28 of the Funniest Tweets from November 2, 2023

Beware the dangers of marijuana!
28 of the Funniest Tweets from November 2, 2023

The Beatles are looking to top the charts again — this time with the help of A.I. Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr turned to machine learning to make something of an old John Lennon demo, which is now streaming as the song “Now and Then.” While it’s likely to be their last project together, Sean Ono Lennon said that “messing around with state-of-the-art technology” is something his father would have loved. The result is a rare highlight for A.I. as it elevates the creative instead of exploiting the creatives behind it. 

HBO might have canceled its short-lived Gossip Girl reboot, but that didn’t stop the network from reenacting one critical component of the series in real life. In a newly-confirmed report from Rolling Stone, one HBO staffer’s wrongful termination lawsuit alleges that the then-President of Original Programming deployed some devious tactics against critics of his beloved shows. Casey Bloys ordered several employees to troll critics who wrote negatively about Perry Mason and Mare of Easttown — all from burner accounts. Bloys, who is currently the company’s CEO, issued the standard “sorry I got caught” apology, calling the maneuver a “very, very dumb idea” during a presentation for HBO’s upcoming programming. 

These Twitter accounts, on the other hand, are very much real — and very funny. Today’s funny tweets include those about a hairstyle made for the Doppler radar, Instant Noodle enjoyers getting a harrowing wake-up call and someone sitting on a chocolate goldmine. 

Hagby @abbyinthealps• 21h Putting myself up for adult adoption Today 4:53 PM It's snowing Father Yeah we got windows thanks Omg? 32 914 25.5K 464K
GEP stoned cold fox @roastmalone_. 17h ... I respect perfume commercials being like we can't show you a smell mind if we just go insane for 30 seconds 23 1,917 26.8K del 576K
Casey! @Muirin007.1 1d Thinking about Charlie the goat, who played Black Phillip in The Witch, and how handsome he is and how he was such a devoted method actor (read: an asshole) on set that now he is not allowed to work in show business and lives on a farm in North Carolina. We love you, king. 314 11.4K 74.6K 2.6M
insane freak guy @macabre_ma... 1d ... When I die will someone turn my body into a marijuana smoking device by using the method shown below 23 405 5,168 173K
wild TikTok screenshots 21h + 693.3K ... I don't get scared in 2101 haunted houses cause I refuse to give former theater majors that much 22.7K power over me 75 6,945 119K 3.5M
annabelle 3: @oomfabelle 18h ... a 20 I don't smoke weed anymore because one time I got the munchies so bad I ate the entire jars of these lip scrubs HON - portos 03056 LUSH MINT JULIPS FRESH HANDMADE COSMETICS lastus - 6 Lank BUBBLEGUM 0.8 oz Lip Scrub V - netwt 25 175 2,716 46.4K 1.3M
depths of wikipedia @depths... 22h ... two years ago today WIKIPEDIA To The New Zealand long-tailed bat It won the 2021 Bird of the Year competition in New Zealand, despite not being a bird. 101 3,682 33.1K 1M
H TGIRL @mainbitchcli... . 1d ... soon as I apply to a job I call them and say I had a missed call from the hiring manager to set up an interview 670 8,016 106K 5.8M
n @misosoupgf. 1d this is how i feel all the time Joan December 11, 2016 Only 6-8 weeks left Like Comment 5 JoJo Until what? 1 1y Like Reply Joan I don't know 1h Like Reply 17 6,025 30.4K 842K
kira @kirawontmiss 14h why she got a hurricane radar on her head Gabriel !j fã da vy e do pabs @goldeilishgirl . 1d Billie Eilish via Instagram stories 901 23.3K 259K 15.2M
wild TikTok screenshots @wildtiktokss. 6h I can't wait to be old. + I'm gonna go to diners alone to make young 54.1K people sad. I might ... even pull a picture of 114 my (still alive) wife to really get those tears 1695 rolling. 3171 shmomp 88 4K 72K 1.2M
jay alexander mars @SatyrOnMars 11h your alarm has been set for 3 hours and 17 minutes 1 62 2K
erin @erinmhk.15h summmmmmmmmmmmmmmm MM My Mixtapez @mymixtapez . 18h Cup Noodles will be microwavable for the first time in 50 years thanks to new cup design : Chris McGrath/ Getty Images CUB NG емла CUP NOODLE 25 212 6.7K 509K
jimmy @jimmyoutsold • 1h just physically inserted my card instead of tapping my phone CC x 0:00 From jimmy 8 65 1.7K del 26.2K
7 @7Days7Ways_.15h ... Y'all mad at Keith Lee ? Gordon Ramsay would've went in the back and went in the fridge to see what's the problem 398 16.8K 78.5K 3.2M
emo normie @emonormie . 1h going through an extremely amicable but incredibly heart- wrenching breakup and i am on the aux @ my barista job so i'm making it everyone else's problem too! hope you like your latte with the entire mitski discography! get in we're playing mount eerie too 27 18 978 21.1K
laura @ecto_fun 13h i wanna make him watch inland empire so he'll be scared of something but won't know what 4F DiscussingFilm @DiscussingFilm . dd Joe Biden got more scared of Al after watching 'MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: DEAD RECKONING - PART ONE'. (Source: variety.com/2023/film/news...) 186 3.4K 10 187K
ma : 3 @maelyndinky·1 17h ... feminine-ass men's room MEN 23 2.6K 176 76.1K
@SomaKazima. 11h Ichigo Niggasake I mean he was on brand CHARTEL 4thQuarterTV @4thQuarterTV_. 17h Florida man was arrested Halloween night for robbery, battery and possession of a firearm. Damaged 19.9K 34 1.3K 721K
WEEGEE THE GOD @WEEGEETHEGOD. 22h Only 8 kids showed up. I'm sitting on 100 KitKat bars. I will never financially recover from this WEEGEE THE GOD @WEEGEETHEGOD 1d I'm finally doing it, I'm finally being the cool house on Halloween. You're welcome, children Product Image Enfargred 36 la Show Detail BARS Kat CRISP MILK WAFERS CHOCOLATE in KitKat Kit 36-15OZ (42g BARS NET WT B LB6 OZ 11 53 kg 36 2000 POW Entarped BARS - Snow Detail MILK WAFERS IN CRISP CHOCOLATE KitKat Kat Kit 36-15OZ (42g) BARS NET WT T3LB6OZ if 53 kg 36 BARS - para the Debit CRISP
happy halloween, mallewi. @mallewi 1d ... Elizabeth @_LizTheBiz.2d Y'all think y'all ever go a day without laughing? 6 610 2.6K 139K
edna @edna_days . 2 23h she sensed a healthy kidney willie @NOCHILLWILL. 1d this picture is killing me bad 112 16K 1.2K 937K
UwUTangClan @Executivejeff1 20h when my friend Ham tosses out a fuckin zinger WLIAE XXXXXXXXX Nutrition Facts Vinchen servings INK cooleinar Serving as (44g) Signature FULLY COOKED your packaging 150 Calories QUALITY BUSRANTEED Half Ham Bone-in 11% total fai IN 10% Balcaled Fat to CLASSIC 9ала Fai PM 18% Chake stored 40mg 41% 080mg НАМ IN Potal N Dietary Fiber (N 0% WATER ADDED SHANK PORTION Formal Bugara No Includes 20g Ackled Bogac Bratala في PERIENABLE Valver ling IN HELP REPRIBERATED 4mg 2% L Polassium 360mg SERVE HOT OR COLD now CHIP YOU US 3303 calories 340 und you Calories per gram
no context memes @weird... 22h ... This feels ..... E great Debt is the material form of the idea ABSOLUT that we are guilty for existing; the VODKA notion that we need One soupo One to redeem ourselves One Superb and pay a price Crafted in the village of for the very act of Ahus. Sweden existing, which frames Absolut Since 1879 existence itself as sinful IMPORTED 42%ALC /VOL 150ml Who wants to breed me? 149 10.7K 81.1K 3.3M
mommiana @mommiana5. 1d ... This why my baby sitting under my desk TIMMY @truelifeofyimbo 1d just paid $905.27 for daycare, good morning. 252 3,987 31.1K 1.6M
Space @sadcrib . 1d doctor taking you out back like this QB Truther @thmpsnii•1 1d Imagine tearing your Achilles in the 1600s 120 13K 125K 7.9M
@lmaniBarbarin@disabled.so... 19h ... Amy Schumer saying she is the most successful female comedian of all time is literally the funniest thing she's ever said. Portia J. @PortiaNoir 22h Her latest IG post. She really is fully and completely deranged on every single level. amyschumer amyschumer have never been given any money to support a Comments on cause other than tampons. I've never stolen a Couple things. What I want is EVERY HOSTAGE joke. BACK want safety and freedom from Hamas for Palestinians and Israelis. I want safety for Jewish People calling me a failed comic. I'm the most people and Muslims as
Tom Zohar @TomZohar 17h CARY DUBEK THE GAY MINUTE Gay Son née Brother V Variety @Variety 1d John Travolta and Katherine Heigl's Musical Rom-Com 'That's Amore!' From 'Green Book' Writer Has Recorded Seven Songs variety.com... 16 434 7,446 548K
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