35 of the Funniest Tweets from November 14, 2023

35 of the Funniest Tweets from November 14, 2023

If you’re headed to Good Burger you can sure as hell expect a delicious bite served up by perennial slacker Dexter Reed. But if you want to know what Good Burger 2 is like, you’re going to have to ask someone other than Kenan Thompson. Thompson (and his other half Kel Mitchell) made an appearance on The Today Show to promote their sequel due out later this month. While there, the SNL cast member told the Today crew that he’s yet to watch the film since he wants to “watch it raw.” He further explained that he wants the “genuine experience” of viewing it as a fan on the big screen. Despite not knowing what the finished product looks like, he did share some of the faces and cameos to look forward to, like former New England Patriot Rob Gronkowski, Shark Tank’s Mark Cuban and Scary Movie’s Carmen Electra. 

As one beloved comedy looks forward, another looks back. Seth MacFarlane hopped on Instagram to thank the visual effects studio for their work on the Ted prequel series and offer a first look at the return of the foul-mouthed, furry little guy. The series, which premieres soon on Peacock, sees the creator reuniting with frequent collaborator Scott Grimes, who voices Stan Smith on American Dad and joined MacFarlane on the USS Orville. The cast is rounded out by Legally Blonde’s Alanna Ubach along with Giorgia Whigham and Max Burkholder. 

All the while, the timeline is living in the present and blessing us with some new hilarious tweets. Today’s bangers include those about questionable rental math, one man’s deep Hinge connections and the Christmas commercial that could survive an apocalypse. 

charlie @StyledApe 21h ... what a stupid asshole Fascinating @fasc1nate. 1d Andy Warhol would often go into hair salons to get his wig cut. Then next month, he would come back to the salon in a longer wig and act like his wig had grown.

roro, PhD @fuglibetty 20h ... matching fur coats and leather pants... as wedding attire..... doomed from the beginning. that was a desecration of the spirit of love & lucifer imbued himself in their vows @PopBase. 1d Pop Base Chris Appleton has filed for divorce from Lukas Gage after 6 months of marriage, TMZ reports. 3 217 5,060 273K

visual basic @visualbasic97. dd 19 year old girl at work called me over and asked me if i i had a facebook and i said yeah i guess i have an account then she turned to another girl and was like see i told you then they both started laughing 269 74.2K 2.3M 3,612

MIMI ZIMA @MIMI_ZIMA 22h ... When a gay guy is named Brandon it's - una like okay we get it 36 322 3,884 229K

GErm stoned cold fox @roastmalone_.16h ... Christmas decor isn't meant to be sleek and minimalist it is supposed to look like joy threw up in your house 21 1,056 8,180 del 168K

jackson @placed_onto 1h ... wish Stamps were Bigger so i could get a Better view of the flower on it, but then envelopes would have to be Huge, mailboxes would have to Follow suit and Before you know it we've Lost control of this whole thing 29 251 3,485

rev @wallyworrld_. 1 19h when a weird guy is hot it's rlly cool but when a hot guy is weird it's seriously so scary 95 5,482 67.6K 2.1M

iconic moments ditzy @image_o... . 1d ... с @HeronChe Why are threesomes only for sex.why can't I join in a couples argument if I want to 185 14.2K 137K 4.1M

wild TikTok screenshots ditzy 22h ... + An introvert taking their MUCH needed bathroom break after throwing out 332.8K 83 oh yeahs 35 no ways and 49 that's ... crazy at the family 633 gathering 12.2K 155 22.6K 235K 4.7M

aram @aramnotagoat.7h not her serving cuntlery 22 1,633 21.7K 521K

Sorrow Residual @sethpos... 3h ... One of the greatest video titles of all time. RAFAEL DEL PINO 3:22 A Mysterious and Beautiful Woman Confronts Paul Krugman about Inflation Robert Wenzel .76K views 11 years ago 5 254 3,066 70.3K

good reddit @GoodReddit - 7h r/KendrickLamar + JOIN U 223d Does anyone else listen to so much Kendrick Lamar music that they get starstruck when they meet a black person? Discussion  18 14 Share Award 16 293 9,296 306K

Esther @estrogenbf.20h ...  i wouldn't say my parents were rich growing up. we were comfortable ..... 2 350 5,479 del 106K

. THERE NO MATTER JewaLipa @Jewa_Lipa 23h ... Stopped here today and everyone knew you Virginville NEXT RIGHT RAMP MA 30 54 M.K.K 11 54 881 89.9K

SophianeЖ is Team Hoary ... ..22h ... My favorite is that in every colony of naked mole rats there are a couple individuals whose job is just to grow as large and fat as possible. During the rainy season, they will plug the tunnel entrances with their fat little behinds and save the colony from drowning. ALT SophianeЖ is Team Hoary... . 1d What's your favorite weird animal fact? 108 2,132 18.8K 1.2M

amelia elizalde @ameliaelizalde. 2h ... you elect a guy named Markwayne and you get mad when he does Markwayne shit? NO LIE No Lie with Brian Tyler Co... 3h Senator Markwayne Mullin (R-OK) just tried to fight a witness at a hearing. 29 SEN. MULLIN : SE 8 104 1,419 109K

@halomancer1. 13h jenny_tightpants me when i take my meds (they keep me level) male leo @inconcel 20h Bout to have a wild ass night 38 774 15K 336K

Nikolaj @nikicaga 17h The Democratic Party coalition Jokeing Time @LaughterHaver-2 2d Tonight's about to be a movie Grindr Hamilton MAD M LiBS McDonald's Mad Libs 266 5.7K 288K 11

wyatt dunkin @WyattDuncan - 3h ... every year, television sets get bigger and more advanced. and every year, the m&m's santa commercial looks more and more like a pixelated quicktime file from 2002. 26 358 4.1K 115K

STREAM ISSUE @Drebae_.20h If I could afford 3x the rent why tf would I move here?? bitch lets be realistic saweetie X was live . 43m ago I coldhearted demon 35 28K 4K 908K

jack rem @jackremmington . 10h This man needs a REST. Every single episode he built a mansion whilst Karamo took them whiskey tasting and Antoni smashed a couple of avocados. Let Bobby lie down POP CRAVE Pop Crave @PopCrave.21h Bobby Berk announces that he'll be leaving Netflix's 'Queer Eye' after Season 8. :buff.ly/46bXz2o 11 550 14K 770K

Northwest Cee @CeeHawk 18h LASAGNA MOTHERFUCKER, DO YOU EAT IT?!?!?! 4F DiscussingFilm @DiscussingFilm 1d First look at Samuel L Jackson as Garfield's dad in 'GARFIELD' lo 144 12K 86K 3.1M

fka dilly @yurlp_official . 12h they are very special to me x Cancel hinge TOP NAME MATCHES Abby Hinge Aimee Hinge Alisha Hinge Amanda Hinge Gabi Hinge Lexie Hinge Lisa Hinge Makenna Hinge Megan Hinge Rachel Hinge 109 2.6K 96K 19

Head Broke Boi Will @MrGee54 13h Keith Lee Goooo Grizz!! @dearest_darling. dd Y'all, who the hell is this?? GRIZZLIES 12 83 2.4K 18K 1.1M

wyatt dunkin @WyattDuncan • 6h ... i changed my mind. i love this warner bros debacle so nowi i can read sentences like this and it's about wile e coyote Muted conversation Dakota T Follow ... @Dakota4420 It's hard to make a coyote woke so they shelved it. Every studio is focused on ruining everything we've held dear for so many years. 12 211 1K 46K

coffee @eventualforever.4h ... ahahahahaha How many flutes do you own? Uh, maybe about 30, 40 flutes. Wow. Okay. I did not expect that. 3 46 1.1K 29K

Marisa Baldassaro @Nerdspringbreak-id ... When I hooked up with the drummer of MGMT his skinny jeans were so tight he couldn't get them off. Lol 57 737 17K 1.2M

Putruck #1 fan of the big wheel scene from P... 19h ... Ethan Hunt: Arghh the train is going to fucking crash Shea Whigham: I WANT YOU. 4 184 3.1K del 100K

angel delight @ghoulhag 21h ... him: have you been hanging out with that 200 year old faggy british vampire again me: i haven't the faintest idea what you're talking about darling 31 2,782 19.8K 416K

rach @RACH4_theSTARZ-3h If The Bear was about a gay guy who forgot his inspiring tik tok water bottle MOTHER! 6AM Thats on water7An Hydrated Boots OKURRR Piss girlq NO you Because so hydrated whyare 10:Ar 2 53 1,692 59.3K

Stunna @incognitoStunna.5h ... Congrats on your sand castle buddy, let me know when you have an 85 4K LED TV with access to 7 hours of commercial free football High Seas Science @... . 5/15/21 BuT HuMaNs aRe tHe mOsT AdVaNcEd sPeCiEs (DOH CC 34 3,814 55.7K 2.8M

Swazi Gold @VivianWithAnA 12h ... Yohhh guys I effed up. I got on the train and theres a guy crying and everyone's minding their own I ask omg are you okay he says yes I'm just emotional about loving Jesus I said amen so he gets up & starts preaching. I heard very audible sighs and tuts. Everyone hates me 206 3,823 16.8K del 884K

Math Liker @stokestheorem 17h (about to go into my parents house) Me: Listen, before we go in, my dad has some... outdated views on certain things. Just tell me, and we can leave whenever you want Thogg, my new orc bf: Thogg give everyone chance, Thogg not mind Me (tearing up): You have such a kind heart 9 1,171 12.4K 296K

bort @tacobort. 1d ... The fuck is going on in here 59 805 13.2K 413K

Dénis В. Huppert (french era... 1d ... Is it possible for Warner Bros. to shelve a different studio's movie 4F DiscussingFilm @Discus... 1d The first trailer for 'GARFIELD', starring Chris Pratt as Garfield. In theaters on May 24. CC 7 71 1,539 72.1K
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