25 Wild Experiences Truckers Have Had While on the Open Road

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25 Wild Experiences Truckers Have Had While on the Open Road

Despite having the reputation of being burly creeps who piss in soda bottles, truck drivers are actually the backbone of our economy — oh, and yeah, sometimes they piss in soda bottles, too. But urine aside, much of our daily needs are met by truckers’ long hours and hard work. Which is why it adds insult to injury when one of these road warriors has to deal with hearing a horny ghost repeatedly saying, “I ain’t got no panties on” in a Southern drawl over the CB radio. 

Okay, we don’t know for sure if it was a ghost, but given the rest of the story, it sounds like a paranormal experience. The horniness part isn’t up for debate, though. That’s obviously a very horny thing to say — ghost or no ghost. 

To that end, a bunch of truckers have revved on over to Reddit to share the wildest things they’ve experienced on the road

Draskuul 4y My old WoW guild had a truck driver in our ranks. Не carried a full PC in his truck and connected over wireless at truck stops to raid. We were raiding the day the verdict was released at the last Michael Jackson trial. As we played, he was giving us regular updates of some truckers fighting outside his truck over the verdict. The fight kept escalating, stuff thrown, fists used, knives pulled. Finally he just piped up in voice chat Oh shit, gotta go, fill you in later and went offline. About 30 minutes later he comes back.
DTG_58 . 4y Brother in law had a lot lizard sneak in his truck and when he found her and kicked her out she hurled poop into his passenger window. Like she pooped on command and threw that shit on a wim. ... 142
jn-indianwood . 2y Many years ago before GPS and smartphones, picking up meat downtown Chicago. Got lost, and came upon a bridge I couldn't get under. Dude on the corner yells at me and says for $25 he'll get me back to the highway. I agree, he hops up on drivers door steps. Dude gets me right back to the highway. I pull out the 25 bucks, he pulls a knife telling me to give him everything I got. I roll up the window, and start getting on the entrance ramp to I-94. Got up to about 35 mph before
sun_kisser . 2 287d A lot lizard climbed onto my grill thinking I owed her money. Didn't see her before pulling out. Smokey pulled me over 25 miles later because she was still hanging on. The grip on that woman. ... 24
passerdeliciae . 10y My grandpa was a truck driver, started after all the coal dried up in his southern Illinois town. Не had to sleep in some pretty shady places, so he kept a small gun in his glove compartment. One day, he had to make a delivery to Canada; border patrol asked him if he had any weapons. Не forgot/lied and said no. They searched his cab, found the gun, and arrested him. After waiting in Canadian jail for awhile, they said Well, we're not charging you...but never come back to Canada.
VoodooChile1994 . 4y My father in-laws dad (grandfather in-law?) was driving through a pretty sketch part of New York in the 70's. Не was in Vietnam and not the nicest human. I guess there was an area known for truckers getting robbed due the slow moving traffic. Just cut your lines and take your shit. Не was driving through this area and a dude just hopped up on the steps of his cab. So since he was holding his .45 (presumably for this reason) shot the dude point blank in the chest and just kept going. Somehow nothing came of
Hibidi-Shibidi . 5y Just a casual trucker here. Can't say I've seen anything that I would consider paranormal creepy. Although when I started I always thought I would get fortunate enough that some girls would flash me or something. That's never happened but I've seen like 4 dudes jerking off. ... 6k
ShadowOrcSlayer - Зу Not me, but my mom told me a story about one late night out trucking. Her husband was sleeping in the back, and she was starting to get super tired, and struggling to stay awake. She heard another trucker on the CB, and started chatting with him. Не helped her stay awake for the run until she stopped off at a truck stop until her husband could take over. That next morning, she told her husband what happened, and he told her the CB was broken, and that was impossible. ... 2.2k
THREEkoalas . 3y Driving through an abandoned section of Baltimore at 3 in the morning, my CB radio turned itself on and crackled for a bit. Out of nowhere some voice over the radio said in a deep southern drawl, I ain't got no panties on. I could see up and down the interstate for miles and saw not one set of headlights... ... 21.9k
Pedizzal 3y Not the middle of nowhere, but a trash route in a pretty rural area. We were at a stop loading trash when a pickup stopped behind us. A petite woman in scrubs that were covered in blood got out and asked directions to Lake Jack Nolan. She said there was a deer that had been hit by a truck and she had been sent to remove the remains. She never said who sent her, but she wasn't moving a deer anywhere at her size. We gave her directions and sent her on her way. We all said we
Jenxa . 10y My mom and dad were co-drivers back when women truck drivers weren't popular. The story goes that while my dad was sleeping while my mom was driving and this other trucker sees a woman driving and starts being an ass to her. My dad woke up and found out what was going on. So my dad takes one of the bags of pee they had (this was when they didn't want to stop and used baggies or bottles) and throws it out the window. It exploded on the asshole drivers windshield. ... 4
ele37020 . 10y A story that I heard while I was in driving school was of the trailer that was loaded with tampons. The driver had parked for the night in a bad rainstorm and apparently there was a hole in the trailer. The tampons absorbed water and the trailer ended up looking like a cooked jiffy pop bag. ... 4
Sketchy_Mail_Carrier . 10y Not me personally, but my dad is a trucker. One day he was driving his truck doing his normal routine, when all of a sudden this hillbilly sounding guy popped up all of a sudden on the eb radio saying WHO WANTS то SMELL MY FINGER?! This went on for about 20 minutes before my dad decided to turn it off. ... 5
ManyARamblings g 10y My dad's been a truck driver since I was 10 and my husband is also an over the road truck driver. I could fill up a novel with all of their stories and times I went on the road with my dad when I was younger. Most recent one that I laughed at from my husband though: Не was driving along side a guy in a suit in a little fuel efficient car driving with his knees and his nose was stuck in his iPad. My husband honked his horn when he got real close. Scared the
jenniferchecks . 10y My uncle was on a delivery and was bringing my aunt with him and she was sleeping in the bunker or that bed they have and he stopped to get gas. She got off to use the bathroom and he left her. Не didn't realize it until 2 hours later when he asked her to hand him some food. She in the meantime was trying to convince the cops that she wasn't a hooker. She was so angry at him but our family laughs about it all the time. ... 12
rontc . 2y I know it wasn't the question, the funniest thing I saw. I was out west going to California, an old pickup slowly passed me, I looked down and saw that the guy was getting a bj from his gf. A few miles down the road at the next exit, she was outside of the pickup puking. I could only imagine what happened. ... 5
Knvsmom . 2y VOTE Had a book propped open on the steering wheel with either a book light or a map light turned on and was reading while traveling down the interstate. ... 5
JUJUDIES . 2y I've seen a guy with a body pillow in his car while driving to McDonald's he was punching the body pillow in his car. ... 45
 10y ... I was at a truck stop in Ohio getting fuel. As im standing there on the driver side of mt truck watching the fuel guage add up; this guy walks around the front of my truck and stops about ten feet from me by my driver side steer tire. I look over at him and he is standing there very still, silently and not blinking. Can I help you? said. No response. What is wrong with you? Still no response. At this time my hand went to the knife I had clipped on my left pocket just
sgtmojo . 10y My uncle is a truck driver in Texas, so he is driving along and a car speeds past him, he sees a kid in the back window with a piece of paper that says help me on it. Не call out on the св to any trucker ahead of him and they block the road, he drives up behind the car boxing it in and they force it to the side of the road, CHP shows up and it turns out the kid had been kidnaped.
yespls . 1 10y Dicks. Dicks everywhere. Seriously, as a female ex driver, I have seen just about every man's dick in Kentucky I think. Why does Kentucky like showing their dick so much? ... 268
BullittDude . 10y I was on the New Jersey turnpike at about 3 am with a load of pork coming out of PA. I'm just driving along singing along to the radio when I notice a shadow way up in high beams. I start slowing down and try to figure out what this thing is. I thought maybe it was a deer or something. No, it wasnt a deer, it was a goddamned horse. There was a horse trotting down the interstate. ... 654
warlock1992 10y I always feel that popular films give us guys a bad impression. Not all of us are heavy metal lovers in jagged jeans and rowdy looking. Years on the road has given us a lot of stories, and lot of experiences. The best part is the interstate driving , lots to see and the ever waving hands of kids in cars. I have a св radio that i often use to amuse the children with .For trips lasting more than a day , its pretty much fun only if you have company. Gas stations and truckers stop are a wonderful
Helepolis . 10y My dad told me this story Back in the 80's one of his friend was in the Army on a Semi carrying WMD. They were going like 15 over and a rookie state patrolman pulls them over. Due to the nature of their load they couldn't take chances so about 10 guys jumped out with rifles and made the patrolman get on the ground until they were able to verify he was really a state patrolman. ... 2.5k
ludnik 10y At a truck stop, middle of the night. Guy next to me starts talking to me. He's 50ish, short, friendly, got a bushy mustache. After a moment or two I notice that his mustache is actually his nose hairs which are inches long and obviously combed into the desired mustache shape. I was both fascinated and repelled at the same time. ... 1.5k
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