27 of the Funniest Tweets from November 13, 2023

There’s a good way to get blown, but ‘to smithereens’ isn’t it
27 of the Funniest Tweets from November 13, 2023
brittny pierre @sleep2d... 15h ... Ozempic is hitting every corner of the entertainment industry Jon Paul, Ed.D. (They/The... 17h Lord.... Barney is on that stuff... 22 2,108 24.7K 1.2M
mark @markvchase 14h ... In 2005 my family took a trip to Disney. When we got these pictures developed we always used to joke that George Lucas was in the background of this photo. We never actually thought it was him. We were going through old pictures today and realized it may actually be him... MIRIOM DUC Ltd.x
@AltruisticFella 15h Rhys Не was married at the time mind you. cinesthetic. @TheCines... 17h Laura Dern and Kermit the Frog, 1996. 35 2,734 45K 1.3M
yr good friend justice @clothi... . 15h ... 1950s guy who just had six martinis for lunch, getting back into his cadillac: i wonder what my bitch wife is making for dinner housewife, completely zoomed out on lithium:  25 1,614 16.8K del 403K
Vita @majipres.1 1d I hate when old ladies stare at me as if they've never seen a whore before 62 5,522 32.3K 982K
that gemini @jaelleee_ 22h ... i respect detroit hairstylist honesty fr I just got my ass beat I'm not doing hair today 529 3,382 31.8K 1.5M
jackson @placed_onto.1 17h ... the Hotdogs on the Rollers should spin in a Few more directions, i've grown Bored of this axis, let me see what this hotdog can Really do 3 137 1,172 31.3K
Jeremy Herbert @DDayFilms 16h anyone want to loiter with me in the Dario Targento? swag @chillextremist . 22h Nah target got horny lighting now DAY 4 377 2.9K 148K
Jake Hole @MrToDamnFunny - 18h i can't wait Question 2 of 2: How often would you like to get updates about Cheddar cheese? Never Only if something big happens A few times a year A few times a month Weekly Daily NEXT 6 565 12K 170K
wyatt dunkin @WyattDuncan - 5h Wile E. Coyote GENIUS HAVE BRAIN WILL TRAVEL philip lewis @Phil_Lewis_ 6h In a surprising about-face, Warner Bros. execs will allow the filmmakers of Coyote vs. Acme to shop the movie to other potential distributors after backlash puck.news/warners-revers... 2 95 1.2K 52K
Brooklyn @bklynb4by 2h just said fab! in a work email 3 3.1K 115 45K
CJ @ShadesOfWinters-19h ... When she's a switch TOP OR BOTTOM Se QUEEN 6 1.6K 14K 510K
rayne fisher-quann @raynefq 2h wearing this but clarifying to every person I meet that I'm talking about Cynthia Nixon ettingermentum @ettingermentum . 1d Pretty Girls for NIXON 2 62 1.6K 77K
Mike Golic Jr @mikegolicjr • 19h always easy to spot who hasn't actually watched The Boys DOLC R lol B-R Bleacher Report @BleacherReport. 21h CJ STROUD KEEPS SHINING The rookie takes down Joe Burrow and Bengals 30-27 GRID BR IRON TEXANS 7 2.8K 52K 122 6.4M
1989 Annie WuTS (all socials: @annie_wu_22) @Anni... 15h ... in america it's easier to get a firearm than a Panera charged lemonade PLEASE SEE ASSOCIATE FOR CHARGED LEMONADE Beverages Panera BREAD 596 8.2K 19 306K
Jason Okundaye @jasebyjason 8h Why they tweeting like a premier league football team on transfer day Conservatives @Conservatives - 9h Huge move Congratulations @JamesCleverly BREAKING NEWS JAMES CLEVERLY HOME SEC WILL STOP THE BOATS 61 2K 37K 3M
the vibe formerly known as julian @ech0astral.15h ... First mission: Eat hot chip and lie GTA 6 Trailer Countdown @GTAVI_Coun... .1 1d GTA 6's Latina protagonist, Lucia will reportedly have a child that appears in storyline cutscenes, making it the first title in the series to feature a young character. Concept by streetw1s3 A Roch/tor Games Production grand theft auto 99 2.2K 36K 3.1M
Sudafed Stevens @sudafed_st....3 3d ... Uni 1d I am the guy who takes women out on dates and annoys them. I did it again. I have been really sad lately, so to cheer myself I matched with a girl on tinder and decided to try out this wigger character I have been workshopping. I bought some jordans and some oversized shirt and jeans and picked her up blasting mafia niggaz by 3 6 mafia. I had it on loop and I drove her to restaurant that was 20 miles away. The restaurant is chilis. After the third loop, she asked
Rogert @xeroger . 2d To smithereens has to be one of worst ways to get blown 28 2,760 23.7K 734K
cinnamon bun @notsofiacoppola• 1d ... I know this is sweet and innocent but I can't stop laughing at the idea of a muppet going to war. Rosita @Rositasesame• 1d Thank you to all the veterans who served our country, just like my papi. Papi you are my hero. I love you. You are the best. #VeteransDay 331 6,606 97.3K 5M
john spuuky choi @spuuky 1d ... a guy just pulled a knife on me at a 7/11 while i was eating a cookie and he said YOU GOT A PROBLEM and i said no im eating a cookie and he told me to go back to my car and i i feel like i just rolled a natural 20 253 7,869 164K 5.7M
zae @itszaeok. 1d ... if your preferred drink on a night out is a vodka red bull, i literally am so scared of you like you have nothing to lose 165 3,226 28.3K del 1.7M
emo normie @emonormie 1d as a restaurant worker i wish it was acceptable to straight up ask ppl what their deal is. i don't mean when they're being rude, more like when they are being just so strange and indecipherable. like hey so what exactly is going on with you today brother? or are u just like this 13 440 6,942 del 178K
Sophie Holsinger @sophiemhols-1 1d ... A sext I just recieved would u be down to watch the social network 17 396 4,728 159K
SaintJ2 @SaintJx2.23h This how Marv hat looked at the end of Home Alone Imao freeband $ @freeband.... 2d my dog fcked up my moncler hat that shit hurt PAP 150 9,317 109K 5.5M
Maya Angelique @moneyym... id From where? PRISON?!?!!! Marcyy @IDntMyrr - 1d my cat came back home CC 141 6,945 80.7K 3.6M
sabrina @inuteroangel - 1d my favorite woman dave grohl CONSEQUENCE @cons... 2d Women dominated the Grammys' biggest categories. cos.lv/ 7KaA50Q6Ab8 66 6,261 74.5K del 3.5M
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