36K del 550K

francis wolf @francisxwolf - 12h 11:59 pornhub.com Search Pornhub Cancel Clear All Recent Searches experimental X kafkaesque X arthouse X thought provoking X avant garde X 113 7K 66K 1.6M

han @8balIer .2 23h АРНЕХ TWIN 'SELECTED AMBIENT WORKS 85-92' (2LP) £23 EVERY HOME SHOULD HAVE A COPY OF THIS! Worke B5 02 PUBLIA MALI Моча BD or a 87K 3.4K 417 3

Travonne Edwards @Travonne 22h mta about to see some true athletes NEW YORK New York Post Metro POST @nypmetro . 1 1d MTA rolls out first test of new jump-resistant subway fare gates in Queens trib.al/mUnWtLq Entry E J Z Entry Elevator E Welcome to the Subway Exit ENTER Security ENTER - Tep - OMNY or swipe MetroCard 5 130 4K 4.7M 32K

nicole boyce @nicolewboyce - 1 1d ... headed to get my midnight snack clara horst @_icosa. 2d My fridge needed a lightbulb but I missed that it said '40 watts maximum' so I accidentally bought a Nature 200w bulb 1.2K 1 26K 1.5M

Powered by Valve ٨ @PBValve. 1d ... Steam reviews is a wonderful place 454 people found this review helpful 7 2 1,040 people found this review funny TEAM FORTRESS 2 Recommended 69,006.1 hrs on record (35,732.9 hrs at review time) After playing this game for 30,000+ hours I would just like to say this game sucks. Posted 13 November, 2016. Last edited 25 November, 2017. Was this review helpful? Yes No Funny Award 16 165 1.8K 27K

FrankJavCee @FrankJavCee. 12h ... is this a bad time to show y'all that sophomore year of high school in 2008 drew united airlines flight 175 crashing into the south tower of the world trade center on 9/11 on a graphing calculator? TEXAS INSTRUMENTS TI-83 Plus STATPLON A TALBET FB FORMAT PS CALC F6 TABLE : z. Emerson @World0fEcho.13h art is dead, you say? ok. explain this: TI-84 Plus TEXAS INSTRUMENTS SHREK 25 1.2K 15K 386K

judi @JVDlTH 1d you're asking if ppl are in their 20s @Whotfismick· 1d you may be old but, are you this OLD? Atrile A Openter HOME 2 Wii 325K 591 18K 9M

Bitchy Witch @TraderGoys 16h The last time I downloaded hinge I realized that their main goal is not for you to get into a relationship, it's for you to kill yourself Patty @pattykkot 1d Redownloaded Hinge and yall..... AM I HIDEOUS? 7 126 1,766 114K

perneeya @dykeistan 1c ... i would give my life for my friends i'd do anything for them except answer their text messages 159 16.8K 66.6K 2.2M

@girlsonfillm 20h ... no way everybody in that school looked at him and didn't suspect anything 164 6,098 92.7K du 2.9M

depths of wikipedia @depths... 14h ... WIKIPEDIA The Ther Harlem Globetrotters From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Honorary members Ten people have been officially named as honorary members of the team: Henry Kissinger (1976) 37 733 10.1K 342K

chaosjim @yungfloop 18h what do u guys think of this one 4:53 58 Ruben YOU MATCHED WITH RUBEN ON 10/2/23 If heaven had a face I swear it'd look like you Today 4:39 PM *starts dryhumping your leg* 73 1,404 17.8K 723K

the ben keeps the flores @lim... 16h ... M NBC News @NBCNews. 1d NDCNEWS Panera Bread's highly caffeinated Charged Lemonade is now blamed for a second death, according to a new lawsuit. nbcnews.com/news/... 13 2,072 25K 1.4M

nay @fineassnayyyy 2 23h Bank account looking like everybody getting a text message for Christmas. And that's if my phone is still on 34 837 3,244 219K

lea chin-sang @bigfatmoosep... 17h ... too self aware for foreplay i'm so sorry... take that nurse costume off i iknow you didn't go to med school 48 11.1K 105K 2.6M
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