31 Funny, Bizarre or Unbelievable Vacation Stories

A cow gave birth to a calf, plus something extra
31 Funny, Bizarre or Unbelievable Vacation Stories

More often than not, going on vacation means seeing sights you aren’t used to. In an ideal world, these new sights wouldn’t include a dead serial killer who washed up on the beach, or a cow whose uterus fell out of its body while giving birth. Unfortunately, the world we live in is anything but ideal, and these Redditors have the vacation stories to prove it. So kick back, relax and read these unbelievable tales that, in some cases, make clocking into work seem not so bad.

blueeyesredlipstick 6y My uncle got put in handcuffs and nearly arrested by Vermont police because of an illegal fireworks show in the woods. The only reason they let him off was because, fun fact, my uncle is also a cop and he had his badge on him. The cops then searched our vacation house for any more fireworks and were satisfied that no more were left. In truth, my uncle's then-14-year-old daughter had hidden them all in her pockets. Also, one of my aunts asked, out loud, How did they know what we were doing? to which my mother replied
chaoticdreaming 6y Plane crashed in the Epcot parking lot narrowly missing my grandparents car..... all while we were on the monorail that was shut down due to part of the track being obliterated. 4 hours on a monorail with no A/C and a bunch of angry tourists. It was not the happiest place on Earth that day. ... 13
bremartiinez . 6y my sister cracked her head open at disneyland by running out of mickeys house and didn't see a rope. she ran at the rope, and it caught her by the neck and flew her backwards where she landed on her head. she was 7 ... 3
MatttheBruinsfan . 6y My dad started having seizures early one morning while we were in a mountain resort town. While he was getting examined and diagnosed with a medical problem that would require brain surgery I got to watch the EMTs bring in a guy who'd had his arm ripped off in a tractor accident through the waiting room. The friend that rode in the ambulance with him hosed down the men's room with vomit like Linda Blair as soon as he got the door open. ... 13
TheFriesMan 2y It's not as serious as the other comments here, but when I was around 8 me and my family went on a vacation of I think 5 days or so. Day 1: one of my baby tooth fell. Day 2: another baby tooth fell. Day 3: yet another baby tooth fell. Day 4: two more baby teeth fell. Day 5: another one fell. In 5 days, I lost 6 baby teeth. ... 22
plax1780 . 6 6y Cousin made out with me in the dark thinking it was her boyfriend. I thought it was my girlfriend ... 115
 . 6y My little brother got his arm stuck in two elevators, fell in three lakes, and got lost for over an hour at a carnival. All in the span of two days. No idea how he did it ... 6
is_a_gud_righter . 6y My stepdad spent the entirety of our week-long, very expensive family vacation sexting my aunt. As soon as we got back home, she busted his ass with screenshots of all the nasty shit he sent her. Mom kicked him out that night. We're determined to re-do the vacation now. ... 158
FatuousOocephalus .  6y I was awoken one morning while in Nepal to a terrible sound. During the night a cow had given birth but the calf had pulled out the uterus. When I went to see what all the fuss was, I saw the owner of the home I was at shoulder deep in cow twat trying to push the uterus back in. ... 108
 . 6y We lost my brother in the Bahamas. Then we found him passed out in a hammock near the pool, covered in bites by some sort of fly. ... 20
pyroaquatics . 6y My baby brother went missing for a couple hours. My mom went hysterical and we thought he got snatched by some diddler. Kid was just hiding behind a fucking vending machine at the hotel. ... 45
tinymom7674 . 2y Went on a two week trip to Colorado. We were super excited about going to a hot spring for the first time. We were talking to a guy local to the area for about 30 minutes, super chill dude, then he stood up and was completely nude. I guess we should have expected it but we were all wearing swimsuits. I got out immediately lol ... 24
purplehairandflowers . 6y 7 years ago, someone called the cops because they thought I was my dad's child-bride. More recently on a trip to Comic-Con, my mom got into what almost escalated into a physical fight with someone dressed as a troll who tried to cut in front of us in line. ... 73
bagofdickzz . 6y We were on a cruise and went to karaoke night this intoxicated lady decided to sing while simultaneously jumping up and down. Her boob plopped out of her dress and she had no idea until mid song someone in the audience was like your titty is out ... 1
 . 6y brother left the hiking trail to jerk off. other bro joined him. sister and i went to the pool around 9:00 pm, after ten minutes in this random dude comes around the corner, naked, jumps in the pools screaming. we found a cleaning lady asleep in our room. she acted like she didnt speak english, refused to leave. i hate north dakota ... 1
m3gamuff1n . . 6y I stepped on a gas mask in the middle of the woods in former Soviet territory. ... 79
 . 6y We found a dead serial killer who committed suicide near the beach. Nobody has been able to one-up me yet on that. ... 230
PM_ME_CHUBBY_BOOBS . 6y On a trip to Italy a gelato vendor refused to sell my very Italian looking dad gelato on the grounds that he was a disgrace for leaving the country ... 191
ryuut . 6y My dad saved a hamster with cpr ... 1
rachmakenz . 6y The four of us were coming back to the hotel after a day at the beach (read: hot, sweaty, sandy, sunburnt, etc) and got stuck in an elevator with 8 other hot, sweaty, sandy, sunburnt people. For 45 minutes. Yeah. That freaking sucked. ... 64
Instar5 . 2y A fuzzy caterpillar gave me some kind of rash/allergic reaction by committing suicide in my sock (no idea) after a small walk around a resort. I had to go to the hospital. For a caterpillar. ... 137
 2y We were on the It's a Small World ride at Disney during a thunderstorm in summer of 2000. Suddenly, we heard a loud crack of thunder, all of the lights shut off, but the animatronics continued moving. The music would occasionally kick back on and turn back off. We were stuck on there for what felt like hours until we had to get escorted off the ride by maintenance staff. During that same vacation, we were at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure and I watched someone projectile vomit while approaching a loop on a roller coaster. The vomit
 6y When I was 14, my family drove to florida. We are from Toronto and it's a 2 or 3 day journey. We stopped somewhere in Georgia for the night, a sunday. My dad and uncle went to the corner store to get some beer. They got a kick out of the fact you could buy them there. In ontario, you have to go to a licensed liquor or beer store for alcohol. My dad threw the beer up on the counter and the guy stared at him blankly and said, in a thick southern accent we don't sell
hadreen_the_rider . 6y When I was in Florida with my family, my house, which was a good 18 hours away, was struck by lightning and burned down. Luckily my family was in Florida when it happened but we were pretty shook up by the call from the bentonville fire department at 5 AM saying our house burned down. ... 24
IzarkKiaTarj . 6y My sister and I were homeschooled (practical reasons, not religious ones), and my parents decided to take us to Disney World on the second week of September, since school would have started, and the lines would be shorter. We went in 2001. Pretty sure you can figure out what happened. ... 16
LEYW 2y When I was kid my family rented a holiday house on the South Coast, here in Australia. In the middle of the night a drunk guy broke into our house and started cooking sausages on the stove. Не apparently claimed he'd got the wrong house. I woke up and heard the guy slurring his words, and my Dad shouting at this guy and asking how he'd got in. But in the morning my parents told me it was just a big dog that had got in our backyard. They didn't want us kids to be scared for the
Igold10 6y NSFW -Whilst on holiday in Italy. My mum and I decided to walk to the nearby beach. All of a sudden a middle aged gentleman on his bike was coming towards us on the cycle lane. Of course, nothing about this was alarming apart from the fact he was masturbating the whole time. We were both incredibly surprised but laughing hysterically. Later in the evening we decided to go to a local restaurant on the near by high street. Whilst conversing with my family, we were soon greeted by our waiter- the cyclist. ... 26
MightyMeerkat97.2y When I was about ten, all of my dad's side of the family went to stay at a large old house in Scotland for the Easter holidays. On our first day there, while my brother and my cousins were in the games room, I went to explore the house and found the umbrella stand. I noticed that one of the 'umbrellas' looked a bit different to the others... From the living room, my uncle heard me yell 'HEY! EVERYONE! LOOK WHAT I'VE FOUND! IT'S A GUN!!!'. Не ran in and found me making pew-pew noises with a gigantic hunting
TheOutlawJosiewhale . 2y I was on holiday in Spain with my family, we were on our last day, so we were eating in one of those beach restaurants on an outside table on the way to the airport. I was absentmindedly looking towards the restaurant, when a guy in shorts and flip flops bounds into the floor to ceiling glass wall. Glass and blood everywhere. My mum is a doctor so she had to go and help, but the guys whole calf muscle was hanging off! Eventful last day indeed ... 9
throwtsmcgoats 6y Family reunion on my alcoholic mothers side. After 8pm the kids were banned from the basement so the adults could party. Didn't matter, they were loud and they all spilled out into the backyard anyway. They were having a contest where they would measure their nipples with the rings on the bottom of a clear plastic cup. I don't know, it was a really weird atmosphere. The parents all got wasted, I'm sure various drugs were involved, and crashed my disabled aunts scooter into a water filled ditch in the back yard. My aunt and uncle drove us
CrystalxFrost . 6y Before we got married and had kids, my hubby and I took up a trip up to our cabin for the weekend. Не took me out on a rowboat and rowed us all the way across the lake to an island on the other side. Things got hot and heavy in a stand of rhododendron, and we thought it was thick enough that no one could see. We were wrong. Four of his cousins, his two younger brothers, and all their significant others spent the entire twenty minutes we were getting it in hooting and hollering from
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