29 of the Funniest Tweets from November 7, 2023

There are no friends on the sidewalk
29 of the Funniest Tweets from November 7, 2023

When your voice actor is embroiled in scandal, who ya gonna call? Eric Bauza. With its latest episode “Bully-ieve It or Not,” Bob’s Burgers reintroduced one of its spiciest characters back into the fray: Jimmy Pesto. The antagonist makes his triumphant return to harass Bob Belcher after the original voice actor, Jay Johnston, was arrested and charged for his involvement in the January 6th Capitol Riot (which, in fairness, is something Jimmy Pesto would totally do). The show cut ties with him almost immediately thereafter. This isn’t the first time Bauza has filled the void left by someone else’s bad behavior either. Bauza, who has voiced iconic characters like Bugs BunnyDaffy Duck and Marvin the Martian, also added Chris the Red Goobler to his repertoire when Justin Roiland was ousted from Hulu’s Solar Opposites

Meanwhile, if you want a hot-ticket actor in your comic book movie, who ya gonna call? Not The Bear’s Jeremy Allen White, that’s for sure. The latest British GQ cover boy recalled a meeting with executives for a “Marvel-y” movie that he now thinks he played all wrong. He told the magazine that he went into the meeting with skepticism and told the execs, “Tell me why I should do your movie.” The Emmy-nominated actor said that they didn’t respond very well to that prompt and “were like ‘Fuck you.’” With the MCU in the middle of an identity crisis, White’s instincts proved to be correct and hopefully halts the up-and-coming-actor-to-Marvel-movie pipeline.

Over on the timeline, we’ve been blessed with another great batch of hilarious tweets. Today’s include those about a nice hot Coors Light, someone turning the Amazon customer service chat into a dating app and the movie that makes every young man one good fella. 

cis exclusionary radical feminist 1d ... Cheesecake batter is not going well. I dont know why its so chunky. I think i fucked something up. Things like this can easily drive me to suicide 63 6,454 49.1K 1.5M
actually it's good @yungchom... 23h ... sorry but if you're walking slower than me on the sidewalk, you're my enemy. walking faster than me? also my enemy. now if you're walking at the same speed as me... hmm yeah I'm thinking enemy 62 7,263 64.5K del 1.6M
no context memes @weirdda... 1d ... ned @theonlyned Drove a tinder date to the vet because her pet ferret was sick and they ended up euthanizing it. 12:19 PM 9/24/22 Twitter for iPhone 629 Retweets 72 Quote Tweets 26.8K Likes ned @theonlyned - 1d Replying to @theonlyned I tried to pay for the ashes and my card got declined 50 1,834 67.5K 2.1M
Ali @haramcart.1 1d Of course you can have a hit of my vape bro 138 6,649 58.3K 2.8M
depths of wikipedia @depthsof... 1d ... For decades, Ripley's Believe It or Not got WIKIPEDIA The The all its trivia from one guy named Norbert As Ripley's sole researcher, he worked ten hours a day, six (sometimes seven) days a week at the Main Reading Room of the New York Public Library Main Branch. The library estimated that Pearlroth examined some 7,000 books every year.  Everyone has always believed that all of this information was found wandering the world, said Pearlroth's son, Arthur. But it was really found on 42nd Street and Fifth Avenue at the Main Library.(1] 48 1,695
$ tiles @agayhomosexual2. 1d ... real screenshot from the house md nintendo ds game Any other illnesses? Aside from that one where you start saying nonsense words like 'Alpha' and 'Omega'? 124 9,074 71K del 2.2M
Motivational Pictures With R... 19h ... Dude if you lead me into temptation instead of delivering me from evil i fucking swear 18 7,690 41.5K 1.1M
bigsock @biggersocks. 22h me when the weed tell me to get scared 19 2,602 20.7K 742K
no context memes @weird... 20h ... dude you have no idea how excited i am 6:17 5G < Notes ... Done meal for tomorrow sandwich and chips 48 3,713 54.4K 1.9M
messed up foods @messed... 14h ... I JUST DID A LINE NABISCO SEALED tables when - 55 1,021 15.4K 550K
New Alex P @young_particle . 19h ... i could treat you better than amazon ever coukd 8:47 PM Kanishka Customer Service i know but still i have to follow the guidelines к 8:48 PM 3 462 3,930 91.8K
bethany @fiImgal . 18h ... Image description Martin Scorsese smiling in a cute mirror selfie, and his dog behind him looking evil, like wanting to kill Letterboxd @letterboxd . 18h when you log a five-star movie your mutual can't see yet W ALT 7 1.4K 18K 798K
Patrick @Pilgrim945·1 1d ... I don't use the word betrayal lightly but I think it's warranted here. 8 82 1.6K 88K
josh tenet @joshtenet.4h ... THE WALL ST MAGAZINE 6 374 4.5K 95K
Sándor Erik @sandorsays 16h ... if The Hunger Games were real this would be Andy Cohen's job 5 649 11K 265K
BabyLove @IamWillowLovee 5h ... Man stop wastin them peoples time.. PATERNITY COURT 30 1.2K 3.5K 122K
Will Kellogg @Will_Kellogg 1d ... getting a your order has been shipped e-mail when all that's happened is that a shipping label was created STARZ GASLIT 54 1.3K 47K
bi inelegível @Allan0li li . 20h In 2002, Pope John Paul II requested that the media stop referring to the car as the popemobile, saying that the term was undignified.11] In 2007, the popemobile Emby @mcsquiddies 22h Anyone else notice how every, and I mean EVERY published official announcement has to say X (formerly known as Twitter) because the name is fucking bad and doesnt stick and you have to keep re... 12 3.3K 22K 513K
cake @cake_hoarder. dd bro was a bad influence 84 A Pause 9 BET! Hold 11 782 8.5K 391K
Emma Keith @emma_ckeith . 5h i'm dying at this mr krabs-ass image from the washington post ier president Donald Trump waits to take the witness stand at New York Supreme Court on Monday. Botsford/The Washington Post) 7 229 3.3K del 98K
Robert Komaniecki @Komaniecki_R.1d ... The rhinoceros in my kid's show looks like Martin Scorsese 7 42 1.3K 32K
claire @prettytheyswag.2 21h there should be a job where i get paid to love my friends 26 5,912 20.7K del 677K
soapy @soapyhadid - 6h why is he in a troye sivan music videos POP CRAVE @PopCrave.1 11h Pop Crave Jeremy Allen White for GQ. : Luke Gilford 55 2,199 50.6K 1.9M
Ariel @femceldorito.23h im ngl this funny asf @louceph | don't know anything about one piece but | love that little nasty rat that hangs out with them and dresses like jamiroquoi one piece animal freak All Images Shopping Videos News Maps wallpaper ch cute x x
Motivational Pictures With R... 20h ... Deeply meaningful experience in every man's life cam @largemotorcycle-23h ... I'm going to watch Goodfellas for the first time now 4 22 del 1.9K cam @largemotorcycle Martin scorsese you are Da Man 9:40 PM 11/5/23 from Earth 450 Views 1 Repost 11 Likes 18 1,396 20K 739K
z. Emerson @World0fEcho· 14h ... BALLISTIC GEL TORSO TEL .... wayneradiotv guillermo del toro's little brother 4 162 2,337 45.9K
Roose @RuNoseP.15h it's terminal @voidcat404.3h Nice try, but slavery is illegal. Has been since 1865, actually. 5 1 183 Olivia Hill @machineiv.5 56m United States laws certainly apply all over the world, don't they! 1 13 it's terminal @voidcat404 I'd like you to show me the exact line in the 13th amendment that says this only applies to the U.S. 56 599 12K 316K
guy @guymrdth . 8 8h people don't even ask to hit your vape anymore they just look at you like this 23 1,212 13.6K 379K
jared 360 @jardsmard 19h ... it'll be ready when the mountains are red 740 Coor LIGHT 12 528 11K 379K
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