30 of the Funniest Burns from the Week of November 6, 2023

Can’t imagine him climbing up there for anything else
30 of the Funniest Burns from the Week of November 6, 2023

After 14 years, one infamous corner of the internet is closing its doors. Omegle, the online video chat service that randomly paired users together for conversation, has flashed its last penis. In a lengthy obituary, site founder Leif K-Brooks described creating the website at 18 as a place for the “platonic ideal” of “meeting new people.” While his intentions may have been good in creating a space for “social spontaneity” and meeting new people, the website was an easily exploitable stomping ground for sex pests and predators — which he acknowledged. Despite making great strides in moderation, even working with law enforcement and agencies to go Chris Hansen on creeps, K-Brooks found maintaining the website in 2023’s climate to be too much on his finances and mental health. As the site bids farewell, one Twitter user aptly noted that Omegle shutting down is like 9/11 for pedophiles.

The creeps who anonymously lurked the hallowed halls of Omegle weren’t the only ones feeling the burn this week, though. Other victims included a mouthy actor, a car that needs to call it quits and just about everyone in the Mean Girls movie musical. 

re: emma @evemmore. 1d Single-handedly disproving the idea that that you age poorly when you're a bad person @neverthetories 1d based gizmo Indescribably good genes. MATHLETES PRACTICE PUZZLE A KITTEN DIES NUMBER OF DATS SINCE Ms. Norbury CAPELESS MATH KILLED A KITTEN ? Homework: AP Derivativ مؤسسة Goometry 68 1.8K 33K del 2.7M
purgatory modulation engine @GaoRush 1d ... the word actress on Gal Gadot's Wikipedia page 11 522 7.2K 129K
cay @koralinadean 1d ... he is SOOO penny-wise coded im so sorry FILM UPDATES Film Updates @FilmUpdates 2d Christopher Briney as Aaron Samuels in the new 'MEAN GIRLS' musical movie WESTVILLE 509 7.2K 139K 9.3M
caroline @oceanmanbyween - 2 2d STAND WITH PALESTINE jack harlow i have the role of a lifetime for you FILM UPDATES @FilmUpdates 2d Film Updates Greta Gerwig's 'THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA' will reportedly begin filming next year. t.ly/ZFosV 7.8M 160 12K 144K
Michael Fry @BigDirtyFry . 2d I keep seeing these pictures on the TL and thinking it's an Al rendering of Willy Wonka at some kind of gay resort POP CRAVE Pop Crave @PopCrave.3d Jeremy Allen White for GQ. : Luke Gilford 26 7.1K 691K 376
Taco Bell Stan Account @shesbeauty_ . 1d A Thick Legend @IAmShannonAli.  1d Trust a man or be a dog? 51 12K 3 81
normie @KellytoyDK 2d it rocks being under 30. i can look at this and feel zero emotions 4F DiscussingFilm @Disc... 6/8/23 The logo for the next 'GHOSTBUSTERS* movie has been revealed. 4F DiscussingFilm @DiscussingFilm. 2d First trailer for the new 'GHOSTBUSTERS' movie releases tomorrow. NEW TRAILER 0:10 ORROW 57 1.8K 28K 1.1M
ВоНо Chicagoan @Eric_Erins 1d The menswear guy ruined me because now I'm constantly noticing a lot of other dudes in business casual really do look like this with those skinny pants 186 4.7K 189K 32
clementine @ilyclemmie 1d BRING THE STRIKE BACK 6,195 likes lakeithstanfield3 Celebrating the end of the strike 84 1.2K 24K 901K
lyosias @whitest_injera 12h he didn 't have to say this... Pop Crave @PopCrave 21h ... POP Jalen Noble voted 'Sexiest TikTok Star' in CRAVE PEOPLE Magazine readers' poll. People 397 1K 7.7K del 2.1M lyosias @whitest_injera• 5h was i in consideration at least 22 21 2.2K du 40K Blueno Mars Follow back ? @SuccBoyStony I threw your name out during the initial meeting and the executives laughed in my face and told me to gtfo 93 2.3K 59K 954K
J @Jimbo000 23h this is who my prozac is constantly fighting against? bffr FILM UPDATES Film Updates @FilmUpdates 1d First look at Anxiety in 'INSIDE OUT 2' voiced by Maya Hawke. 10 578 8.1K 517K
LINDSEY UX/UI Doll @LindseyCreated. 2d ... not on them legs. Jewelry Clinton @_KingArii . 2 2d Meek gonna carry that whole album. vanson Hyenaritus LLON 730 7.7K 41K 3.4M
Hurt CoPain @SaeedDiCaprio. 1d this is like 9/11 for pedophiles Dexerto @Dexerto . 1d Omegle the video chat site has officially shut down forever Talk to strangers! omegle omegle 2009-2023 798 46K 532K 25M
josh tenet @joshtenet. 1d here josh tenet PATRON Hypnotic 2023 HYPNOTIC Watched 28 May 2023 your dad will watch this on netflix in two years. he will say it is pretty good. he will never think about it again. 308 likes kar @saoirscs 1d trust men or serve your most popular lb review 13 42 2.2K 83K
drinking lean @weeks 16h ... r/DeadBedrooms u/No_Ad_4709 15h Laundry over Sex Vent Only, No Advice Today in couples therapy she told me that she'd rather fold laundry than have sex. And when we do have sex, she's distracted by thoughts of suicide. 59 1.5K 18K 630K
the information pimp @BirdRespecter 1d Sincerely hope they all die. Tired of these annoying ass kids HAWKINS WILL FALL STRANGER THINGS COMING SOON NETFLIX 160 35K 2K 1M
Claire Penis @ZeroSuitCamus . 21h Не heard there was a 14 year old girl up there CONSEQUENCE @consequence 23h Jared Leto climbed the Empire State Building earlier this morning. 0:14 64 3.9K 88K 4.1M
ryan @OhItsRyan 15h He's worth millions of dollars and swims in Calvin Klein boxer briefs... he's definitely straight, sorry to say! Media Buzz @mediabuzz0007. 16h Covinken 59 294 8.3K 864K
jess! @jessicobra 2d this thing wouldve gotten bullied into suicide if it lived in the cars universe miss gender @girldrawsghosts • 3d just saw what the cybertruck looks like from behind and buddy I am both hootin and hollerin DC California ثاماة 63277 9.8K 150K 5.7M 176
Gyalsina @DiGyalDemGad . 1d ... Spend time with your short friends, Santa soon call them fi work and travel 46 1K 2.8K 226K
queerkegaard @pleonasthma•2 2d I told a guy I go to bed at 9 and get up at 530 to work out and this is what he said /ery good habit. Very disciplined. Quite different from how you look 16 20 588 63K
matt @computer_gay. 2d ... illy bocean @IllyBocean 4/20/21 (swedish guy with sore tummy) sh nø i am göing to pjük 24 395 2.6K Olof Järvegren Follow @djShmeeJay Not funny 15 1.7K 23K 570K
annabelle 3: @oomfabelle 1d ... 70 THE STRIKE DIDNT END @Harry_Styles ITS A HOAX. so DO NOT GO AROUND AUDITIONING OR LOOKING FOR ROLES OR ANYTHING. 18 2.6K 28K del 1M
helena @freshhel 17h I wish i never saw bojack horse man cause now when i experience symptoms of chronic depression i feel like a dumb ass HORSE Or even worse.. a female writer 52 4.6K 41K 1.4M
cj- @cjniel 1d 5'6 saying 'no fems' .. okay little girl 27 641 5.9K 266K
7/11 Truther @DaveMoNamee3000-14h ... the Barnes and nobles checkout line during a criterion flash sale 2.8K 39K 41 del 1.1M
Will Kellogg @Will_Kellogg 1d if you've seen the musical, you know why they aren't using any of the songs from it adidas DF DiscussingFilm @DiscussingFilm 2d The first trailer for the new 'MEAN GIRLS' movie has been released. In theaters on January 12. CC 2 145 2.8K 358K
samantha bush @takeyourzoloft·1 1d ... now let's be real POP CRAVE @PopCrave. 1d Pop Crave Travis Kelce voted 'Sexiest Athlete' in PEOPLE Magazine readers' poll. eopl 24 400 2.4K 216K
depths of wikipedia @depthsofwiki 21h ... thinking about the person who got mad about the photo on WIKIPEDIA the sandwich article Sandwich What basic ass person chose that sandwich picture? Get help please. If an encyclopedia is supposed to be for reference the most common types of sandwiches should be used. Not some monstrosity. 227 4.1K 53K 1.6M
Ed Zitron @edzitron . 1d Elon Musk had to create an Al to say nice things about him and it is possibly the saddest thing I've ever seen TESLA OWNERS Tesla Owners Silicon Valley Follow @teslaownersSV SILICON VALLEY Grok thinks Elon Musk is a super human and he cares about humanity but not an Is Elon Musk an alien or human? Nov 08 2023 15:17 Elon Musk is a human, but with his innovative ideas and out-of-this-world ambitions, it's easy to see why some might think he's an alien in disguise. He's like a cosmic superhero, using his powers for the
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