30 of the Funniest Tweets from November 22, 2023

30 of the Funniest Tweets from November 22, 2023

Sad news for Hot Topic assistant managers everywhere: If you find yourself wanting to return to HalloweenTown, it looks like you’re going to have to revisit Tim Burton’s original classic The Nightmare Before Christmas. The director of the 1993 film told Empire that he doesn’t ever want to see anything else from Jack and Sally. Or as he put it, “This movie is very important. I’ve done sequels, I’ve done other things, I’ve done reboots. I’ve done all that shit, right? I don’t want that to happen to this.” He went on to stand his ground with a very strongly worded warning that “you ain’t getting this property!” 

Meanwhile over at GameStop, The Simpsons: Hit & Run 2 may not be hitting the shelves anytime soon, but developers aren’t to blame — they’re just as confused as we are. In an interview with MinnMax, a panel of creators behind the cult-classic game finally addressed the lack of a sequel. It turns out that a follow-up to the 2003 game was in the works as part of a five-game deal that executive producer John Melchior said was tabled in a “really bizarre decision.” Perhaps this new round of interest will be enough to find Homer Simpson back behind the wheel and racking up vehicular manslaughter charges all over Springfield. 

In the meantime, the timeline is sending us off into the holiday with some seriously funny tweets to be thankful for. Today’s include those about a few boss babies, some human chow and what it truly means to live más.

Queen Liza @KrystalWolfyAlt-21h ... 37q do you think truckers realize that theyre dentists of highways chinaglaze tl explain teamnowalls tl they both fuck twinks at gas stations opposite-of-a-problem tl explain 52 6,013 68.2K 962K

Adam @AdamRoguezy 1d that's an awfully hot dropping spot Shiina @ShiinaBR.1d EMINEM SKIN (via @FNBRintel) 74 3,889 55.2K 3.6M

hussy @HOSTAGEKILLER.10h Not going to pretend i care about fish. they're basically plants. God put a billion dumbasses in the blue part so the apes and me could dine 5 93 1,319 38K

hajar meddah @hajmedd 23h ... don't understand why pastry production is skewed in favour of morning people. It's 7pm and I'm want a fresh pastry but they're nowhere to be found? What necessitates pastry chefs waking up at 6am to bake for the morning crowd? For what sin are evening dwellers being punished? 20 1,122 5,859 185K

Andiamo @awejones.1 17h ... Being taken to my partner's hometown to be shown off like a prized hog 12 372 5,625 du 253K

megan @chismosavirus.2 20h a friend's boyfriend is not my friend... that is a coworker at best 342 14.9K 110K 3.3M

Koco Caine's Straw @tyjnick . 17h Friends who invite their partners to EVERYTHING... girl we are getting coffee LEAVE HIM IN THE CRATE 39 2,062 21.7K 644K

Ben Crew @BenjaminCrew1 20h ... HOLY SHIT look at this wide Kermit at the University of Maryland 81 810 10K 510K

sage @unholyseraphim. 2h ... my roommate just sent this photo to our landlord to inform them of the ceiling leaking.... Banned: The server has automatically banned you for saying a bad word. You said: man where the fine ass penguin bitches at Okay ASTROLOGICAL SIGNE OF THE CHART 5 620 5,346 56.1K

POZOLE PRINCESS @hot_cod... 23h ... Matt rife : nobody takes my comedy seriously cuz I'm so hot Matt rife: 22 478 8,328 360K

Mulvaholland Drive @Seinpeaks• 1d ... Cat Manning @catac... 10/5/22  it has always sucked ass to be alive 48 10.4K 73.1K 1.8M

Cheapie Mac @cheapiemac. 1 1d Me to the robot after 15 Sapporo's: so what time does your shift end? Justin @KramericaIntern. 1d This is awkward as hell. I don't wanna worry that some half assed robot is gonna spill hot soup all over me cc 144 3,236 49.1K 7M

annie-mai @anniemaisocial - 1 1d ... can you get this done by EOD? me after already deciding my working day was over: 32 5,097 57.4K 2.5M

ok @slugcharmer19h nothing more thrilling than a beautiful woman turning to me in secret whispering can i say something mean 9 1,620 10.8K 231K

katie @skatie420.15h joe biden acts like one of those dogs that's like 23 years old and it's still alive for some reason and every now and then it just stops breathing but it's fine 30 575 12.5K 328K

jurdle @jurndan . 16h ... He's at the baby command center Massimo @Rainmaker1973 . 1d When you see a person laugh, especially a baby, mirror neurons fire and prompt you to imitate that action yourself. This is why laughter is contagious. Mirror neurons are also the ones that prompt you to show empathy toward someone.  29 1:04 771 13K 428K 13

siyyan @siyyaniverse 6h its 7 in the morning and i am crying my eyes out laughing at the idea of rue sitting there listening to dominic fike blow the trumpet in her face Pop Base @PopBase.2 23h Dominic Fike reveals in recent interview that 'Elliot's Song' from Euphoria was originally meant to include him playing the trumpet: You know that scene that everybody f***ing made f***ing fun of me for, that was supposed to be me playing a trumpet, so imagine that. 14 1.7K 35K 1.1M

Sam Stefanak @SamStefanak•1 1h ... WRITERS GUILD ON STRIKE Ryan Murphy types the words Hall Vs. Oates so hard that all his fingers fracture V Variety @Variety 2h Daryl Hall Gets Restraining Order Against John Oates in Hall & Oates Legal Battle variety.com/2023/music/ new... 45 589 27K

Mike Scollins @mikescollins . 1d ... what if a ipad had a knife DEADLINE Deadline Hollywood @DEADLINE. 1d 'Black Mirror' Renewed For Season 7 At Netflix deadline.com/2023/11/black-... 70 1.6K 39K 1.9M

Glow @glowiny 14h ... one time i panicked and said p for prostitution samuel @bysamuelwood . 1d I need to learn the phonetic alphabet, I sound so dumb on calls when they ask to clarify 123 1.9K 17K del 1M

Seán Burke @SeanBurkeShow. 4h ... Daniel Craig looks like he's about to tell your Nan her ceramics are worthless on Antiques Roadshow. Samant master to Seamaster 313 33 4.5K 194K

levy @1929stockcrash· 2h mumford and sons after 25 mg of adderall CC 17 12K 324 1

optimus prime @earth_to_annaa 16h day 1 WOMEN WANT ME THE MINDS OF FISH ARE UNKNOWABLE 7 94 922 22K

Justin Whang @JustinWhang.4h It's called living más philip lewis @Phil_Lewis_ . 4 4h An ex-L.A. area Taco Bell employee is suing the company after she claims a party at the restaurant descended into a drunken mess that included open sex. She says she saw a co-worker having sex with his wife in front of everyone, while his wife was kissing her female manager... Show more TACO BELL TACO BELL 32 262 3.7K 201K

7/11 Truther @DaveMcNamee3000. 19h anytime the boys get together at an air bnb there is gonna be someone blacked out in the kitchen like this at 3am haggu 39 869 44K

let's try calling me 'november' @AliceAvizandum 1d ... just seen these earrings and imagine someone seeing you from the racism side Fuck Racism 51 434 4.9K 101K

2 @mazzypopstar.2h ... ddtovato 2h X SELFMADE cam. by angelokritikos Farm Sanctuary ... Sponsored - Turkeys are bright, social animals who enjoy being pet- just ask Demi Lovato! ...See More I'm thankful for all of you PeTA PETA UK @PETAUK 5d Turkeys don't want to be eaten. Turkeys don't want to be eaten. Turkeys don't want to be eaten. Turkeys don't want to be eaten.... 3 186 2.9K 88K

hatsune mitski @zephanijong 20h praying for yall this holiday season I bring a sort of mentally ill Vibe to the family that the family who made don't me mentally ill really like 9.4K 43K 1.1M 13

Never break kayfabe @Tripolar_B . 16h Why you eating like a Rottweiler GIFTED. @IMGIFTEDBTC.23h Hamburger meat and mustard, I gets down ion play 116 3.8K 42K 2M

Emily Haswell @myemtv 1d ... Matt Rife looks like a glee cast member (derogatory) 177 2.3K 46K 1.6M
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