37 of the Worst Holiday Gifts People Received from Their Employer

One person’s job gave everyone a bag of soup mix
37 of the Worst Holiday Gifts People Received from Their Employer

The only gift that people really want from their place of employment is — you guessed it — more money. Seriously, just cough up the cash! Instead, companies have given out gifts that are, in some cases, too ironic to be believed. Before any of you rail on about how important it is to appreciate receiving a gift, please understand that these aren’t gifts to be grateful for. Case in point: One person’s job gave each employee a free T-shirt that boasted their facility’s incredible safety record, despite the fact that an employee died on the floor the previous week. 

Meanwhile, other Redditors have revealed the awful holiday gifts they’ve received over the years, and boy is it a miracle they didn’t quit right on the spot.

fliffers 326d My mom's boss gave everyone a pen (a really crappy, normal pen) with their names printed on normal white printer paper that was scotch taped down the side of the pen. This sounds made up even to me as I type it, but it's still in our junk drawer ... 842
The_Warp_Drive . 3 326d The opportunity to purchase $50 tickets to the company holiday party. ... 960
vilify_exile . 1y A small bag of chips. ... Reply 3
slimmschadi . . 1y A dude at the factory I worked at DIED on the floor and we got t-shirts that said how safe of a company it was ... 193
joyofresh . 326d Ham. I'm vegetarian and some of my cowerkers are kosher. This was a bit of a head scratcher. My dog loved it tho. ... 180
overnightoats_22 . 326d One ball ornament with the $5 price tag still on it. ... 347
Dual_Wield_Donuts . 326d The entire company got a holiday gift of prototype of a new product (a Dopp kit) and we were required to fill out a questionnaire about what we liked and didn't like about it so we were just free product testers. ... 150
CloudedDays07 . 1 1y A sweater with my name spelled wrong on it ... 1.5k
tkhanredditt . 155d Coffee mug coaster. ... Reply 13
Sensitive-Sock29.326d 5 basic tea lights and a holder for 6 ... 158
Christheitguy1183. 325d I got a canned ham. I worked for a small bank in Chicago 20 years ago and they gave everyone a cheap canned ham. I would have rather received a gift card for the equil value... or hell, nothing at all. ... 1
pennyweiss327 . 3 3y My boss gives us a box of cookies every year, last year we got a big ass bag of soup mix. ... 77
WootyInRaves . . 3y A fly swatter with the company's logo on it. ... 13
inabighat . 1 1y Box of garbage bags ... 33
Gleckle ОР e 3y A box of wall sconces light bulbs. A 2 pack because they were switching to energy efficient brand. ... 21
johnny_kickass . 1y A jar of cinnamon, like the little McCormick's bottles for your spice rack. There was no symbolic gesture behind it, no inside joke, just a completely random weird thing. Merry Christmas. Here's an ingredient. ... Reply 386
jemajmsnmjemdrmhjm . 3y Got an oven mit a few years ago. ... 2
labsab1 . 1y We had a lottery to see who gets a company branded jacket. Then, at the end of the party, they handed everyone a jacket. The lottery winner just gets 2 jackets. I can't imagine less thought put into setting this up. ... 3
Askew_2016 . 1y Brownie mix to make my own brownies ... Reply 41
dogc00kie . . 1y Loose boxed cake mix in a gift bag, just enough to make a mug cake, and the recipe for the mug cake emailed to us. I still can't believe my management team thought that was okay. ... 1.2k
Otherwise_Bet_6732 . . 1y I am pretty sure I have the best(worst) one! After making record profits in 2020 due to covid, my employer informed us there would be no usual Christmas bonus. Instead, we each got a 6 pack of alcohol free Heineken........ ... Reply 202
StolenVelvet. 1y An email from the CEO thanking us for all our hard work. Not personalized or anything. Just like a send to all type thing across the company. ... 3
Cccactus07 . 1y A free Yule log that was being sold in the staff shop for 50p. We all handed the vouchers back and said no thanks. ... 90
becalmingcalm . . 1y - My dad got a brown bag with peanuts and an orange in it ... 1
thenthereweremore . . 1y My partner received a 3 lb ham for his Xmas bonus one year. It was then promptly stolen out of the company fridge by a coworker. ... 117
JFmans . . 1y Company was bought out by Americans. First Christmas we wonder if we will get a bonus from our new owners. Big gift wrapped objects arrive in the mail. Copies of a book about how CEO got rich. ... 2.2k
_gina_marie_ . 1y at work a bag of trail mix. i i couldn't even actually eat it because it had almonds in it, and those will kill me. that was last year during covid. my CEO made 3 million dollars in 2020. they didn't match our 401k's for most of 2020. i i work in healthcare. tell me that wasn't a pile of bs.
johnmh71 . 326d A wool blanket. They were going to give bonus checks, but decided that the blankets were the way to go. People couldn't stop laughing when I told them. ... 92
mominthewild . 1y Dollar store mini flashlights while we ate a potluck meal in their new 1.2 million dollar house. ... 197
MinimalistMama24 . 1y Bag of popcorn...pretty sure it was a regift. ... Reply 8
lance2k2 . 1y A free jeans pass for Fridays. I teach PE. In Florida. ... 4
Famous-Example-8332 .3 326d I got a cheap pin that said you're awesome! And three pieces of candy in a snack size ziplock. The pin was off register printed sticker and wrinkled, and the candy was those different flavored tissue-roll types. I stuck the pin on my wall and left the candy on the floor outside my supervisors door. (Everyone in the company got one, so no tracing it to me) ... 102
idunno254 . 1y Years back the manger gave us a single 6 pack of mince pies that expired a week previous, for a team of 15. ... Reply 14
Professional-Top5972 . 1 1y A picture of myself in a company frame. ... 162
Informal-Candle 326d I was working at a bakery. Had been working 60-70hrs a week for a while due to the holiday rush. Got super excited when my boss handed me a gift since I wasn't expecting anything at all. Until I opened it and it was a loaf of bread that I had baked over a week prior. And that I would've been able to buy for like $1 with employee discount anyway. ... 100
SpicyCarrOt . 326d One year all the employees received a 20% off coupon to spend at the manager's friend's furniture store.
radicalpalomino . 1y I'm a cook at a hospital. For employee appreciation day, we got 4 meal vouchers that can only be used in our kitchen... so we got to make our own food for employee appreciation. We're literally drowning in appreciation. ... 2.2k
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