29 of the Funniest Tweets from the Week of November 6, 2023

That cow has golden-retriever vibes
29 of the Funniest Tweets from the Week of November 6, 2023

Rejoice! The actors’ strike is over, Aubrey Plaza has shacked up with Patti LuPone and Homer isn’t quite done strangling Bart. It’s been quite the week with all sorts of good news so it was only a matter of time before Elon Musk went ahead and mucked things up. The frenetic tech mogul is getting The Social Network treatment with a biopic in development at A24. Plot details are currently under wraps, so it’s hard to say if his participation in Twitter’s rapid decline will be included, but the script is being adapted from Walter Isaacson’s biography of the controversial entrepreneur. No stranger to the genre, Isaacson’s Steve Jobs book was adapted for the big screen with Michael Fassbender portraying the Apple CEO back in 2015. Another controversial figure in the fray is none other than The Whale director Darren Aronofsky, who will be helming the project from the director’s chair. Here’s hoping they go for a triple crown and get Grimes to play herself.

In between all the news, there’s been the usual assortment of funny tweets over the course of the last seven days. This week’s most hilarious ones include the smoothie makers destined for a Saw trap, an egg with some scary big naturals and a monumental victory for Ohioans. 

Serge Gainsbourg @BKWelles 23h ... Interviewer: Did you hear t.A.T.u's version of 'How Soon Is Now'? Morrissey: Yes, it was magnificent. Absolutely. Again, I don't know much about them. Interviewer: They're the teenage Russian lesbians. Morrissey: Well, aren't we all? 15 1,448 11.7K 401K
Big Supernaturals @UweBolloc... 1d ... I'm at the abortion clinic. I'm at the marijuana dispensary. I'm at the combination abortion clinic and marijuana dispensary. Kristan Hawkins @Krist... 2d So in Ohio you can now kill a baby up until the moment of birth for any reason and then smoke weed to try to erase your pain. ... 30 2,034 19.1K 722K
Grovy @grovymango . 1d I do not play around with fonts. Fonts make me emotional. When a font is ugly it makes me wanna kill myself 54 5,458 30.8K del 877K
Al @SweatieAngle. 1d My mom's friends have this cow thats super dangerous because it was some girl's FFA project county fair entry and she taught it to jump up on you excitedly and to try to play like a big dog and it crushes people 95 1,925 43.6K 1.4M
annalise @annadeathbed 1d ... my friends dads scrub daddy..... baby it's time to let go. 204 2,322 45.8K 3.3M
k @lawfulspice• 1d I'm crying Imao III Entertainment EW has reached out to the Chuck E. Cheese chain for comment. EW Entertainment Weekly 2d Meghan McCain revealed that her husband made her afraid of a potential terrorist attack at Chuck Е. Cheese: 'I feel very untethered.' ew.... 11 166 2,053 92.8K
War Wolf @sabatonfan69.1d ... Bro I lowkey feel like I've known you for a thousand lifetimes. And every single waking situation for all eternity I know that I will have you by my side and so I feel no fear. Our foes will weep at our immortal bond. Do you have a mic?  FuckerGaming1989: yeah dude hold on 15 1,263 7,703 203K
depths of wikipedia @depths... 20h ... thinking about the person who got mad WIKIPEDIA about the photo on the sandwich article Sandwich What basic ass person chose that sandwich picture? Get help please. If an encyclopedia is supposed to be for reference the most common types of sandwiches should be used. Not some monstrosity. 222 4,073 51.7K 1.5M
messed up foods @messe... 20h ... ghost egg scared of its own tiddies 197 6,357 94K 2.5M
Ms. Honey В. Comb @1bighaire... 1d ... You know how racist you gotta be to be able to clock Vin Diesel as black lex in tx @alexissTyler•1 1d Paris Hilton on Vin Diesel has this same energy twitter.com/ alexisstyler/s... HILTON: I went out with that guy last night. Which guy? HILTON (points to an actor in Saving Private Ryan): We were making out, but then we went somewhere where it was bright and I saw that he was black and made an excuse and left. I can't stand black guys. I would never touch one. It's gross. (pauses). Does
me @boltsfood. 1d ... Phillip cheese steak Wednesday sp 4pm to 2ar Phillip cheese steak Mexican wrap (grilled cheese jalapeno pickle 60 1,537 19.7K 835K
kira @kirawontmiss 1d when the GTA 6 trailer ends with releasing in 2029 893 9.5K 209K 11M
PE CE @KnightKing777 - 1d Bro he is fucking BAKED Steel Wool Studios @SteelWoolStudio. 2d In the Five Nights at Freddy's universe, every day is 'Hug a Bear' day... though we don't really recommend it. Stay safe and give your favorite plushie a squeeze. #HugABearDay #FNAF HCT TOPE COLLECT THEM 146 7.4K 102K 2.9M
7/11 Truther @DaveMcNamee3000 . 20h me immediately after my GF leaves the house 60 46K 3.2K del 2.1M
lukas @knockedlukas - 1d ... dr WHAT BEST BY 17 05:12 PF Clover Valley Clover alley® D DR LA TOP TOPPER LLWH 150 150 CALORES 67.6 FL OZ (2QT CALORIES .67.6.FL OZ (2 QT 3.6 FL OZ) 2L T-3 6 FL OZ) 2L Mha Clover Valley D0056 Soda Dr Topper 2L $ 1 50 B-4 75 0015-0001-8902 F2 List 1823 not peritar 174 5.3K 43K 2.1M
7/11 Truther @DaveMcNamee3000. dd this is how the women on selling sunset show up to the office 21 441 8K 375K
Blake TM @NeilNevins 1d As pro-worker as they come but you hand this to me and you'd be fired MARVEL STUDIOS Marvel Studios MARVEL @MarvelStudios - 1d #Loki Season 2 #TheMarvels Thursday Night Drop everything and don't miss what happens next. MARVEL STUDIOS Dear Please excuse early from work/school on Thursday, November 9, 2023. The Loki Season 2 finale and The Marvels premiere Thursday night, and they cannot miss what happens next in the MCU. Thank you for your understanding. For All Time. Always. Higher. Further. Faster. @MarvelStudios © 2023 MARVEL 25 297 7.4K 472K
adam driver in michael mann's ferrari @stu... . 15h ... this is the funniest thing i have ever seen Anya Taylor-Joy News Fansite @anyajo... . 17h Let's get back to work, Anya Taylor-Joy! cg 11 227 4.7K 244K
thot choc @shreyabasu003 - 1d Elmo have you seen Priscilla Elmo @elmo . 1d Elmo is taking care of business in his blue suede shoes! CC 37 2.3K 2.5M 48K
J @Jimbo000 . : 2h this is who my prozac is constantly fighting against? bffr FILM UPDATES Film Updates @FilmUpdates.4h First look at Anxiety in 'INSIDE OUT 2' voiced by Maya Hawke. 6 54 779 42K
meg Yooper bitchell @MeganBitchell - 1 1d One thing Tina Fey is gonna do is keep Jon Hamm employed FILM UPDATES Film Updates @FilmUpdates 1d Jon Hamm as Coach Carr in the new 'MEAN GIRLS' musical movie SAFE SEX Of 1 ABSTINENCE - - 2 CONDOMS Smoking will 3 PILL cloud your mind 4. VAZECTOMY 5. IUD Co Coach Corr / - e - I - - - COACH 2 1 62 1.2K 46K 2.7M
bald ann dowd @ali_sivi 1d chris nolan outside cillian murphy's house making pspspsps sounds rn 3 472 4,608 du 110K
J @yikingtons 19h ... I can tell if someone's father is fat or not within 5 minutes of meeting them 3 124 1,639 del 65.2K
messed up foods @messedu.... 1d ... it is in pain 75 1,408 15.7K 525K
dhaan @djinnbf 1d I hereby sentence you to a fate worse than death (trying to befriend a pre- existing friend group) 70 4,652 31.7K 788K
laura not lauren @mslauramac.1 13h ... for four years my best friend and i i have been communicating exclusively via an Instagram groupchat with tim robinson and today he actually left 98 1,718 55.3K del 1.8M
youngest known hag @glamd... 12h ... Whoever made smoothies $10-15... something really bad should happen to them. I have some ideas but I shan't share 7 493 6,852 138K
@To... . 16h New town every hour ... My father in law's mouse JOHN DEERE 42 660 13.6K 434K
Pilgrim @VLONEPREDATOR-16h the hell is he doing COLOR FANATIC 30 417 del 201K 6,353
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