31 of the Funniest Tweets from November 15, 2023

Theft? Yes. Kindness? No
31 of the Funniest Tweets from November 15, 2023

Bazinga! With its upcoming seventh and final season, Young Sheldon is graduating at the top of its class. The Big Bang spin-off became CBS’ improbable number one sitcom for several years running since its debut and outlasted a number of new series that were DOA. The precocious math wiz’s final season received a 14-episode order with an hour-long send-off for its mid-May series finale. Perhaps the impending vacuum left by Sheldon Cooper’s departure will open the way for Chuck Lorre to give us Young Raj to explore the origins of the astrophysicist’s inability to talk to women unless he’s got some liquid courage in him.

Since appearing in Top Gun: Maverick, Glen Powell’s star continues to rise, and the actor is the latest in a long line of ripped Hollywood men to appear on the cover of Men’s Health. The Anyone But You actor, who admitted to eating over 40 ribs in one sitting (while showing no signs of it), took to Twitter to explain why he bared his naked flesh for the magazine. He jokingly quote tweeted the now-infamous viral post likening him to a “capybara who made a wish to become human” saying that he “took off (his) pants to try and bury this photo.” Unfortunately for Powell, no amount of butt-cheekage will be able to outshadow that iconic tweet. 

Meanwhile, the timeline is giving us an extra burst of energy as we cruise through hump day. Today’s funny tweets include those about a Priscilla actor’s relatable work ethic, discerning business decisions by North West and the questionable financial practice of one particular Wingstop order.

jimmy @jimmyoutsold 23h ... having gay roommates is so unserious bc what do you mean we should watch every live performance of god is a woman and rank them NO we should do the dishes 126 3,756 65K 2M
asha @ashatellslies.15h i hate smoking W white ppl this mf just put on the lord of the rings sound track 1 26 449 25.9K
wild TikTok screenshots @... ..10h ... LIVE Following For You x + TRIVIA when i was like 10 a girl at church camp heard a + rumor i was gay and i woke up to her holding me down by the wrists 4526 and yelling bible versus in my face. I immediately ... developed a crush on her 133 1,864 49.9K 1.2M
Jokeing Time @LaughterHaver 4h ... At my grandma's funeral doing this every time someone says she's in heaven 4 116 2,355 54.6K
jess @dre4mluvr.16h real #fuckers get it ! val * @TECHNOBR4T.1d 0/10ihaaaaaaaaaateeeeee this with a passion 6. Flatiron EMILY SCHIFF-SLATER 53 781 8,647 815K
Lil Uzi Bert @Robert_Isaac-21h ... | Think You Should Watch Detroiters and I th... cinesthetic. @TheCinest... . 1d If were in charge of choosing the next pair of detectives for TRUE DETECTIVE S4: who would you like to see? 12 332 5,658 344K
carl marks @whoreby_parker- 23h ... i i was looking for a job and then i found a job Linkedln 50m ago A n posted: Job Opportunity! in Oscar Mayer seeks a Wienermobile Spokesperson. If you relish in the chance to hitch a ride in a 27-foot Hot Dog this i... 27 971 15.5K 456K
@sheepnstein 20h ... The show's gonna end with Sheldon and his siblings staring at the stars and one of them asks. Sheldon, what do you think started all of this? and Sheldon responds, Have you ever heard of the Big Bang Theory? cinema. @PopBase.2 21h Pop Base 'Young Sheldon' will end with Season 7. young Sheldon 130 3,722 65K 3.5M
messed up foods @messedu.... 5h ... we fuckin on the pizza bed tonight 82 533 5,903 195K
jos @josiahhughes.23h way too big Hannah Thibedeau @Hann... 1d 1st Canadian coins unveiled with King Charles image. What do you think? CHARLES III 2023 266 12.8K 238K 9.8M
val @valyeeet 1d me spending the night with the film student i like prime prime video @PrimeVideoIN - 7/7/22 prime video IN video christopher nolan and back shots THE DARK KNIGHT INTERSTELLER AVDAY NO TM AND ao BROS ENT INC GHTS RESERVED THE DARK DUNKIRK KNIGHT RISES 9 265 3.7K del 204K
Breezy' @OvOBrezzzy 18h Financing wings not even the crazy part the hell u buying at wingstop for $173 HENNY @HENNYGAWDERRERO. 21h Send as a gift Pay X Pay In Full Pay Later APPLE PAY LATER $43.48 every 2 weeks 4 payments $43.48 Due Today In 2 weeks $43.48 In 4 weeks $43.48 In 6 weeks $43.50 No Interest Total: $173.94 Subject to eligibility and approval. Available only in the U.S. 102 2.1K 31K 5M
juju $ @ayeejuju 3h me before and after i check her likes $ Historic Vids @historyinmemes 1/3/23 Soldier's face after four years of war, 1941-1945 282 60K 4.2K the 3.9M
derek guy @dieworkwear 12h imagine thinking you're rich and kim's friend and north looks you up and down and says, $2 POP CRAVE Pop Crave @PopCrave. 1d Kim Kardashian tells GQ that North runs a lemonade stand where she scams people that she knows: If a random person stops, she will charge them only $2. If she knows you, she will fully scam you. l'll get calls from my friends saying she charged them $20 for a lemonade. She'll... Show more 16 134 4.6K 394K
The Ultimate Ashley @ComicsAsh.. 4h She was going to say I've always loved Madame Web but realised no one would buy that Imao Sat Ata (Houdini era) @SalAta2049.4h I don't think believe her on this one ngl C FDNY PARAMEDIC 0:01 Dakota Johnson 29 527 8.8K IJ 280K
Cian @nodrectionhome 6h the Irishman is such a beautiful movie this is supposed to be a 23 year old man 52 126 4K del 105K
cowgirl from hell @jukeboxcowgirl - 3 3h back when I was working in an office/creative studio I sent my slack group this reaction emoji and my direct supervisor dm'd me and said I needed to use more appropriate emojis's 30 4 692 17K
jeremy @jeremylovesyall 4h the virgin warner bros: nooo we can't release batgirl in cinemas because it's a hbo movie and it doesn't look worthy of being a cinematic release! we have no choice but to cancel it!!! the chad sony: look at this unaired CW pilot disguised as a movie. go see it in imax! SONY Sony Pictures @SonyPictures. 5h Her web connects them all. #MadameWeb is coming soon exclusively to movie theaters. CJ 100 - - RUS - - 2.6K 27K 1.4M 58
si оа @slaymil 16h Taylor and Travis: C Travis Kelce @tkelce . 5/19/10 This girl just came in here with some micro's and rebok's on..... OKAY GURL!!!!!!! 4.4K 199K 325
re: emma @evemmore 3h being desperate for a job and then when you get one complaining the whole time.... Representation at last FILM UPDATES @FilmUpdates 7h Film Updates Jacob Elordi tells @IndieWire what he looks for in roles: I just play what they give me. I need a job. CC E AMAZON MGM STI ROD AM IndieWire 42 519 18K
Solid JJ @SolidusJJ. 19h last episode is a shot-for-shot remake of breaking bad ozymandias but with sheldon 4F DiscussingFilm @DiscussingFilm n . 20h 'YOUNG SHELDON' will end after 7 seasons. 53 2.1K 42K 2M
Tio в @mmmmBISCUITO_0 .1 17h They supposed to kiss, not fuck. King Eddie Fall King 1d V V ...would you eat this pan of yamaroni and cheese?... 634 10K 52K 3.2M
fraser ramon @SteveMerkle9 - 16h ... Draymond instigating things and then playing the victim I wonder where he learned that pr strategy 23 530 4,546 244K
Tweets of Cats @Tweets... . 20h ... Mippness @mippness Did | ever show this text interaction with my grandmother? Oh my he has a headache 76 12.1K 184K 3.5M
colin @cheeserburger 20h when you and bro are on different paths in life but still find time to link up ST ES A NITED 5 5 598 del 386K 9,816
no context memes @weirdd... . 9h ... Question CAU Correct That's right! Kindness is not one of the British Values Continue different faiths and beliefs 69 3,505 67.2K 1.5M
Solomon @mushmushguy.5h creative burglar director MOCTERY GUAYAKI Red Bul CEDARIO YERBA MATE NEXO com 11 464 4,715 134K
mom said it's my turn with... 1h ... extraordinary Brian Stone 0 @briandstone_ . 16h ... Tesla Cyberbeer is hot garbage. Not only is the lid RUSTED but the beer is also nasty. This was a miss @elonmusk 34 26 95 del 11K Tesla John @vohnvest 15h Why did you drink it? 1 del 670 1 Brian Stone C @briandstone_ Because paid $75 per bottle. I forced myself to drink it all 6:59 PM-Nov 14, 2023 - 669 Views 30 333 2,964 114K
good reddit @GoodReddit - 1 1h SPOILER I feel like Oppenheimer was a little too intense so I decided to come up with some quips that could've relieved some of the tension Firstly, Oppenheimer should've followed up his iconic I am become death line with Erm, that sounded a lot better in my head Secondly, Truman should've turned to the camera and said Yep, I just did that before winking after telling Oppenheimer about the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This could be followed up with Oppenheimer saying Uh, Mr President, who are you talking to? And thirdly, there should've been
READ HERRIT furby hancock @furby_hancock-22h ... me: my ass is broken doc. it has a crack in it doctor: (placing a hand on my shoulder) that's how the light gets in 3 299 3,787 del 103K
ettingermentum @ettingerme... 18h ... he was in the lab Report: Trump Spends His Days Golfing, Workshopping Nicknames About DeSantis's Height and Penis Tiny D is apparently under consideration for the Florida governor. BY BESS LEVIN MARCH 6, 2023 5:31 PM 65 663 16.7K 776K
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