32 of the Funniest Tweets from the Week of October 30, 2023

Who knew a drink could be so depressing?
32 of the Funniest Tweets from the Week of October 30, 2023

Disney has had quite a week. While they fuss and scramble to figure out what to do with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the media and theme-park conglomerate is reportedly set to take full control of Hulu for a whopping $8.61 billion. While this has a lot of implications moving forward, especially surrounding monopoly-busting, Twitter users are taking delight in one particular possibility presented by the potential purchase: a limitless amount of possible additions to Kingdom Hearts. The popular game franchise from Square Enix features a number of worlds and characters from within the Disney/Pixar universe. With total control of the popular streaming service, a world could exist where Sora, Mickey and Goofy could theoretically explore Paddy’s Pub or fight alongside June Osborne from The Handmaid’s Tale

This hilarious hypothetical situation isn’t all that’s made us laugh this week either. Other funny tweets over the last seven days included those about the papal selection of a new Ninja Turtle, the saddest Pepsi you’ll ever drink and the quandary of turning 27. 

francis wolf @francisxwolf· 10h they've selected a new ninja turtle Dan Pantelo @danpant....1 16h So there's literal green sludge bubbling up from the ground next to World Trade Center right now ONE Cuisine U'HARA'S PUB O'HARA'S THECLOUD ONE RESTAURANT & PUB O'HARA'S RESTAURANT A PUB
hmmm 17h @ cups ... lacefuneral Follow 4d ago YOU CAN STRIKE OUT EMOJIS??? melonsap Follow 4h ago Kebab 11 3,505 41.6K 505K
internet hall of fame @Inter... . 17h ... Silly putty implies the existence of serious putty. I believe that is called C4. 280 5,992 96.6K 4M
Doth @DothTheDoth.2 21h I love women because they are either thinking about skincare or death. 197 12.8K 63.1K 1.9M
derek guy @dieworkwear 12h Very rare to see this level of tailoring nowadays, even on amphibians. Kermit the Frog @Ke... 20h I'm so glad it's November - can finally start wearing my Fall wardrobe! This outfit is the entire wardrobe... as a frog, I don't need much.
Zach Dunn @zachbdunn .21h The Spotify Al DJ is so awesome. It somehow knows I want to listen to a little bit of Thursday music (?) followed by 12 of the worst songs ever recorded 22 448 10K 259K
comfy boy @ihatethiskid 22h I envy this man's mindset I only have instagram on my work phone so I don't waste personal time scrolling but l'll look in a sec lol 4 104 2,856 85.7K
* zam x @samaoxcx· 21h ... yess girl i missed you howve you been user4338908083863 People you may know Not interested Follow 17 2,352 44.3K 810K
hannah strong @thethirdhan.1 16h ... When I say I got that dog in me this is NR what I mean 28 3,738 35K 943K
rachel @rachdele 19h ... as a 27 year old i can say that some 27 year olds want to be 35 and others want to be 23 but none of them want to be 27 58 732 9,444 402K
Smokey McPot @upperdecky... 22h ... Pulling up in this and hanging 50 on your head CASHAS Linked in 14 39 1,257 20.9K 1M
Jay T Dawgzone @thedarkpro... 23h ... - wife: you're 43 years old if you don't stop talking like a teenager i'm going to leave you me: wym by that goat !? 1 660 7,247 227K
hmmm 15h @ cups 47 megan Sun, Oct 30 at 9:16 PM Don't forget my charger I won't Sun, Oct 30 at 10:37 PM Did you bring in my charger No I forgot 49 1,700 23.7K 598K
7/11 Truther @DaveMcNamee... 22h ... how it feels to go to CVS on an edible 23 1,959 27.4K 1.2M
PRESS heiz()I @cisgenderhaver. 1d friends girlfriend is trying to quit soda and has invented what she calls sad Pepsi where she cuts the Pepsi with an increasingly large proportion of water 143 1,319 28.6K du 802K
eve @impossiblyeve .3d UR She's a 006 iscute white womal Damn he's gay what 20 1,782 25.9K 498K
swag 900 @ecco401k- 3d ... I love a bitch who orders a regular coke at the restaurant. you don't give a fuck 69 2,716 23.4K del 1M
austin @ilovefamilyguy 3d ... Took a pic of the only other guy in the theater for the Five Nights at Freddy's movie and forgot my flash was on 95 1,612 35.5K C 1.5M
Dej @dejthem . 2d well good morning to you too i guess INSTAGRAM now i'm legit gonna kill myself if we don't fuck again 182 9.7K 68.5K 4.1M
creepers jeepers @letsgotothemaul - dd ... The Rocky horror picture show (1975) r/relationship_advice + JOIN u/dennismiller2024.8 87d NSFW My (25M) subs (23F, 26F, 22M, 28M, 28M) have unionized Relationships 41 6.5K 51.1K 1.7M
no context memes @weirddalle.19h Beans After Dark @goodbeanalt u telling me Julius Caesar, who has been dead for well over 70 years, made this salad? 2:59 PM . 7/8/19 Twitter for iPhone 3,370 Retweets 18.9K Likes LIZ @unrealizzztic.1 17h Replying to @goodbeanalt technically you aren't wrong with that number but i just hate it 90.9K 48 3K 3.1M
ce n'est pas erica scalise @sourhoestarter 17h ... oh my god Today 9:30 PM Hi Sweetie ....was that a new man I saw on your Instagram? Cute....What happened to the other one? The trucker? You are just like your mother!!! I hope New York is treating you well Хохо, love your favorite Auntie. Also what is your address? 5 5 1K 51.6K
no context memes @weirddalle. 7h ... My parents at age 23 Let's migrate to another country so our kids can have opportunities Yes Me at age 23 U can put anything in this airfryer fr 33 1.6K 35.4K 818K
THE lusty argonian maid @lindawg. 1d ... finally trainwiz I have replaced the dragons in Skyrim with the state of Ohio. 700 notes 14 235 3.7K 119K
Rob Milton @therobmilton - 5h - that Celsius would've had Jessie tore up. Karen Howell @karenehowell. 6h 33 years ago today. Please continue to speak out about caffeine. 17 249 572 50.5K
Ron Iver @ronnui_ 1d ... She's about to tear it up in Kingdom Hearts 4F DiscussingFilm @DiscussingFilm - 1d Disney is set to buy full control of Hulu for an estimated price of $8.61 billion. hu SNEY+ 32.8K 48 2.6K 2.3M
Megi @reaIsnowhite 1d ... obsessed with this middle school girl's haul which was like charlotte tilbury setting spray and then george orwell 1 : agreed. ben is a great name 692 9.5K 263K 11
gloria @lemonpepperwing 22h ... thinking ab when i was working at sephora and this customer brought in a cat to distract us from his homie stealing products and we all fell for it LOL GO le FLEU KILLUA 427 15.1K 169K 10.8M
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